Waters Cemetery

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The Waters Cemetery is located in Emanuel County, near Oak Park. From Oak Park, go North on U.S.1 to the first paved road to the left, this is Pendleton Springs Road. Take Pendleton Springs Road until you come to the second paved road on the left, this will be Leman Road . The second dirt road to the right is Waters Cemetery Road. The cemetery is at the end of this road.

Family history states that the land for this cemetery was donated by Gabriel Waters(1833-1908). Gabriel was a corporal in the 10th Georgia Infantry, Army of North Virginia and was wounded at Gettysburg, PA. He married Irena Yeomans on Dec.13,1852 in Emanuel Co. and they had three children, William, Ephriam T. and Sarah(Sally).

The names are in alphabetical order for ease in locating names. I have written the informatioin as it appears on the graves and tombstones. This list is complete up to March 11, 1999. Anyone buried after this date will not be shown here. Happy hunting!
Debbie Waters Hadden

Bacon, Mary Jewel Stapleton 1916-1975

Bailey, Inez "daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.M.Bailey" December 25,1916-January 14, 1918

Bell, Annie"daughter of W.J.W.&L.A. McArthur,wife of L.L.Bell" January 18, 1894-February 24,1917 "Gone but not forgotten"

Bishop,William T. "son of Tom W. & Claudie" August 27,1920-April 9,1922

Boatwright, Annie September 15,1895-December 16,1974

Boatwright, Betty Carol February 10,1949-February 15,1949

Boatwright, Carrie B. May 30,1915-April 28,1997

Boatwright, Dorothy September 4,1938-November6,1938

Boatwright, Gail March 11,1940-March 13,1940

Boatwright,Jessie 1888-February 1,1984

Boatwright,Jimmy July 1, 1911-April 19,1995

Bridges, Arthur M. September 20,1922-March 12,1962

Bridges, George Lanier June 28,1868-October 9,1936

Bridges,John Thomas May 8,1910

Bridges, Ruby Gunter April 23,1922

Bridges,Sula Blanton January 15,1888

Bridges baby

There are two unmarked infant graves in Bridges sector

Brown,Gertrude 1909-1994

Brown,Lugenia Waters July 1886-??

Byrd,Edward 1920

Byrd, Ida Mae 1918

Byrd,Joseph E. 1884-1948

Byrd, Missouri Waters 1893-1960

Curl Leon O. 1904-1995

Curl, Leona Swain 1877-1966

Curl, Matthew Remer December 9,1911-December 6, 1947

Curl, Matthew Remer, Jr. "PeeWee" December 16,1940-June 5, 1944

Curl, Royce 1936-1997

Curl, Vaughn L. Meeks August 2,1918-June 10,199

Davis, Eliza H. August 29,1861-March 7, 1945

Davis, Horace C. 1881-1950

Davis, Ivey Jewel June 17,1918-January 31,1942

Davis, James C. 1907-1954

Davis, James Carswell, Sr. September 27,1886-March 28,1945

Davis,Katie Armstrong August 7, 1886-March 16,1920

Davis, L.C. October 15,1855-August 29,1959

Edwards, Tonya D. 1976-1976

Grayson, James R. 1912-1995

Gunter, Ida Riner March 18,1878-December 11,1840

Gunter, Rufus W. August 7, 1861-September 17,1933

Hadden, Winferd "Father" April 6,1929-September 3, 1994

Hall, James Huey April 24,1937-October 15,1994

Hargrove, Tabitha August 14,1863 -?? "At rest and asleep in Jesus"

Hargrove, William F. February 14,1858-January 2,1930

Harrell, J. Jackson June 14, 1862-January 11, 1930 "FATHER"

Harrell, Jackson November 27,1820-January 12,1909 "My forescore years are told, I humbly kiss the rod, I bid the world adiue, to rest in peace with God"

Hatcher, Enos Frank December 31, 1888-September 16,1979

Hatcher, Eldridge F. June 23,1857-August 23,1917 "Farewell my wife and children all, From you a father Christ doth call"

Hatcher, Eldridge G. July 30, 1891-January 11,1986


Hatcher, Margian E. October 27,1857-December 29,1928 "Rest Mother rest in quiet sleep,while friends in sorrow ore thee weep"

Hatcher, Silla Waters March 1900-March 21, 1941

Hatcher, Susie Meeks June 25, 1892-July 24,1972

Helms, Albert A. November 5, 1923

Howell, Cynthia 1831-February 22,1908 "A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is hollow in our home, That never can be filled"

Hullender, Joe 1900-1962

Kelsey, Henry Lee 1894-1951

Kerby, H.R. July 25,1912

Kerby, James Mallard July 5,1880-August 20,1893

Kersey, Henry Lee 1894-1951

Kersey, Talmadge 1935-1983

Kersey, Tommie Lee 1922-1987

Kersey, Willie A. "U.S. Army, World War II, Korea" December 15,1918-March 21,1990

Knies, Alfred W. (Billy) August 7,1923-January 4, 1976 Cox U.S. Navy World War II

Knies, Lauwannah Hatcher March 21,1933-May 27,1983

Loyed, Ernest August 22, 1934-September 15,1934

Loyed, Lucressie P. September 15,1896-1973

Loyed, Opal 1927-1997

Loyed, Roosevelt December 7,1932-June 22,1933

Loyed, Sherman M. February 15,1894-January 4,1973

Lynn, Adrienne Mosley Phillips December 22,1934-September 14,1991

McCarty, Vera Bishop 1918-1958

McCoy, Della Meeks January 14,1890-December 24, 1958

McCoy, J.C. June 4, 1868-June 30,1935 (grave joining this one is unmarked)

McCoy, Jim June 22,1889-October 24,1956

McGuir child

Meeks, Bean, daughter of B.C. & Frances Meeks February 27,1876-April 16,1917 "She was too good, too gentle and fair to dwell in this cold world of care"

Meeks,Bennet E. October 22, 1840-March 22, 1915 "Farewell my wife and children all, From you a father Christ doth call"

Meeks, Bessie October 1, 1893-August 8,1979 "Granny Bess"

Meeks, Carlton June 18,1907-April 17,1995

Meeks,Carolyn 1934-June 1937

Meeks, Clayton J. August 4, 1898-August 6, 1958

Meeks, Clyde James June 30,1907-August 7,1979

Meeks, Daisy Lowe September 3, 1904-March 25,1996

Meeks, Frances January 9, 1847-January 6, 1928

Meeks, Fred October 16,1927-December 21,1962

Meeks, George H. 1909-1987

Meeks, John T.

Meeks, Mack C. 1886-1976

Meeks, Mattie Waters

Meeks, Martha Powell 1890-1958

Meeks, Martha Townsend February 13,1868-August 20,1946

Meeks Mary Lou R. August 27,1905-May 5, 1990

Meeks,Nancy Lee Powell January 6, 1912-March 18,1990

Meeks, Sally R. 1875-1926

Meeks,Samuel Bennett April 3,1901-February 25,1975

Meeks,Willie E. December 5, 1911-June 19, 1934

Meeks, Willie J.September 28,1867-September 7, 1950

Meeks, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. M.C. Meeks September 8, 1911-October 18,1911 "Gone to a better land"

Morris, Clifford September 17-1924-February 26,1925 "At Rest"

Morris, Elias October 22,1872-January 23, 1953

Morris, Hazel April 16,1928-January 21,1929 "At Rest"

Morris, Ranzie 1901-1971

Morris, Sudie C. 1902-1982

Morris, Thomas Riley Born 1850-Died May 16,1930

Morris, Thomas William infant son of Ranzie & Sudie Morris October 29,1939 "At Rest"

Morris, Vennie Harrell, wife of W.E. Morris May 9, 1876-October 30,1943

Morris, infant of W.E. & Venia born & died August 24,1909

Morrison, Sally Waters 1858-??

Moseley, Jewel July 2,1908-April 26,1936

Mosley, Charles Edward May 14,1910-March 29,1968 "Gone bur not forgotten"

Mosley, James Edward Sr. April 20,1937-November 17,1987 "Gone but not forgotten"

Page, Minnie Lee January 6, 1870-March 17,1916

Page, Ralph, infant son of W.J. & Mellie August August 27,1912-January 17,1913

Phillips, Dora F. 1913-1975

Phillips, Dennis Odom February 1876-July 25, 1962

Phillips, Marvin December 30,1932-April 28, 1976 "Sgt. U.S. Army Korea"

Rowland, Minnie Waters 1879-??

Spicer, Helen (this marker is at the foot of Jimmy Boatwright's grave)

Stapleton, Luther 19122-1951

Stapleton,J.D. (Jody)

Taylor, Cynthia Harrell Born 1874-April 12,1926 "wife of William Duncan Taylor"

Taylor, Dorothy Ellen daughter of Mr. & Mrs. I.M. Taylor April 14,1918-!pril15,1918 "Darling we miss thee"

Trull, Ellie R. April 14,1890-January 21,1936

Trull, George Edd "PO3 U.S. Navy World War II" November 3,1918-March 23,1975

Trull, Gillian Newton April 7, 1906-October 20,1939

Trull, Joe Madison May 17, 1876-April 30,1933

Trull, Marcus T. May 8, 1875-September 12,1943

Trull, Mildred March 6,1923-July 28,1924 "Our Lamb"

Vaughn, Elmer E. December 17,1907-October 9, 1993

Waters, Ephriam

Waters, Gabriel May 28,1833-August 30,1908

Waters, Irena Yeomans

Waters, Jerry Eugene September 29,1974-August 18,1998

Waters, Johnny E. April 22,1902-October 28,1992 "Father"

Waters, Lena Bell Stephens October 13, 1907-November 22,1981 "Mother"

Waters, Little Buddy

Waters, Mary Mosley March 1859-December 30,1942

Waters, Ovin January 18,1927-March 27,1982

Waters, William July 1854-??

Waters, infant daughter of G.C.& Leila Waters April 7,1935 "in loving memory"

Williamson, Ray 1916-1966

Wheeler, infant of E.B. & Idella May 20,1910 born & died

Whitfield, Emma March 13,1869-March 26,1907 "daughter of E.B, & Frances Meeks"

This cemetery contains 20 additional unmarked graves

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