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Descendants of Daniel Boatright


Generation No. 1

1. Daniel1 Boatright was born Abt. 1740 in SC, and died December 10, 1824 in Emanuel Co., GA.. He married Margaret Braswell Abt. 1789 in SC, daughter of Kindred Braswell and Rhoda Unknown.

Daniel Boatright, Revolutionary War veteran, was a resident of Beaufort District, SC,

before moving to Georgia around 1788. He served in the South Carolina militia

during the Revolutionary War, and was paid for his services by the State of SC,

October 27, 1785.

He was granted 200 acres of land in Burke Co., GA in 1788 and in 1794 he was living

in Effingham Co. where he bought a 500 acre tract of land and another tract of 200

acres on December 31, 1794, from Joel Ruis of Burke Co. These lands laid on the

Great Ogeechee River. He served as Sheriff of Bulloch Co. in 1807. By this time

his lands had been cut into the new County of Bulloch and in 1812 he was cut from

Bulloch Co. into Emanuel County. He died in Emanuel Co. that same year.

Daniel Boatright is buried with his wife Margaret in an abandoned cemetery ground in

Emanuel Co. on the old Savannah road near Herndon and East of McKinney's pond.

Their graves are unmarked.

There is a marker at Hawhammock Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery with the

following inscription:

Daniel Boatright


Revolutionary War


There was about thirty years difference in she and Daniel, therefore she may have been a second

wife. In the Emanuel Co. Estate records Margaret as Daniel's widow was appointed guardian of

their two minor children, Charles and Nancy Boatright, September 3, 1812.

In the 1820 Emanuel Co., GA census, Mrs. Margaret Boatright was listed as the head

of her household. She drew land in the 1827 State land lottery as the widow of a

Revolutionary War Soldier. She is buried beside her husband, Daniel Boatright.


Children of Daniel Boatright and Margaret Braswell are:

2 i. Betsey2 Boatright, born Abt. 1790.

3 ii. Mary Boatright, born Abt. 1791. She married George Lowery June 09, 1814.

+ 4 iii. Reubin Boatright, born February 14, 1794 in Burke Co., GA; died December 13, 1878 in Emanuel Co., GA..

5 iv. Permelia Boatright, born Abt. 1797.

6 v. Charles Boatright, born Abt. 1798.

7 vi. Nancy Boatright, born Abt. 1800.

8 vii. <Unnamed>.


Generation No. 2

4. Reubin2 Boatright (Daniel1) was born February 14, 1794 in Burke Co., GA, and died December 13, 1878 in Emanuel Co., GA.. He married (1) Lacy Bishop Abt. 1817, daughter of William Bishop and Jane ?. He married (2) Demaris Rich December 09, 1851 in Emanuel Co., GA, daughter of Daniel Rich and Eunisa Davis.

Rueben, born in Burke Co., GA, was the father of nineteen children, having been

married twice. By his first wife Lacy Bishop, daughter of William Bishop of Montgomery

Co., GA, he had eleven children. Lacy Boatright died in 1849 and Daniel

married Demaris Rich, daughter of Daniel E. Rich. They had eight children. Lacy

died June 27, 1900.

Rueben and Lacy Boatright were charter members of Hawhammock Baptist Church.

This church was constituted Sunday, July 23, 1842, when Mr. Boatright was elected a

deacon, ordained and served until his death.

Grave Marker Inscription:

Ruebin Boatright


War of 1812

Feb. 14, 1794 - Dec. 13, 1878


Children of Reubin Boatright and Lacy Bishop are:

9 i. Mary Ann3 Boatright, born August 17, 1818. She married (1) Michael Hooks. She married (2) John T. Burt October 1841 in Emanuel Co., GA..

10 ii. Celia Boatright, born November 20, 1821. She married Daniel Patrick.

11 iii. Reubin Boatright, Jr., born December 28, 1830 in Emanuel Co., GA.. He married (1) Sallie Drew. He married (2) Julia Ann Sconyers January 06, 1850 in Emanuel Co., GA..

+ 12 iv. William Boatright, born June 14, 1833 in Emanuel Co., GA..

13 v. Martha Boatright, born January 03, 1836; died Abt. 1866. She married James S. Wallace April 23, 1855 in Emanuel Co., GA..

+ 14 vi. John Boatright, born November 03, 1838; died January 27, 1913.

15 vii. Elizabeth Boatright, born January 25, 1841 died young.

16 viii. Benjamin Boatright, born July 09, 1843, died young.

17 ix. Lacy Boatright, born June 15, 1847. She married Chesley Faircloth January 13, 1867.

18 x. Daniel D. Boatright, born September 28, 1827 in Emanuel Co., GA.. He married Eady Bryant November 08, 1849.

19 xi. Drucilla Boatright, born May 20, 1845 in Emanuel Co., GA; died May 23, 1914. She married Andrew Jackson Rich October 20, 1865.


Children of Reubin Boatright and Demaris Rich are:

20 i. Frances3 Boatright, born Abt. 1851.

21 ii. Anna Boatright, born July 10, 1853.

22 iii. Madison Boatright, born Abt. 1855.

23 iv. Isaac Boatright, born May 05, 1859.

24 v. Rebecca Boatright, born August 12, 1861.

25 vi. Stephen T. Boatright, born February 13, 1863.

26 vii. Charles Boatright, born May 20, 1866.

27 viii. David L. Boatright, born October 29, 1868.

28 ix. Leah Boatright, born May 10, 1855.

29 x. Matthew Boatright, born March 03, 1857; died March 30, 1943. He married Mozelle B. Unknown.


Generation No. 3

12. William3 Boatright (Reubin2, Daniel1) was born June 14, 1833 in Emanuel Co., GA.. He married Tabitha Bryant December 04, 1853 in Emanuel Co., GA, daughter of Needham Bryant and Susity Unknown.


Children of William Boatright and Tabitha Bryant are:

30 i. James R.4 Boatright, born March 05, 1856.

31 ii. Lucy C. Boatright, born April 27, 1858; died March 16, 1931.

14. John3 Boatright (Reubin2, Daniel1) was born November 03, 1838, and died January 27, 1913. He married (1) Adeline Melvina Pierce April 17, 1859, daughter of George Pierce. He married (2) Nancy Deal September 10, 1877 in Emanuel Co., GA., daughter of William Deal and Harriet Proctor.

John Boatright: had a Susan Dial(Deal) living with him in 1880 Census Em. Co., GA.


Children of John Boatright and Adeline Pierce are:

32 i. Mary4 Boatright, born Abt. 1860.

33 ii. John Boatright, born Abt. 1863.

34 iii. Reubin Boatright, born Abt. 1865.

35 iv. Ann E. Boatright, born Abt. 1867.

36 v. Martha Boatright, born Abt. 1869.

37 vi. Nancy A. Boatright, born Abt. 1871.

38 vii. Joseph H. Boatright, born Abt. 1874.


Children of John Boatright and Nancy Deal are:

+ 39 i. Daniel Douglas4 Boatright, born October 07, 1878 in Emanuel Co., GA; died March 06, 1974 in Emanuel Co., GA.

+ 40 ii. R. Lewis Boatright, born April 26, 1892; died February 15, 1975.

41 iii. Tom P. Boatright, born March 06, 1897; died March 03, 1974. He married Hedy Roberts.


Generation No. 4

39. Daniel Douglas4 Boatright (John3, Reubin2, Daniel1) was born October 07, 1878 in Emanuel Co., GA, and died March 06, 1974 in Emanuel Co., GA. He married (1) Annie Sutton, daughter of Algerine Sutton and Itha Brinson. He married (2) Clarantina Bunn, daughter of Wilson Bunn and Vandelia Wilson.


Children of Daniel Boatright and Clarantina Bunn are:

+ 42 i. Essie Mae5 Boatright, born March 07, 1909 in Emanuel Co., GA.; died February 26, 1970 in Chandler Co., GA..

43 ii. Jewel Boatright, born January 27, 1911 in Emanuel Co., GA; died March 02, 1982 in Emanuel Co., GA.

44 iii. Lorita Boatright.

+ 45 iv. Byron F. Boatright.

46 v. Ray Boatright.

47 vi. J. Royce Boatright, born December 27, 1904.

Georgia, PFC HQ CO 802 ENGR BN

40. R. Lewis4 Boatright (John3, Reubin2, Daniel1) was born April 26, 1892, and died February 15, 1975. He married Eva M. Unknown.


Children of R. Boatright and Eva Unknown are:

+ 48 i. J. P.5 Boatright, born September 17, 1914; died November 05, 1996.

49 ii. Vera Mae Boatright, born October 23, 1922 in Emanuel Co., GA; died May 05, 1924.

50 iii. Mildred Boatright, born July 07, 1925; died January 11, 1942.


Generation No. 5

42. Essie Mae5 Boatright (Daniel Douglas4, John3, Reubin2, Daniel1) was born March 07, 1909 in Emanuel Co., GA., and died February 26, 1970 in Chandler Co., GA.. She married (1) Claude E. Sutton, son of Algerine Sutton and Itha Brinson. She married (2) William Waltmon Harrington Abt. 1926 in Ft. Pierce, St. Lucie Co., FL, son of William Harrington and Mabel Waltmon.

William Caughman lived with Claude and worked for him on the farm. He is

buried in the Sutton plot at Antioch Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Emanuel

Co., GA. b. 1873- d. 1953.


Children of Essie Boatright and Claude Sutton are:

51 i. Daughter6 Sutton, born April 1935; died April 1935.

52 ii. Carol Jane Sutton, born July 03, 1938; died July 07, 1938.

+ 53 iii. Claudette Sutton.


Child of Essie Boatright and William Harrington is:

+ 54 i. Kathryn Waltmon6 Harrington

45. Byron F.5 Boatright (Daniel Douglas4, John3, Reubin2, Daniel1). He married Katie Jane Sutton, daughter of Algerine Sutton and Itha Brinson. Katie Jane and Claude E. above were brother

and sister.


Child of Byron Boatright and Katie Sutton is:

55 i. Infant6 Boatright, died May 27, 1931.

48. J. P.5 Boatright (R. Lewis4, John3, Reubin2, Daniel1) was born September 17, 1914, and died November 05, 1996. He married Mildred Hendrix.

J. P. Boatright:




Children of J. Boatright and Mildred Hendrix are:

56 i. John6 Boatright.

57 ii. Joy Boatright.

58 iii. Debbie Boatright.


Generation No. 6

53. Claudette6 Sutton (Essie Mae5 Boatright, Daniel Douglas4, John3, Reubin2, Daniel1). She married (1) Deidrick Woltman. She married (2) Clifton Linder Diffenderfer.


Children of Claudette Sutton and Deidrick Woltman are:

59 i. Eric Sutton7 Woltman.

60 ii. Deidrick Woltman III.


Child of Claudette Sutton and Clifton Diffenderfer is:

61 i. Elizabeth Sutton7 Diffenderfer

54. Kathryn Waltmon6 Harrington (Essie Mae5 Boatright, Daniel Douglas4, John3, Reubin2, Daniel1) She married John Harry Gay,Jr.., son of John Harry Gay, Sr. and Frances Moring Clark.


Children of Kathryn Harrington and John Gay are:

62 i. Cynthia Frances7 Gay married William Henry Bragg

63 ii. Nancy Claire Gay She married (1) James Sheldon Snow She married (2) Harley Carter Crawford, Sr. November 19, 1976 in Jenkins Co., GA..

64 iii. Kathy Gay, born She married She married (1) Jody Bowers (2) Christopher Carter Lee.

65 iv. Sarah Jane Gay She married Walter Odiorne

66 v. Johnna Gay She married (1) Brent Harrison in Garfield, Ga..

She married (2) Jon Lee

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