Allen Road
Crawford Co. Georgia
Updated: 8 Apr 1999

This is a very old family cemetery, located off Allen Rd. in Crawford Co. Ga. It is on the drive that leads to the old Allen Home Place.

1 SHARP, John M. 19 Sep 1819 01 Aug 1905
  SHARP, Rebecca L. 20 May 1847 N/D
2 FEAGIN, Harriet A. "Wife of Samuel T. Feagin" 22 Sep 1831 17 Nov 1857
  (1) Unmarked Adult    
3 SMITH, Anthony G. Rev. 30 Aug 1776 18 Jan 1852
  MARY "Consort of Rev Smith" 21 Dec 1777 19 Apr 1857
  (2) Unmarked Adults    
4 ZILLAH "Wife of Nathan Johnson" 29 May 1796 23 May 1832

NOTE: This Cemetery is surrounded by a large brick wall.

A big thanks goes out to Lewis Andrews for submitting this information!

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