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I dedicate this family tree to my grandparents, James and Viola Akins Jones, with all the love, honor, and respect that a grandson can possibly have for his grandparents. I hope that somewhere they are watching me and are pleased.   I would like to thank Sue Nell Jones Stapleton, Beth Jones, Somers Miller, Lynn Lanier Soto, Amanda Lanier Nagle, Susie Turner, Nancy Gay Crawford, and all my other "cousins" for the help they provided. Also, I thank my parents for all the hours they spent talking about family members with me. I must include a special word of thanks for my wife, Ann, who has spent as much time on this project as I have, even though it's not her family and she does not know most of the people involved.

Even though I got lots of help from these people, please consider all errors you find to be entirely my fault. If you e-mail me, write me, or call me and let me know where I have made mistakes, I will gladly try to fix them.

James L. Coleman
2834 Red Land Road
Wetumpka, AL 36093
ph. 334-514-0988

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Submitted on June 30, 1998 by: Jim Coleman. Copyright 1998. Jim Coleman. All Rights Reserved.

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