Moring's Company of Home Guards (Emanuel Troops)


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This age group ranged in age from 15 to 60 years of age.

Submitted by Wes Wilson



Joel J. Moring           Captain         1825/1891

George S. Rountree      Lieutenant                       son of George and Lavinia Neal Rountree

John Dekle               2nd. Lieutenant 1822/     son of George and Nancy Rountree Dekle

Elisha T. Mosley         Sergeant        1825/         son of Clement T. and Nancy Sullivan Mosely

T. M. Lewis              Sergeant

Eleazor D. Smith         Sergeant        1828/1881 son of Matilda Smith

G. W. C. Kennedy         Sergeant

Gideon H. Kennedy      1st. Sergeant

William L. Tapley        Corporal        1829/ca.1865    son of James and Mary Benson Tapley

B. A. Moxley             Corporal

Daniel Green Hall         Corporal        1823/1882        son of Juniper and Martha Thigpen Hall





Aarons, Charles

Aarons, George W.

Barwick, Curtis Manning         1823/1892       son of Nathan and Elizabeth Whiddon


Brown, Samuel

Clarke, J. A.

Coleman, A.

Coleman, D.

Collins, Leo

Curl, K.

Curl, Reuben

Dickson ,M.

Durden, Albert Neal          1828/1904       son of Dennis and Phoebe Dillard Durden

Durden, Ebenezer J.          1826/1914       son of William and Mary Dekle Durden

Durden, Simeon                1821/1892       son of William and Mary Dekle Durden

Durden, William                 1829/1908       son of Eleazor and Mary Polly Barwick Durden

Edenfield, D.J.

Edenfield, E.H.

Edenfield, James H.

Edenfield, John

Edenfield, John H.

Gillis, Angus W.                     1836/1918       son of John D. and Edaline Hall Gillis

Griffin, Benjamin

Hall, Henry

Hall, Willis

Johnson, D. B.

Johnson, E. B.

Johnson, Kindred

Jones, Allen

Lanier, B.F.

Lanier, William

McBride, James

McLain, William

Mercer, Clem

Mercer, Mal

Monroe, D.

Moore, Drury Steely             1823/1908

Mosley, W.S.

Moxely, B.A.

Mullin, William

Nasworthy, G. W.

Neil, Redding R.

Overstreet, Matthew  1819/1899       son of Daniel and Martha Alberson Overstreet

Peebles, John

Phillips, E.H.

Phillips, F. M.

Phillips, W.C.

Philips, Wilder

Radford, Martin

Rountree, Allen

Rountree, George S.

Salter, William

Smith, W.M.

Strange, Mitchel

Sumner, B. L.

Sumner, Robert

Sutton, A.L.

Thompson, William

Walea, A.M.C.

Watson, John H.

Watson, P.W.

Wilkes, Elias

Wilkes, J. B.

Williams, J.L.

Williamson, Soloman

Woods, Archibald

Woods, Isaac

Woods, John L.

Youmans, James            1826/1888       son of John and Sarah Herrington Youmans

Youngblood, Spencer             1826/1893       son of Bartlett Youngblood


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Submitted by Teresa Todd.


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