Below is a list of men from Haralson County that were casualties during World War II. 

(NAVY, MARINES, COAST GUARD CASUALTIES are listed separately by NARA and is an alphabetical list of casualties
by State but not broken down by County. Please visit the NARA ARCHIVES WEB SITE TO VIEW THOSE NAMES. (Click Here) 
COUNTY             KIA            DOW            DOI       DNB   FOD  M    TOTAL
HARALSON           18             2                        8               28
AKIN                    HUBERT       34577593     PVT    KIA
ALLRED                  JESSE T      34833226     PVT    KIA	*Son of Will Allred, Buried at Mt. Zion Baptist Ch.
ALLRED                  STANLEY L    14137706     PFC    KIA	*Son of Will Allred, Buried at Mt. Zion Baptist Ch.
AUSTIN                  LONZIE       34087033     PFC    DNB
BROWNE                  CHARLES H    34083612     CPL    DNB
CAUSEY                  ALONZO W.    34760382     PFC    KIA
CAUSEY                  NOEL C.      34265702     PVT    KIA
COLE                    CLINTON L    44035276     PVT    KIA
DAVENPORT               HAMPTON C    01309223     2 LT.  DNB
EASON                   JAMES H      14015036     S SG   DOW
ENTREKIN                WILLIAM A    34002437     S SG   KIA
HARWOOD                 EUELL W      34829890     PFC    KIA
HOWARD                  CHARLES E    34762687     PFC    DNB
HOWLAND                 CHARLES C W  0-399875     CAPT   KIA
HUNT                    WOODROW W    44074348     PVT    DNB
KIMBALL                 WILLIAM E    34011838     PFC    KIA
LITTLE                  OLICE C      34088491     TEC4   DNB
MCBRAYER                GEORGE H     34573898     PFC    KIA
MCCRAY                  CHARLIE H    34828059     PFC    KIA
MCDANIEL                EDGAR W      34442999     PFC    KIA
MITCHELL                ARTHUR J     0-575640     CAPT   DNB
MIZE                    MARTIN E     14129456     TEC 5  KIA
RAINEY                  MOSEY C      34831866     PFC    KIA
THOMPSON                HULETT A     34760391     PFC    KIA
WALDREP                 RICHARD H    7085662      PVT    DNB
WOOD                    NEAL D       14060278     PVT    DNB	*Son of Alonzo Wood, Buried Steadman Baptist Ch.
A complete description of the serial numbers, ranks and cause of death and detail description of this database
is included in the Forward section of the NARA web page.  Please refer there for more information.(Click Here)
"SERIAL NUMBERS:  Serial numbers are assigned with great care and according to a set of regulations.
Numbers fall into two broad categores:  Simple seven or eight digit numbers (or fewer) for male enlisted 
personnel, and prefixed serial numbers for other personnel. (Note: each digit in a serial number has a 
designated meaning.  See the ARC page on FORWARD for greater explanation. 
TYPE OF CASUALTY:  This is indicated by the symbol at the far right of each column.  An individual who was 
killed in action, whether at the front or by enemy action in the rear areas, or if a prisoner of war, whether 
by air bombardment of his prison camp or by being shot while escaping is designed 'KIA".  Persons who were 
wounded or later died are marked "DOW".  --died of wounds.  Those suffered fatal battle INJURIES as opposed 
to WOUNDS, in combat or in combat areas, and died in a line-of-duty status, are designated 'DOI"--DIED OF INJURIES
 Other line of duty deaths, such as from sickness, homicide, suicide or accidents, outside combat areas 
(including training and maneuver deaths) are list "DNB" - died, non-battle.  Individuals who where determined to 
be dead under Public Law 490 are designated, 'FOD" - finding of death.  Missing persons are marked with the 
single letter "M". 
Only those persons who died in a line-of-duty status are listed herein.  Individuals who were not in line of 
duty at the time of their deaths are not so listed.  Though personnel not in line of duty are not listed, failure 
to find these lists the name of persons known to be dead should not be taken as prima-facie evidence that such 
person died not in line of duty."

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