• History Of The Georgia Militia, 1783-1861, 4 (Milledgeville, GA: Boyd Press, 2001)

    History Of The Georgia Militia, 1783–1861 (4 vols.)

    By Gordon B. Smith

    Volume 1 contains the following chapters:

    Explanation of the Georgia Militia, 1783–1861

    Colonial and Revolutionary Origins of the Georgia Militia

    Oconee Wars, 1787–1797

    Embargo Wars, 1807–1812

    War of 1812, 1812–1815

    First Seminole War, 1817–1819

    Second Seminole War, 1835–1843

    Creek War of 1836, 1836–1837

    Cherokee Disturbances and Removal, 1836–1838

    Mexican War, 1846–1848

    Biographies of 250 Georgia Militia Generals

    Acts, Orders, and General Militia Organization (battalions, regiments, brigades, and divisions)

    Volume 2 contains the Ante-bellum military history of the following Georgia counties:

    Chatham County

    Burke County

    Jefferson County

    Tattnall County

    Baldwin County

    Morgan County

    Jasper County

    Monroe County

    Bibb County

    Ware and Pierce Counties

    Campbell County

    Sumter County

    Cobb County

    Floyd County

    State Arsenal at Savannah

    The Coffin Brigade

    Volume 3 contains the Ante-bellum military history of the following Georgia counties:

    Glynn County

    Camden County

    Effingham County

    Washington County

    Columbia County

    Lincoln County

    Clarke County

    Habersham County

    Muscogee County

    Thomas and Colquitt Counties

    Lowndes County

    The Wanderer Trials

    Volume 4 contains the Ante-bellum military history of a number of Chatham County volunteer units and the following unit/county histories:

    Liberty Independent Troop (Liberty County)

    Richmond Hussars (Richmond County)

    McIntosh Light Dragoons (McIntosh County)

    Macon Volunteers (Bibb County)

    Crawford Volunteers (Crawford County)

    Fort Gaines Guards (Clay County)

    Albany Guards (Baker/Dougherty County)

    Gate City Guard (Fulton County)

    The Filibusters, López, Walker, and The Knights Of The Golden Horseshoe, 1849–1860

    Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, Beaufort District Troop, and Beaufort Volunteer Guards (South Carolina)

    In addition, there are over 2,000 biographies of early Georgians and numerous unit rosters and tables of organization.

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