Intersection of Hollis Rd. & Whitaker Rd.
Crawford Co., Georgia
21 Oct 2000

Directions: From Roberta, Georgia go west on US 80 for about 10 miles, watching for a gas and convenience store on the left.
At that point, turn left (south) onto Olive Grove Church Road. Proceed straight down Olive Grove Church Rd. (paved) for 
5.1 miles. At this point the road dead ends at a stop sign. Turn right, and within a very short distance you will see a cleared
pull off area on the right, and a sign reading: "REEVES FAMILY CEMETERY." Park car in the cleared space. Just beyond the 
sign a short distance are two iron pipe gates across logging roads - one to the left and one to the right. Walk past the gate 
on the left, going up the hill on the graveled logging road. At the top of the hill, you will see the Reeves Family Cemetery. 
There is a chain link fence surrounding the cemetery. The cemetery is maintained by descendants of James Milton Reeves
who live in Georgia (Sept 2008).

REEVES, Garforde Eugene (Consort of Laura Reeves) 11 Jul 1860 10 Dec 1904
REEVES, James Thomas (Jim Tom) (Son of Ethan Wayne Reeves) 13 Dec 1883 10 Feb 1908
REEVES, Cora Bell (Dau of Ethan Wayne Reeves) 29 Jan 1894 31 Mar 1894
REEVES, James Milton (Co. B, 8BN,GA CAV-CSA) 15 Jun 1824 12 Jul 1897
REEVES, Laurenza (Son of J. M. Reeves) N/D N/D
REEVES, Fred (Son of W. M. Reeves) N/D N/D
REEVES, James M. Mrs. (Louisa)
(NOTE: James Milton Reeves' second wife, Mary Julia Perkins Reeves, died at
the age of 78 in 1923, while living with J. J. Reeves, one of her sons, in
Monroe County, GA. She is probably buried somewhere in Monroe County,
exact location unknown. She was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church)
13 Jan 1829 1876
REEVES, Inez (Dau of J. J. Reeves) (burned to death) N/D N/D
REEVES, Mittie (Milly) (Dau of J. M. Reeves) 1864 July 1880
REEVES, John T.(Son of J. M. Reeves) (had a twin brother) N/D N/D
REEVES, Infant (Dau of Robert Wm. Reeves) 18 Oct 1880 N/D
REEVES, Maude (Dau of W. M. Reeves) N/D N/D
REEVES, Duroc (Son of G. G. Reeves) N/D N/D
REEVES, Infant (Of J. T. & Alma Majors) (Alma dau of G. G. Reeves) N/D N/D
AUTREY, Infant (Son of Jim & Martha Reeves Autrey) N/D N/D
REEVES, Donnie Agnes Mallory 20 Apr 1862 09 Mar 1930
REEVES, Ethan Wayne (Ethan & Donnie are marble slabs side by side) 18 Oct 1857 24 Jul 1924
HARRIS, Infant (Of Franklin Harris) (This is a mystery, as
James M. Reeves did not live at this location this early. 
J. M. Reeves was only 15 years old at the time)
12 Jun 1839 13 Jun 1839

There is a round cement marker with a plaque that reads:
Mr. Kermit Spence
Memorial Chapel

This man died at the Roberta Nursing Home.  Having no known relatives, he was cremated and a burial site was donated in the Reeves Cemetery.  His ashes were put in a tube or pipe and buried here by descendants of the Reeves family.  This was told by Gary Gaultney, one of the descendants, during Paul Reeves' visit to the cemetery.  A chain link fence encloses the above graves but there are other graves behind the cemetery, probably slave graves, according to Gary Gaultney.  Sadly, most of the headstones of the slave graves were said to been removed by hunters and used to build a firepit at some unknown time in the past, and the slave graves are no longer visible.

Ethan Wayne REEVES, Jr. B: 26 Apr 1875, D: 03 Jul 1926 (his body has been moved to the city cemetery in Thomaston, GA)

A big thanks goes out to Lewis Andrews for submitting this information!

Additional information provided by Paul Reeves, thanks Paul!

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