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Book 1 Abstracts:


Jonathan Holley (page 1-2):  Loving son James Holley, all children Elizabeth Mayo, William Holley, Nancy Holley, Mary Barrow, James Holley.

Executors: Lewis Holland and William Neel.  Witnesses: Jonathan Hall, John Thomas, Thomas Mills. Dated 14 March 1808.  Proven

1 May 1809. 


Willes Solomon of Laurens County (page 2-3):  Loving wife Nancy Solomon, my children.  Evers Andress and Nancy Solomon Executors. 

Witnesses: Reddin Stringer, Ashly Cawthorn, William Cawthorn Sr.  Dated 2 Aug 1810.  Proven 3 Sept 1810.


Jethro Weaver, of Wilkinson Co GA (page 3-4): Beloved wife Lucy Weaver, Martha Weaver, son John Weaver, daughter Lucy Hagle, daughter

Phebe Baker, son Nathan Weaver, son Jethro Weaver.  Sons Nathan Weaver and Jethro Weaver executors.  Witnesses: James Pinkam, Amos Love.

Dated 12 May 1806.  Proven 7 Dec 1812, Laurens County.


William Oliver of Laurens Co (page 5-8): My wife Abigail Oliver, the tract I now live on called the Mill tract, Scarborough land with the house

thereon.  Her children William Spell and John Cuddy Spell.  Negro woman Sylvia.  Child or Children with which my wife be now pregnant. 

My reputed son William Spell, natural child of my wife Abigail while she was Abigail Spell.  Land in Morgan County #317 on Sugar Creek. 

Land lying in Putnum #266 drawn by Alfred Willey.  Braswell track of land.  Negroes Fred, Aaron.  Reputed son John Cuddy Spell, son of my

wife Abigail Oliver while Abigail Spell.  Land in Randolph Co, #100 on Shoal Creek.  Tract in 21st Dist of Old Wilkinson drawn and sold by

McDaniel Oliver to me.  Negro fellow named Jack.  William Oliver the son of McDaniel Oliver.  George Oliver son of Rirden Oliver.  Sons of my

before named brothers (my note - he must be referring to McDaniel Oliver and Rirden Oliver).  Witnesses: William Livingston, C A Hill.

Dated 2 Dec 1812.  Proven 6 Sept 1813.


John Mannen of Laurens Co (page 8-9):  My wife Mary Mannen, Drury Mannen, Henry Bohannon, Elisha Gore, Rachel Rogers. Witnesses;

Wright Ryall, Ann Ryall, David Ryall, Leonard Locke.   Dated 17 Mar 1813. Proven: 3 May 1813.


Thomas Cook (page 9-10):  Beloved wife Patsey Cook.  Two negro fellows Laycock and Littletow. My children.  My son Henry Cook, after my two

sons become of age: Arter B Cook and William Cook.  Daughter Deideamia Cook. Daughter Ginney Warren Cook.  Three sons to be bound out

to some good trade by executor. Executors: Joshua Hightower and William Livingston.  Witnesses: Thomas Watters and Elizabeth Smith.

  Dated 8 June 1813.  Proven 10 Jan 1814


Mark Phillips of Laurens Co (page 11-13):  Beloved son H Aarington H Philips.  Lot of land where by dwelling house stands #203.  Beloved son David

Dewlick Philips. Lot #187 in Pulaski Co granted to Dial Pevy.  Beloved daughter Claracy Philips.  Negro girl Charlot.  Beloved son Joel Sharod Philips.

 Negro man named Bob.  Beloved wife Diza Philips.  Brothers Gabriel Philips and Burrel Philips executors.  Dated 7 Dec 1814. 

Witnesses: Sharrod Philips, Joseph Philips.  Proven 4 Jan 1815.


Bennet Smith (page 14):  Sister Mourning Smith.  My worthy brother Archibald Griffen as executor.  Witnesses: Simon Smith, Samuel Hammock,

 Sion Smith. Dated 1 Dec 1814.  Proven 4 Jan 1815. 


Henry Anderson, of Laurens Co, planter.  (page 15-17):  My wife Mary Anderson.  My grand daughter Joycey Coursey.  My youngest son Wade H

 Anderson when he attains 21 years.  Son in law William Coursey.  Daughter Ginny Barlow.  Daughter Betsey Anderson.  Daughter Polly Wood.

Son Abraham Anderson.  Square of land called the Back County.  Son John Anderson.  Bounty of land which was drawn by Isaac Kirksey. 

Daughter Nancy Perkins.  Son West Anderson.  Daughter Purlina.  Daughter Sina Anderson.  Daughter Matilda Anderson.  Son Jefferson. 

Negro named Isaac.  Son Madison Anderson.  One negro named Charles.  Son Washington.  One negro boy Tom.  Son Wade Hampton Anderson. 

Negro boy named Joe.  Land on Rocky Creek and land lying on Turkey Creek.  Four youngest sons Jefferson, Madison, Washington and Wade H.

Negro girls: Clary, Nan.   Three oldest sons Abram Anderson, John Anderson and West Anderson.  Negro boys Jim, Sam.  Executors:

My friend John Fullwood and Amos Love.  Dated: 20 Jan 1815.  Witnesses: Simon Beck, William McDaniel, Stanmore McDaniel.  Proven 5 Apr 1815.


Alexander Maddux, Laurens County. (page 18):  Dear beloved wife Jane.  Two sons James Maddux and Lewis Maddux.  Executors:

my brother Lewis Maddux and my wife Jane Maddux.  Witnesses: Thomas Clarke, Mary Cauley, James Beaty.  Dated 13 Feb 1815.

Proven 10 July 1815.


Theophilus Coleman of Laurens County (page 19): Children and their mother.  Witnessed Jeremiah Coney, Jonathan Coleman, Josey Coleman.

 Dated 2 Jan 1816.  Proven May 1816.


John Livingston (page 20-21): Wife Nancy Livingston.  Daughter Kitty Livingston.  Son Jones Livingston. True and Trusty friends as executors:

Joseph Livingston,  Samuel Robison and Jesse Joyce. Witnesses: Matthew H Rowan, Moses Willson, Jared Irivin.   Dated 13 May 1816.

Proven: 5 Aug 1816.


Willeby Manning, of Laurens Co (page 21-22): My brother Landers Manning.  Beloved with Frances Manning.  Negro boy Lewis.  Beloved daughter

Martha Manning. Note on Isaac Hill. Negro woman named Milly.  Executor: My loving and trusty friend Col Archibald Griffin.   Witnesses:

Peter Thomas, Reuben Tucker, Benjamin Manning.  Written:  18 Apr 1816. Proven: 5 Aug 1816.


Burwell Joiner, of Nash County in NC.  (page 23-25):  Well beloved wife Ones Joiner.  Land in Nash County.  Land in Lauren Co GA.  Negro

man Dick. Negro woman Cloe.  Daughter Rhoda Pitmon.  Land on Sapponey Creek, adjoining William Bakers land.  Son Wilie Joiner. 

Land on the Marsh Branch. Negro man Dirk.  Well beloved Elisabeth Joiner.  Land called the Bowers place.  Son Shadrack Joiner.  Land on the

River.  The Island in the River.  The Mill.  Land in Laurens County on the South side of the Ocony River.  Beloved daughter Ferabra Joiner.

 Negro woman Cloe.  Beloved daughter Mary Joiner.  Negro woman named Nanie.  Beloved daughter Charrity Joiner.  Negro woman

named Tamer.  Son Shadrack Joiner, daughter Elizabeth Joiner, son Wilie Joiner, daughter Feraba Joiner, daughter Mary Joiner, daughter

Charrity Joiner.  Executors: trusty friend Curtis Joiner and son Wilie Joiner.  Witnesses: Jesse Joiner, John S Bottoms. Dated 16 Feb 1813. 

Proven, Laurens County, 4 Nov 1816. 


Benjamin Ramsey of Laurens Co (page 25-27): infirm of body. Dearly beloved wife Penelope Ramsey. Land lot 295 in 22nd Dist, Laurens Co

 that I purchased of Benjamin Chairs. Beloved son Benjamin  (under age). Beloved daughter Mary (under age).  Beloved daughter

Nancy (under age). Beloved son Isaac  (under age). Executors: wife Penelope Ramsey, Isaac Ramsey and Abner Avritt.  Dated: 30 Dec 1815.

 Witnessed by:  Joseph Denson, Abner Aviritt, T T Lee.  Proven: 21 Jan 1817.


Jesse Carey of Laurens County (page 27-31):  Wife.  Son Vincen Cary.  Negro man Peter.  Grandaughter Mary (under age), daughter of my son

Jesse Carey, deceased.  Daughter Ruth, wife of Clemment Fennel.  Negro girl Nanny.  Daughter Nancy.  Negro woman Sarah.  Son John

Carey.  Land where my son Jesse Carey (now deceased) formerly lived. Negro man Tom.  Negro girl Doll and her child Linus.

Daughter Elizabeth (under age). Negro girl Patt and her child Pleasant. Four children: John, Nancy, Jane and Elizabeth.  Negro man

July and Hannah his wife. John Carey to raise and school and nurture the aforesaid three daughters. Brother Alexander Cary.

Executors: son John Carey, Samuel Montgomery and Solomon Hall.   Witnesses: Jane Montgomery, Jno Guyton, William Roberts.

Written 21 Oct 1816.  Proven March term 1817.


Thomas Farmer of Laurens Co.  (page 31-33): Wife Elizabeth Farmer. Land and plantation where I now live.  Brother Joseph Farmer.  Brother

Jesse Farmer. Heirs of my deceased brother Joshua Farmer.  Heirs of my deceased sister Elizabeth Barefoot (formerly Elizabeth Farmer).

Sister Naomi Farmer.  Sister Polly Farmer.  Executor: Wife Elizabeth Farmer and my friend Jonathan Pope.  Witnesses: John B Cooper, Bray

Mayo, William F Parrimore. Dated 11 Mar 1817.  Proven 5 May 1817. 


Benjamin Daniel of Laurens County. (page 33-35):  Wife Lucy Daniel.  Daughter Patsey Brantley, wife of Benjamin Brantly.  Son John Daniel.

Son William Daniel.  Daughter Betsey Brantly, son James Daniel, son John Daniel. Grandchildren: Lucretia McDaniel, Lucinda McDaniel and

Andrew Jackson McDaniel, the children of my daughter Polly McDaniel.  Executor: James Daniel.  Dated Jan 1816 (no day).  Witnesses: Jno B

Bennett, Benjamin Brantly.  Proven 4 Feb 1818.


Solomon Beddingfield of Laurens County. (page 35-36):  Beloved wife Elisabeth Beddingfield.  Bounty of land #186 containing 202-1/2 acres.

Beloved son James Beddingfield.   Daughter Sally. Sons William Beddingfield and Needom. Executors: James H McCullers and wife

Elisabeth Beddingfield. Witnesses: Charles D McCullers, Josiah Gay and Eli Clark. Dated 23 Sept 1817.  Proven 4 Feb 1818.


Samuel Sparks of Laurens County.  (page 36-37): Beloved son Charles. Land known as #276 containing 202-1/2 acres.  Beloved son Samuel.

Land known as #289, containing 202-1/2 acres.  Beloved wife the plantation where I did live.  Son Thomas Peter.  My daughters.  Executors my

 trusty friends Amos Love, Niell Munroe and Daniel Hill.  Dated 16 Apr 1818. Witnesses: M G Sheppard, Nancy Hill, Thomas Woodard.

Proven 6 July 1818.


David Spear of Laurens County (page 38-39): Oldest son James Speer. Note on James Ward of Green County. My daughter Polly M Palmore

and her son David Palmore.  My daughter Elizabeth Duncan. My daughter Lucinda Targ. Dated 5 Oct 1820. Executor: my beloved

son James Spear.  Witnesses: Jonas Johnston and Elizabeth Johnston. Proven 6 Nov 1820.


William Whitehead, of Laurens County. (Page 40-43)  Dated 20 Oct 1817.  My heir Joseph J Battle.  Negroes: Sarah and her child Jacob, Patience Sr,

 Silva, Hannah, Patience Jr, Sophia, Josiah, Levi, Anah, Vilite and Jerry.  My son Bennitt Whitehead. Negroes: Sealy, Ellice, Temperance,

Mason, Isaac, Dempsey, Sam, Winny, Lewis Jr, Jack.  Son Reason Whitehead. Negroes: Lucy Sr, Elijah, Silas, Ben, Abram, Lewis Sr, Zadah,

Claricy, Mose, Dennis.  Beloved wife Elizabeth Whitehead. Negroes: Ginny, Henry, Dachus, Eliz, Hiram, Daniel, George, Jacob, Lucy Jr and

Charlott.  Son Warren Whitehead. Executors: Son Bennit Whitehead, Joseph J Battle.  Witnesses: Coleman Sanders, Right Sanders,

James Warren.  Proven 4 Jan 1820.


John McBane of Laurens County. (Page 43-44). Dated 31 Dec 1819.  Beloved wife Mary McBane. Younger children. Executor: Wife Mary

McBane. Witnesses: Amos Love, Alfred Thompson, John Guyton.  Proven 7 Mar 1820.


John Todd of Laurens County.  (Page 43-45).    Respected friend William D Algeirs.  My nephew James Todd, niece Elizabeth Bryan. 

Lot in Dublin.  Executor: William D Algeirs and Doctor Thomas Moore.  Dated 5 Dec 1819. Witnesses: Amos Love, Jonathan Coleman,

Rowling Williams. Proven Feb term 1820.  Notation that John Todd conveyed some of his personal property to his friend Elizabeth

Algeirs. Witnesses: Tho Moore and Jno Thomas. 20 Jan 1820.


Elizabeth Usory  (Page 46-47)  Stated her will on 30 Sept 1820.  Witnesses Milly Hutto, Lany Smith, Jane Ursory. Mentions: Mary Hutto, Wilcom

Usory, brother John Usory, Mary Huttos children, Hansel Lester Children of his last wife and John Usory Children. Proven 8 Jan 1821.


Samuel Kirkland of Laurens County  (page 47-49). Wife Anne Kirkland all which she brought to me on marriage.  Negro: Rachel (3 years old).

son McCullers Kirkland. Negro: Moses aged 35 years.  Land on which I now live. Son David Kirkland.  Negro woman named Rose

 aged 35 years old.  son in law Charles Collwell.  Son Julius Kirkland.   First draw in the approaching land lottery in Georgia.  Daughter

Elizabeth Ballinger.  Second draw in land lottery.  Executors: Joseph Saultonstall, son McCullers Kirkland.  Dated 16 Sept 1809. Witnesses:

William Mooreum?, Dorothy Clunny, Charles Mooreum?.  Proven 4 Jan 1820.


Jonathan B Bacon of Laurens.  (pages 50-51)  Beloved wife Eliza Bacon.  Negroes: Nanny, Tom, Booby, Lary, Lizy, Jimmey, Leah,

Grace, Phill, Sam, Morris, Vinis, Davis.  Three tracts of land on Big Canuchee containing 650 acres. Children Edmund and Sarah Bacon. Negroes:

Sawney, Aaron, Sue, Lididia, Rose, Phillis, Lenos, Stephen, Bill, Israel, Katy, Little Lidia, Little Venus, Hercules, Little Sue.  Dated 13 Sept 1822.

Witnesses: J E Morris, L Davis, Isham H Saffold.  Proven 4 Nov 1822.


Elijah Blackshear of Laurens.  (pages 51-54) Lend to my brother Joseph Blackshear my lands, negroes, etc.  Estate to be divided after the

death of my brother Joseph.  My daughter Harriet Blackshear (otherwise Harriet Brown).  My sister Penelope Bryan.  Executors: Brother

Joseph, my trusty friend Amos Love and my beloved nephew Blackshear Bryan, my trusty friend William Hamilton and Neill Munroe.

 Dated 17 May 1819.  Witnesses: Joel Williams, Lewis Sanders, Jno Thomas, Amos Love, Neill Munroe.  Proven 5 Nov 1821.


Sampson Culpepper of Laurens (pages 55-56). Beloved wife Martha Culpepper.  200 acres of land where I now live.  Son Thomas K

Culpepper.  Daughter Mary Smith.  Sons John C Culpepper, Joel Culpepper.  Grandson Sampson Blunt Culpepper.  Executor: Sons John C

Culpepper and Joel Culpepper.  Witnesses: John Thomas, David Culpepper.  Dated 6 Mar 1822.  Proven 13 Jan 1823.



WILL OF ADAM JONES,  LAURENS COUNTY, GEORGIA , BOOK_PAGES 122-125, Typed from a copy sent from Laurens County GA. By Rose Parks

In the name of God, Amen, I Adam Jones of the County of Laurens and State of Georgia being weak in body but of sound mind and memory and
knowing the uncertainty of life so make this my last will and testament. In the 1st place I recommend my soul to that all good and just god
who gave it to me and commit my body to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian like manner.  Secondly, I desire all my just debts may be paid and that my
executors do take out such part and so much of my personal estate as they think can best be spared to my family and discharge my debts.
Thirdly I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Serisey Jones the plantation which I now reside together with all the rest of the
lands I possess during her natural life, likewise a negro woman slave named Sal during her natural life and likewise one twelveth
part of my personal estate during her life and after her death I give and bequeath the said plantation and all the rest of the lands
I possess and the said negro woman Sal and the one twelvth part of any personal estate to my sons Seaborn E. Jones and John Jones, to
them and their heirs forever. Nevertheless, if my wife should be alive at the time my son Seaborn becomes 16 years of age then he
shall have the privilege of working and cultivating one third part of my plantation and all the rest of the lands I possess for his own
use and if my wife should be alive at the time my son John shall become age 16 shall have the privilege of working and cultivating
one third part of my plantation and all the rest of the lands I possess for his own use. But if my wife Serisey Jones should marry
at any time then my plantation together with all the rest of the land I possess is to be entirely for use of my two sons, Seaborn E.
and John Jones. 4th I give and bequeath to my son Seaborn E. Jones one negro man slave named Sam to him and his heirs forever but if my son Seaborn
should die before lawful age of twenty one years of age and have issue unlawfully begotten of his body then I give and bequeath all I
have given to my son Seaborn to my son, John Jones.  5th same as paragraph above except insert opposite names. (and slave
Jack)   6th I give and bequeath to my daughter Ellenor Ann one negro woman slave named Maria and all her future increase to her and her heirs
forever.  7th I give and bequeath to my daughter Holly Ann one negro girl  named Judy and all her future increase to her and her heirs forever.
And to my daughter Laura Ann I give and bequeath one negro slave girl named Patience and all her future increase to her and her heirs
forever. 8th It is my desire that the Executors do sell my negro man slave Maddun to the best advantage and the money arising from the sale of
said negro they buy a negro in the place of Maddun for the use of the family and for raising the children till the youngest child
comes of age. 9th It is my will and desire that my daughter Delia Ann, Susan, Margaret and Queen Ann have the following negros to be divided
between them. Pen, Will and the negro to be bought in the place of Maddun and if Sal has another child after this, that child also but
Pen and Will are to remain in the family till the youngest child becomes of age and then the division of said negros is to take place
and not before. 10th I give to my daughters Delia Ann, Susan, Margaret, Queen Ann, Ellenor Ann, Holly Ann and Laura Ann to each and every one of them a
feather bed, bed stead, and furniture and one trunk or chest. 11th I give to my daughters Jane Parramore and Liddy Crawford to
each and every one of them 2 cows and 2 calves and nothing more are they to have from my estate. 12th All the rest and balance of my property and estate which is not
heretofore disposed of I give and bequeath to my children to be equally divided among them at the time the youngest child becomes of
age. That is Delia Ann, Susan, Margaret, Queen Ann, Ellenor Ann, Holly Ann, Laura Ann, Seaborn E. and John all to have each and every
one of them an equal part. Lastly I nominate and appoint my true, trusty and faithful friends,
Benjamin Adams and Peter Adams Executors of this my LW&T and hearby revolking all and every other will which I may have made.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 25th day of November in the year of Christ one thousand eight hundred and twenty
eight. Signed, sealed and in presence of the interlineation of the words together with all the rest, land, property and the rest of the
lands I possess were made before signing.Test: J. Blackshear, Samuel Yopp
M.G O&#8217Neal

Ga. Laurens County, Court of Ordinary, March term 1829 Joseph Blackshear, Samuel Yopp and Mastin G.  Neal came into open court
and being duly sworn saith that they saw Adam Jones sign seal publish and pronounce the within as his last will and testament and that he was of
sound and disposing mind at the time and that they assign the same as witnessess.
Attest Thomas Moore Clerk
Recorded February 3rd 1830
Typed from a copy sent from Laurens County GA. By Rose Parks

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