Old Knoxville Rd.
Crawford Co., Ga.
Updated 1 Feb. 2003

Transcribed by: L. Andrews

This Cemetery is located on Old Knoxville Rd., about 1 mile from the intersection of Knoxville Rd. and Ga. 42. Very hard to find, requires a lot of walking.  The Cemetery is enclosed in a fence that has a lock on the gate. There are indications of graves outside the fence but not sure. Not being able to get inside the fence I was unable to get one grave with a small inscription on it.

Mary Alice Hancock
(Wife of Ruben William Hamlin)
1863 1916
Alcy Ann Shurley
(Wife of Green C. Hancock)
1822 1918
Polly Corine Hamlin
(Daughter of Mary A. & Reuben Hamlin)
1885 1916
G. S. Hancock
(Son of Alcy & Green C. Hancock)
1862 1899

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