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This page is an attempt to gather into one place all those people who, at one point or another, migrated out of Crawford County, GA to somewhere else.  To submit an entry, please e-mail me with the following information:

1. Name of ancestor (Surname all in caps, then given name)
2. Name of county/state or country where this person migrated from Crawford County to and when. Approximate time is fine, if that's all you have.
3. Your name and e-mail address.

Please put "Migration Out Of Crawford" in the subject field of your e-mail. Please do not send entire histories of families.

BLACK, James, was in Taylor (County line change?) by 1860.  (Gerry Hill ←)
BROWN, George A., son of William and Julia P. Raines were in Crawford still 1847-8, and bought land Marion  1849, there the same year. (Gerry Hill ←)

BROWN, William M. and Amanda Gray  by 1834 were in Marion Co. Ga. (Gerry Hill ←)

BUNDRICK, Zachariah & wife Elizabeth ADAMS, daughter of Robert & Sidney MANDERSON ADAMS, left Crawford County about 1864 for Dooly (now Crisp) Co., GA, with their children, because of the Civil War. (Cynthia Nason )

CHAPMAN, John into Wood/Smith Co., along with the Webbs, Stembridge, and Nichols family.  The Chapmans, Webbs, and Stembridges were intermarried.  

The Chapmans, Webbs, Stembridges and Nichols, after a group discussion decided they could do no worse by leaving Georgia.  They traveled by train to the coast, took a steamer over to New Orleands, up the river to Shreveport, south and west to Jefferson,  TX and then into Wood Co., and Smith Co., TX  (Lillie Ruby )

CHESHIRE, Philip Wood, wife Sara Faison, his brothers Turpin and Richard Jesse and wife Matilda Dunham  went to Stewart (parts later Randolph where they died) by 1840. (Gerry Hill ←)

DAVIS, Cross R and wife Huldah Digby from Crawford county, Ga. to Talbot county to Rose Hill, Covington
County, Alabama about 1858. From Alabama to Trinity/Houston/Angelina county Texas about 1876.
Family members....some to Fort Worth, Wise and Bowie Counties, Texas. (Jean Davis Lomas ←)

DICKSON, John Barnett and Sarah Hannah Nichols (she was from Crawford) into Smith Co., TX 1859-1863 (Lillie Ruby )

FILES, David Sidney to Texas about 1837-38, Grimes County, then Hill County in 1848.  There is a "Files Valley" community in Hill County.  He became a county leader. (Jessie Files ←)

FILES, Jeremiah Franklin went to Texas in 1862/63 to Ellis County. (Jessie Files ←)

FILES, John Manley went to Texas in 1848/49 to Red River County and died soon after arriving. (Jessie Files ←)

FILES, William Baskin, moved to Alabama in 1837/38, several counties.  Moved to Texas in 1848, Anderson County, Henderson County in 1855.  Both William and David helped in development of the local schools, Churches (Presbyterian), and Masonic Lodges.  Also Austin College in 1849.  Presbyterian and Presbyterian Girls School in Milford, Texas.  Became part of Austin College in 1903.  Austin College was originally in Huntsville, Texas where Sam Houston State is now.  Austin College is now in Sherman, Texas.  Two other brothers, W. B. F. and D. S. F. also went to Texas. (Jessie Files ←)

GRAY, Archibald and Cynthia Armour-bought land 1836 in Talbot Co. and were there between 1843 and 1846 when Archibald died. (Gerry Hill ←)
HAM, James  wife MATHEWS, Susannah to Coffee Co. AL, 1856 (Rick Boswell ←)
HAM, Smith  wife MATHEWS, Elizabeth to Barbour Co. AL, between 1840/1849 (Rick Boswell ←)

HAMILTON, Zachariah was in Talbot Co. by 1850 (Gerry Hill ←)

HARRISON, Jonathan & wife Rachel CULLEN left Crawford County by 1839 for Randolph/ Stewart Co., GA. (Cynthia Nason )

HARRISON, Thomas D., son of Jonathan & Rachel CULLEN HARRISON, migrated to Talbot Co., GA, by 1837. He joined his parents in Stewart Co., GA, by 1851. He married his first wife, Caroline TRAINUM, in 1836, in Crawford County, but they separated in 1837. Caroline was the daughter of Clement Lemuel TRAINUM & Susanna MONTFORD, who came from Morgan Co., GA. (Cynthia Nason )

HATCHER, Sarah A. E. m.  Robert Benjamin Hamilton Nichols moved from Crawford Co., Ga to Sweetwater, Nolan, TX  (Lillie Ruby )

HOWE, Robert bought land Upson Co. from Edmund Raines-brother of W. Nahaniel 1840 and was there by 1842. (Gerry Hill ←)

LIGHTFOOT, Benjamin and Jenny Holiday into Navarro/Hill Co., TX. The Lightfoot and Nichols family also intermarried.  (Lillie Ruby )
Lillie posted that a Benjamin Lightfoot and Jenny Holiday left Crawford County for Navarro County, Texas. She also mentioned that there were marriages to the Nichols family. My g-g-g-grandfather was Benjamin Lightfoot and his wife was Jency Holliday Lightfoot. They never left Crawford County. I have a copy of both of their wills in Crawford County. However, my g-g-grandfather, Benjamin B. Lightfoot (Benjamin and Jency's son) and his wife Patience Barnes Lightfoot, did leave Crawford County in 1856 and settled in Johnson County, Texas, near the present day town of Alvarado about 30 miles south of Fort Worth. He and his wife are both buried in the old Alvarado cemetery. Their son, B. C. Lightfoot (my g-grandfather) and his son, Ota Lightfoot (my grandfather) were both born in the Alvarado area. In my immediate family, I know of no marriages within the Nichols family. I do have documentation to back up this information. I have been researching my Lightfoot family since the 1960's. According to the will, they owned land in the 7th section, Lots 11 through 13 if that gives you any idea as to where in Crawford County they lived.
(Joan Hallford )

LIGHTFOOT, Thomas Benjamin
Thomas Benjamin was my g-grandfather and was born in 1870. He had told everyone this story of how he ran away from home to live out in Texas because he hated his step-mom. So he hopped on a train in Screven Georgia when he was 14 years old and somehow made it to Johnson county, and that was where he met Mollie Key (his future wife), from there he moved to Fisher county, and the rest they say is history. He died in December of 1959 in Dallas Texas. I can send (hopefully) any documents you may need.  (Cassandra "Lightfoot" Hughes ←)

MCMICHAEL, John (Reuben's brother) and Mary Jane Howe was in Talbot by 1840 (County line change) and in Marion by 1858 where his brother Seaborn had moved from Greene. (Gerry Hill ←)

MCMICHAEL, Reuben was in list of letters-not delivered-1835-and in Talbot by 1840 and on to Morehouse Parish La by 1850. (Gerry Hill ←)

NICHOLS, Daniel Benjamin and Mary Louisa Gregory from Crawford to Smith Co., TX 1880s (Lillie Ruby )

NICHOLS, Joseph Warren and Mary Ann Hatcher from Crawford Co., to San Augustine Co., TX.  Joseph was brother to Daniel Benjamin Nichols, nephew to Benjamin Nichols and Great-Nephew to Sarah Hannah Nichols Bryant Dickson. (Lillie Ruby )

NICHOLS, Robert from Crawford to Smith Co., Tx 1880s (Lillie Ruby )

PREVATT, Joseph S., born 1830 (birthplace unknown) moved from Crawford County Ga. to Volusia County, Florida in 1874 together with his wife, Nancy Ann Harris and their six sons and three daughters (harrypre@wayxcable.com)

RAINES, W. Nathaniel and wife Rebecca Jackson were probably there only about 6 years from Jones to Bibb, Upson before that, and on to Talbot Co. (Gerry Hill ←)

SANDERS, Alison Culpepper (b-9 Mar 1829, d-14 Jun 1901) married Nancy Talitha WEAVER (18 Dec 1849, Crawford Co., Ga.) migrated to Decatur Co., Ga. prior 1870.  My second great-grandparents, Alison Culpepper and Nancy Talitha WEAVER SANDERS moved from Crawford Co., Ga., to Decatur Co., Ga. They appear on the 1850 Crawford Co., Ga. Census and I find them on the 1870, 1880, 1900 Decatur Co., Ga. Census.  I cannot locate them on the 1860 census. (Wanda Metcalf Mills ←)

SAUNDERS, John Sanford  Born 1830, Knoxville, GA, moved to Senatobia, MS, about 1860  (Jim Miller ←) (great grandson)

SIMMONS, William Cleveland (Wife, MATTHEWS, Penelope) Was in Pike County, Alabama in 1869 - 
eventually settled in Butler County, Alabama, where he died in 1914 (Jerry Simmons ←)
STEMBRIDGE, Henry Reese and Saphronia Isabell Webb (daughter of B. A. Webb) from Crawford to Smith Co., TX. (Lillie Ruby ) The Webbs, along with the Stembridge and the Daniel and Benjamin Nichols families moved to Texas together from Crawford Co.

STRIPLING, Abner Jackson and Nancy Nichols from Crawford to Angelina Co., TX about 1859 (Lillie Ruby )

THAMES, John M. & Family moved from the Tabors District, Crawford County GA to Johnson County Texas about 1881.  John married Almira Vinson in Macon County GA in 1859.  When they moved to Texas, they took with them their 6 children; daughters Frances and Ann; sons Oscar, Bryan, Thurston and Washington.  John died in Johnson County TX on 4 June 1899.  John was the son of Thomas Jefferson Thames and his wife Rebecca Ray Thames. I have very little data on John's family and would appreciate any help with the details of their lives in Texas & beyond. (Cheryl Aultman)

WEBB, Bertis Alford and Mary A. Dickson from Crawford to Smith Co., TX.  Mary was the daughter of John Barnett Dickson and Martha Kinney.  John also moved to Smith Co., with his second wife Hannah Nichols Bryant. (Lillie Ruby ) The Webbs, along with the Stembridge and the Daniel and Benjamin Nichols families moved to Texas together from Crawford Co.

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