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By Olivia Williamson Morris

The following was told to me by Miss Maxie Warren in the Spring of 1976.

Miss Maxie was born in October of 1891 and has never married. She lives alone in a big old house on South Main Street in Swainsboro. She said the house was built by her father and mother when she was five years old. Miss Maxie was the librarian of Swainsboro Public Library most of her adult life and is still working in the Franklin Memorial Library at the age of 85.

"My grandfather was Uley Williamson. He fought in the War Between the

States. Grandfather must have already had this piece of land before he went to war. When he came home from the war, he planted fruit trees and worked very

hard from early morning till late at night. He got wet one evening in the rain but kept on working in wet clothes till way into the night. From this he took severe cold and pleurisy which turned into tuberculosis. He died there and was buried there on his land. I have seen the cemetery up on a hill. I know there used to be a picket fence around the grave. The property was sold and the proceeds used for the upkeep of the four children.

My mother was Dora--Dora Anna. I believe she said she was five years old when her father died. Preston died unmarried in his early twenties of typhoid fever. He worked for old Dr. George Smith. The young man who had previously worked for him died of typhoid fever, then Preston went to work for him and died shortly. Turah also died unmarried in her early twenties. She is buried in Vidalia, an old cemetery in Vidalia. After my grandfather died, my grandmother Mary Ann married William Moore Atkinson and had four more children: Eva; Teresa, who married George Carr, a Missionary Baptist preacher near Townsend; Floyd; and Clara--she died this year. I think they are all buried in Swainsboro City Cemetery. Mary Ann was buried on the old Atkinson place this side of Nunez. She died the first of 1892.

My mother married first George Milton Warren and I was the only child they had. He died and Mother married John F. Price, who already had ten children: James Littleton Price, married Fannie Coleman, daughter of Barm; Minnie Price, married Matthew Coleman, brother of Fannie; Ephraim Price; George Price; Woody Price; Mary Magdalene Price (Maggie), married B. C. Matteson; Otis Grady Price; John Douglas Price (Buster); Fannie Price, married E. E. Dowling; Annie Lou Price (Johnnie), married Paul Sheram. My mother and John Price had one child, Alice. she is my half sister. She married Randolph Fagler. She is still living.

My mother had a picture of her father, Uley Williamson. She kept all those things in the bottom of a tall cabinet, but it has been so long since it has been opened that the lock has corroded and the key will not go into it. No, you cannot try to open it! No, you cannot see it! You can't, that's all, you just can't. You couldn't tell anything about his picture anyway; it is so dark, he looks like a Negro.

I could join the D.A.R. through the Warrens. No, I never had any desire to; when I die, it would just all die with me."


  1. The fourth child of Ulysses and Mary Ann Williamson, not mentioned by Miss Maxie, was Mahala Elizabeth, born 1872.

(2) Ulysses Williamson was a son of William J. Williamson and Jane Phillips. His was the first grave in what is now known as the Corbin Family Cemetery.

(3) Mary Ann Williamson-Atkinson was a daughter of Elijah and Teresa Trapnell.

(4) William Moore Atkinson is buried in Swainsboro City Cemetery. (I have not seen her grave, but feel certain Miss Maxie Warren is also buried there.)

Olivia Williamson Saffold. Copyright 1976.  Olivia Williamson Saffold. All Rights Reserved.

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