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Among the Creeks - A Study of the Peoples of the Creek Tribes of Southeastern America & of Those who lived amongst them

An Introduction to the Creek Nation

Cherokee History in Georgia

Chickasaw Native Americans

Creek Treaties With Georgia

Treaty of Savannah, May 21, 1733

Treaty of Savannah, Nov. 3. 1757


Creek Treaties with the U.S.

Treaty of New York, Aug. 7, 1790

Treaty of Colerain, June 29, 1796


Treaty of Fort Wilkinson, June 16, 1802


Treaty of Washington, Nov. 14, 1805


Treaty of Fort Jackson, Aug. 9, 1814


Treaty of the Creek Agency, Jan. 22, 1818


Treaty of the Indian Spring, Jan. 8, 1821


Treaty of Indian Springs, Feb. 12, 1825


Broken Arrow Resolution, June 29, 1825


Treaty of Washington, Jan. 24, 1826


Supplementary Article to 1826 Treaty of Washington, Mar. 31, 1826


Treaty of the Creek Indian Agency, Nov. 15, 1827


Treaty of Washington, Mar. 24, 1832


Benjamin Hawkins - Senator, Princeton graduate, and Indian Agent to the Creek Nation

Chieftains Trail 
A loop trail highlights Cherokee and Creek Indian sites in North Georgia

Creek Indian Bibliography -
Compilation of available resources on and off the net

Creek Nation -- their society and customs -
Description of the Creek Culture as it existed in west and south Georgia before 1827. Based on the letters of Benjamin Hawkins

Descendants of Chief William McIntosh -
Chief William McIntosh Jr., A History and Genealogy of Chief William McIntosh Jr. and his known descendants

History of the Creek Indians in west and south Georgia
From the 16th century until their removal in 1827, the Creek Indians ruled the majority of land in present-day Georgia

Indian Land Cessions -
Chronology of land cessions in Georgia

Mary Musgrove, Queen of the Creek -
This Creek woman and her first husband sold James Oglethorpe the first Georgia land. She returned years later and tried to lead a revolt against the colony

The Battle of Burnt Corn -
First battle of the Creek Wars, 1813-1814

Etowah Indian Mounds - Archaeological Area Cartersville, Bartow County, GA.

First Nations Histories

Glossary of Indian Names

History of the Canoe

     Internet Resources for Native American Studies

  Land of the Free and Home of the Braves - Native American resources

  Native American Tribes - Click on the links for information on each of the tribes.  They are all listed here!!!

Northwestern Georgia's Chieftain Trail

  Native American Ancestry - Indian Heritage & Genealogy Professional Genealogist and Family Historians

Cyndi's List - Native American

Native American Resources

Native American Resources- USGenWeb

Cherokee National Historical Society

North Georgia History

Index of Native American History Resources on the Internet

Native American Criminal Justice Resources

Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee

Cherokee Cousins: Cherokee Genealogy, Language, Culture

  United States History Georgia

Native American History and Culture

American Indian Land Cessions in Georgia

  Georgia Indian Tribes

Cherokee County Land Lottery


Cherokee Indian History


Creek Indian History


Native American Indian Genealogy


Native Americans In North Georgia


Cherokee History


The Cherokee Trail of Tears 1838-1839


Muscogee A Study of The Creek Indians - The Original Inhabitants of much of Alabama And Georgia

Cherokee Messenger page

May 10, 1838 address to Cherokees by Gen. Winfield Scott

May 17, 1838 general order by Gen. Winfield Scott to troops

RoseCity.Net Trail of Tears web site

The Trail Where They Cried

Accounts of the "Cherokee Trail of Tears" with reference to "Princess Otahki"

Trail of Tears Timeline

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears

Cherokee Nation - History

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