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There are two "A" books on file at the Probate Court.  I have numbered them A1 and A2.
The wills are dated from 1865 to  about 1920 . Below is a COMBINED index of the two books.

(Note: In the book "Haralson County, a History", Mrs. Lois Newman states there was (in 1982) an index of the first Will Book in a file folder although the will book no longer existed.  She included a list of those wills and some of them are in Book A-1. While the folder may still exist, the clerk at the Court was not aware of it. ) To view a list
of the wills that were included in this fileclick here)

All the wills in the two books from Microfilm Reel #209-10 have been transcribed by Liz Robertson  and are on line.  Please note that Pages 7, 8 and 314 were not on the microfilm.    If you have a will that is  not on line, please submit it to DONALD ALLEN.

I do not believe the original wills are on hand in the County.  Wills were handwritten into Will Books. If you want to  obtain a copy of  WILL as listed in the will book, contact: 

P. O. BOX 620
4485 Ga. Hwy. 120
Buchanan, GA 30113
Phone: 1-770-646-2008


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