Boy Scout Road
Crawford Co., Georgia
21 Oct 2000

This family cemetery is located on Boy Scout Rd. Take Ga. 42 S. to Marshall Mill Rd. turn left on Marshall Mill Rd. to Boy Scout Rd. turn right on Boy Scout Rd. for .7 miles cemetery is on left of Boy Scout Rd.

BROWN, W. J. 1866 1944
BROWN, Lena N. 1874 1957
BROWN, T. Brunson Sr. 05 Jun 1903 06 Jul 1931
BROWN, Lena Diane 06 Nov 1948 06 Nov 1948
BROWN, Rosa B. 15 Sep 1877 28 Sep 1877
HALLMAN, James A. 12 Apr 1909 27 Apr 1967
HALLMAN, Jane A. 12 Nov 1913 02 Oct 1936
J. A. H. Jr. N/D N/D

A big thanks goes out to Lewis Andrews for submitting this information!

Cemetery transcribed by Ellie Naylor October 2005.

Directions clarification: ..turn north on Marshall Mill Rd., turn east on Lower Hartley Bridge Road, turn south on Boy Scout Rd...


Brown, W. Quinlan 3 Mar 1895 12 Mar 1982 "Beloved husband and father"
Brown, Malvin H. 30 May 1907 19 Jan 1971 "Buster" - "Beloved brother and uncle"
Brown, John Tollie, Sr. 18 Dec 1872 28 Oct 1930
(known as "Tollie" nickname for "Talton"- by transcriber)

Brown, Clyde Elmyra 9 Feb 1886 21 Jun 1979
Hallman, James A. 12 Apr 1909 27 Apr 1967 "Daddy"
Hallman, Jane A. - change to: Hallman, Mattie Mae Hamlin 12 Nov 1913 2 Oct 1936 "Wife of James A. Hallman,
Mother of Robert G Hallman"
J.A.H.Jr. N/D N/D
change to: Hallman, James Alfred, Jr. 20 Jul 1932 10 Aug 1932

Walden, Tollie & Collie 17 Aug 1933 17 Aug 1933
(babies of Cecil & Mabel Brown Walden - by transcriber)

Ashley, Columbus H. 31 Aug 1895 20 Aug 1977
(nickname: "Lum" - by transcriber)
Ashley, Maggie Brown 5 Sept 1909 21 Mar 1986
Brown, Hampton C. 13 Nov 1916 15 Sept 1997
Brown, Kathleen B. 20 Oct 1913 21 Sept 1987
Brown, Warren Willis 15 Apr 1912 11 Oct 1985
Brown, John P. 23 Sept 1910 16 Jul 1977 
(Memorial Chapel tag reads: "John Talton Brown"- this is son of John & Clyde Brown listed above)

There are eight unmarked graves, some identified on FHLFilm 182819 dated 1957 (transcribed in its entirety for this cemetery) as enumerated
below. Data had been recorded on 3x5 cards by the Macon, Ga. Ward of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Brown-Hallman Cemetery
One mile southeast of Kraftsman Club on east side of Old Byron Road about three miles north of Byron.

Hallman, James A, Jr.
Age: baby
Father: James A. Hallman, Sr.

Hallman, Mattie Mae Hamlin
12 Nov 1913 2 Oct 1936
Father: Love Hamlin
Mother: Eta Jackson
Husband: James A. Hallman, Sr.

Hallman, Emma Brown
Died: about 1927
Father: James A. Brown
Mother: Adeline T. Brown
Husband: W. Robert Hallman

Hallman, Girl baby
Father: William Robert Hallman
Mother: Emma Brown Hallman

Brown, Adeline Turner
Died about 1912
Husband: James A. Brown, Sr.

Brown, James A. Brown, Sr.
Died about 1905
Wife: Adeline T. Brown
Mother: Lucy Brown

Brown, George E or F, Bachelor
Father: James A. Brown, Sr.
Mother: Adeline T. Brown

Brown, James W., Bachelor
Died about 1919
Father: James A. Brown, Sr.
Mother: Adeline T. Brown

Brown, Lena
Died 6 Nov 1948
Father: William Jackson Brown
Mother: Eva Mae Jones

Brown, Newsome
Died 1907 four years
Father: William Jackson Brown
Mother: Lena D. Newsome Brown

Brown, Terrell
Died 6 Jul 1931
Father: William J. Brown

Brown, William Jackson
Died 1 Mar 1945
Parents: James A. Brown, Sr, Adeline T. Brown
Wife: Lena D. Newsome

Joiner, Girl Baby
Father: Walter Joiner
Mother: Phebie Bartlett Joiner

Walden, twin infants of Mabel and Cecil Walden

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