Descendants of Elizabeth Mary Hancock

Generation No. 1

ELIZABETH MARY (5) HANCOCK (ERASTUS JEROME (4), MORGAN (3), JOHN (2), CLEMENT (1)) was born May 31, 1894 in Near Lizella, but in Crawford County, Georgia, and died December 11, 1985 in Macon, Georgia., Bibb County.

Notes for ELIZABETH MARY HANCOCK : Elizabeth Mary Hancock, better known as Lizzie Mae, did much research into the Hancock f amily during her lifetime. The notes that she kept of her research are in the possession of her niece, Martha Jo Fountain. Martha Jo loaned the material to me and much of the information on the various Hancock family pages came from Lizzie Mae's notes.

Among her notes I found a cemetery chart for THE HANCOCK CEMETERY (The cemetery that owns itself.) Lizzie May wrote the following concerning the property on which the cemetery is located: "In 1820 John Hancock drew land in that Land Lottery in Crawford C ounty and settled in what is now known as Sandy Point. Three other brothers drew land adjacent. They were William, Clement and Enoch.

"At John Hancock's death, he was buried on a slight elevation, a few hundred yards from the home site.

"At that time it was customary for each family to bury on their property. A few years later families began burying at churches.

"In 1883 Erastus Jerome Hancock came into possession of this land. He set apart one acre of land, the plot being used for the cemetary. He ha d a deed made and recorded in the county court house. This cemetary to be used by all the families and connections of John Hancock who so desired to be buried there.

"John and Eleanor Jackson Hancock had 8 children, Morgan, Susan, Jackson, Sarah, Green, Elizabeth, Frank and Anne. All are buried there except Green - (who is buried) in Shurley Cemetary, and Sarah (who is buried) in Perry Cemetary."

A description of the cemetery and who is buried at each gravesite follows as written by Lizzie May. Beginning at the gate, there are eight rows numbered from I through VIII, in Roman numerals, with the graves numbered 1 through whatever number of graves are in each row. Row #I is to the far right of the cemetery when you stand at the gate facing the cemetery . The numbers proceed from right to left, I through VIII.

The graves identified by Lizzie May follow:
In Row #I are the graves of: (1) Frances Moody Bush, d/o Cliff and Etta Hancock Moody; (2) Etta Hancock Moody, d/o E.E. and Mollie Yarbrough Hancock; (3) Eldridge Moody s/o Cliff and Etta Moody.

Row #II: (1) Infant of Cliff and Etta Moody; (2) Infant of Cliff and Etta Moody; (3) Infant son of E.E. and Mollie Y. Hancock; (4) Infant s/o E. E. and Mollie Y. Hancock; (5) Mollie Yarbrough wife of E. E . Hancock; (6) Edgar Eugene Hancock, s/o Morgan and Mary B. Hancock.

Row #III: (Elizabeth Mary Hancock's grave is the first in this row). (1) Mattie Volena Hancock d/o Erastus Jerome and Martha Obedience Hatcher Hancock; (2) Martha Obedience Hatcher w/o E.J. Hancock; (3) Erastus Jerome Hancock, s/o Morgan and Mary B. Hancock; (4) Burmah Hancock d/o E.J. and Martha H. Hancoc k; (5) unknown (probably a Champion?) (6) Unknown (probably a Champion? no authentic)

Row #IV: (1) John R. Hancock s/o Morgan and Mary B. Hancock; (2) space for wife of John R. Hancock - Mattie Smith buried in Macon - Riverside Cemetery; (Rose Plot); ( 3) Sarah Eleanor Hancock Kennedy w/o Benj. F. Kennedy - buried at Tifton, Ga.; (4) Infant (twin) of Lena Kennedy and Melton Cloud; (5) Lena Kennedy d/o Sarah & Benj. F. Kennedy, wife of Melton Cloud; (6) Infant (twin) of Lena K. and Melton Cloud; (7) M elton Matthew Cloud, husband of Lena Kennedy.

Row #V: Mary Victoria Burnette d/o Mary Victoria Hancock and Andrew Jackson Burnett; (2) Mary Victoria Hancock Burnette d/o Morgan and Mary B. Hancock - wife of A.J. Burnette; (3) Mary Brimberry Hancock, w/o Morgan Hancock; (4) Morgan Hancock, s/o John and Eleanor J. Hancock; (5) Infant (twin) of Morgan and Mary B. Hancock; (6) Infant (twin) of Morgan and Mary B. Hancock; (7) Keziah Gray w/o Frank Hancock; (8) Frank Hancock, s/o John & Eleanor J. Hancock; (9) Alma Pauline Hancock d/o Jack and Alma S. Hancock; (10) Jack Leon Hancock, s/o Jack and Alma S. Hancock; (11) William Leo Hancock, s/o Jack and Alma S. Hancock; (12) Infant son of Jack and Alma S. Hancock; (13) Alma Stroud, wife of Jack Hancock; (1 4) Jack Hancock, s/o Frank Hancock.

Row #VI: (1) Jackson Hancock, s/o John & Eleanor J. Hancock; (2) Susan Hancock, d/o John & Eleanor J. Hancock; (3) Eleanor Jackson, w/o John Hancock; (4) John Hancock, s/o Clement Hancock, Sr.; (5) Unknown - probably Emma Hancock Sawyer, d/o Frank & Keziah Hancock; (6) Unknown - probably George A. Sawyer, husband of Emma Hancock; (7) Ada Hancock d/o Frank and Keziah Ivey Hancock; (8) Missouri Hancock, d/o Frank & Keziah Ivey Hancock; (9) Fannie Hancock Childs, d /o Frank and Keziah Ivey Hancock; (10) Joe (?) Childs, husband of Fannie Hancock.

Row #VII: Green Hollomon, s/o John & Elizabeth Hancock Hollomon; (2) Minnie Hamlin, w/o Marion Hollomon; (3) Marion Hollomon, s/o John & Elizabeth H. Hollomon; (4) Annie Hancock, d/o John & Eleanor J. Hancock; (5) Elizabeth Hancock, d/o/ John & Eleanor J. Hancock.

Row #VIII: (1) Aurelia Hollomon d/o John H. & Elizabeth H. Hollomon; (2) Infant, child of Marion & Minnie H. Hollomon; (3) Infant, child of Marion & Minnie H. Hollomon; (4) Ada Lee Hollomon, d/o Marion & Minnie H. Hollomon; (5) Aurora Burnett d/o A.J. & Susan Sawyer Burnett.

Compiled by: Elizabeth Mary Hancock (named for both Grandmothers - was to be called Lizzie May) d/o Erastus Jerome & Martha O. Hatcher Hancock - granddaughter of John & Eleanor Jackson Hancock. Oct. 6, 1976.

(Note to myself; A copy of this page of notes is being placed in the John,Jr/Robert Hatcher bible. jrh)

One of the loose pieces of paper in the above mentioned bible is a " Delayed Certificate of Birth" for which Lizzie Mae applied in 1944. The certificate was issued on April 17, 1944 and it is from this certificate that I got the data on Elizabeth Mary Hancock, who, on the certificate was named Lizzie May. Her address wa s Rt. 2, Columbus Road, Macon, Georgia, Under the heading: Abstract of Supporting Evidence is the following: Affidavit made by Mrs. Josie Causey, aunt, before Evelyn L. Guice, Not. Bib. Ga. State at large (sic) Feb. 11, 1944; Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N.Y. , Policy # -------------------. Signed by Charles A. Peabody, Pres. Issued Aug. 16, 1921, Aug. 16, 1924; Renewed Driver's License (Ga.) Operator #---------------- Renewed ever since the beginning of issuing licenses. 1936

The certificate is signed by: J. D. Applewhite, M.D. and N. Mason, Clerk on April 20, 1944.

Lizzie May left funds for the upkeep of the cemetery. She was the last person to be buried in the John Hancock Cemetery. Lizzie May was the daughter of Erastus Jerome and Martha Obedience H atcher Hancock; the granddaughter of Morgan and May Brimberry Hancock; the g.granddaughter of John and Ellen Jackson Hancock; the g.g.granddaughter of Clement, Sr. and Mary Renfroe Hancock. jrh

A big thanks goes out to Joyce Harrison for submitting this information!

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