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(Complete list of all Monroe County Cemeteries)


Forsyth City Cemetery 
(I have a copy of this survey and can do lookups. Liz Robertson)
(Evelyn Bugg has investigated the location of Oakland Cemetery in Forsyth County and during
a conversation with Jane Newton learned that Forsyth City Cemetery was once named Oakland Cemetery. 
It appears the cemetery was called Oakland at least through 1915 according to obituaries Mrs. Bugg has transcribed)

List of Confederate Soldiers Buried in Monroe County

I wish to thank all who have contributed these surveys but especially Larry Childs.  Larry has made these
surveys and photographs and freely shared his work with us.  He has compiled a list of about 25,000 burials in
Monroe County as well as other counties.

(You may view the cemetery survey by clicking on the column "Cemetery Name" below.
Photos are included with some of these surveys. )

Cemetery  Name ON LINE USGS 7.5' Map
Relocated Cemeteries -Georgia
Power Co. Lake Juliette
Anderson-Barnes-Bagley Cemetery   325133N 0835957W Moran
Bazemore Cemetery   325242N 0835729W Smarr
Bentley Cemetery X      
Bird Cemetery   325453N 0840128W Strouds
Brent Cemetery   325848N 0840042W Strouds
Browns Chapel Bapt. Ch.Af.Am X      
Bull Cemetery X      
Cabaniss Cemetery X 330900N 0835231W Indian Springs
Callaway Family Cemetery X      
Chambliss Cemetery X 330134N 0835250W Forsyth
Colbert (Lake Juliette) X      
Coleman Church Cemetery X      
Collier Cemetery X 330256N 0840034W Johnstonville
Colvin Cemetery X      
Confederate Cemetery Sect. at Forsyth City Cemetery, Linda Hallman Website       e-mail: dixierose@windstream.net
Crowder Cemetery   330621N 0835802W Forsyth
Cullen Thornton Cemetery X      
Culloden City Cemetery X 325157N 0840545W Culloden
Damascus Cemetery X 325629N 0834442W Macon NW
Dames Ferry Baptist Ch. X      
Dewberry Cemetery X      
Dillard Family Cemetery X      
Driskell Cemetery X      
Ebenezer Cemetery X 330237N 0835137W East Juliette
Fairview Cemetery   330400N 0835755W Forsyth
Faith Church Cemetery   330210N 0840335W Johnstonville
Fletcher Family Cemetery X      
Fletcher-Taylor Cemetery X      
Forsyth City Cemetery   330148N 0835610W Forsyth
Garden Of Prayer Cemetery   330231N 0835717W Forsyth
Gibson Cemetery X 330819N 0835226W Berner
Glawson Cemetery X      
Goodwyne Grave        
Greenwood Cemetery X 330515N 0840224W Johnstonville
Greer Family Cemetery X      
Hardin Family Cemetery X      
Hattie (Aunt) X      
Hencely Family Cemetery X      
Holly Grove Cemetery X 330141N 0834744W East Juliette
Holly Grove Cem. additions X      
Hubert Cemetery X      
Ingram Cemetery   330142N 0840223W Johnstonville
Jackson Family Cemetery X      
Jones Cemetery   325223N 0840204W Culloden
Juliette Methodist Ch. X      
Juliette Cemetery   330600N 0834825W East Juliette
Liberty Prim. Bapt. Cem.        
Little Cemetery X 330038N 0835259W Forsyth
Logwall Cemetery   330640N 0835640W Forsyth
MADDOX-PETERS CEM.       Forsyth
Mabry-Marshall Cemetery   330211N 0835954W Forsyth
Maynard Cemetery X 330315N 0835324W Forsyth
McComon Cemetery X 325459N 0835454W Smarr
McCough Cemetery (Afri-Amer) X      
McCowen Cemetery X 325818N 0835446W Smarr
Monroe Hills Memorial Gardens   330149N 0835743W Forsyth
MOUNT PLEASANT CEM. X     Indian Springs
Mount Vernon Cemetery   325544N 0835754W Smarr
Mount Zion Cemetery X 325536N 0834712W Bolingbroke
Owen Cemetery   325920N 0840018W Strouds
Paron Cemetery   331038N 0835730W Indian Springs
Pierson Cemetery   325335N 0840457W Strouds
Pleasant Grove Cemetery   325549N 0835152W Bolingbroke
Pleasant Grove Cemetery X 331008N 0835538W Indian Springs
Ponder Family Cemetery X      
Potts Cemetery   330145N 0840215W Johnstonville
Providence Baptist Church Cemetery X 331101N 0840039W Smarr
Redding Cemetery X      
Rest Haven Memorial Cemetery   330128N 0835738W Forsyth
Rocky Creek Cemetery X 330711N 0840131W Johnstonville
Rogers Cemetery Methodist Ch. X 325301N 0835622W Smarr
Rogers Methodist Ch. Additions X      
Rogers African Am. Sect. X      
Russellville Cemetery Baptist X 325359N 0835917W Smarr
Saint Peters Rock Cemetery X 330225N 0834515W East Juliette
Salem Cemetery X 325909N 0834709W Bolingbroke
Shannon Family Cemetery X      
Singleton Family Cemetery X      
Smith Cemetery X 330532N 0840112W Johnstonville
Spier Family Cemetery X      
Standard Cemetery   330832N 0835111W Berner
Stern Family Cemetery X      
Taylor Family Cemetery        
Thomas Battle Family Cem. X      
Wadley Cemetery   325650N 0834908W Bolingbroke
Waldrep Cemetery X      
Webb - Roquemore Cemetery X 331145N 0835658W Indian Springs
Webb Cemetery   330905N 0835625W Indian Springs
William F. Johnston Cemetery        
Willis Cemetery   330840N 0835102W Berner
Winn Cemetery X 325653N 0834940W Bolingbroke
Wooten Family Cemetery X      
Wright Family Cemetery X      
Zellner Cemetery X 325911N 0835455W Smarr

Reprinted by permission of the Monroe County Historical Society as listed
in their book ‘CEMETERIES IN MONROE CO., GA AND VICINITY, BOOK NO. 2’. Copyrighted by Monroe County Historical Society 2005.

.Numbered granite markers at the head of the plots so that it would be possible to identify where each grave had been at its original location.

Plant Scherer Cemetery I:

This cemetery, which is located on property formerly owned by the Zellner family,contains eight smaller cemeteries relocated from the project site.In most cases the orientation of the new site is identical. to the original.A few of the cemeteries,however, were reconstructed in a more orderly fashion than the original site.

Any differences between the original site and the relocated graves is noted in the following description of the graves.
The entire relocation tract covers an area of 3.11 acres. There is a chain-link fence surrounding the entire site and one running through the middle of the tract separating some of the cemeteries the following from others.

The cemeteries were relocated to this site:
Abandoned Cemetery 'A',
Abandoned Cemetery' B I ,
Aunt Hattie Cemetery,
Colbert Cemetery,
Bowdoin Cemetery,
Glawson Cemetery
Precinct Cemetery
Smith Chapel Cemetery.

Abandoned Cemetery 'AI:

Location within Plant Scherer Cemetery I:
IOriginal Location: Land Lot 180, 466 GMD, Monroe County
Acreage: 0.059 acres
Number of Gravesites: 2
Description of Gravesites: These graves are surrounded by a rock wall. Originally unmarked and identified by depressions in the ground, in the new location they have numbered granite markers supplied by GPC.

Condemnation Proceedings: Civil Action #8488, Monroe County Superior Court. Judgment signed 10/17/75.Affidavit from (NAMED) and (NAMED) affirming that there had been no burials at this site for many years. In addition, these affiants averred that the names of those buried at this Cemetery are Unknown. Map Reference:N-85-8, M-154-2 Identity of persons buried UNKNOWN unknown

b. Abandoned Cemetery 'B':

Location within Plant Scherer Cemetery I: See plat.
Original Location:
Land Lot 107, 466 GMD, Monroe County
Acreage:0.118 acre
Number of Gravesites: 6

Description of Gravesites: These graves were unmarked and identified simply by depressions in the ground; they now have numbered granite markers which were provided by GPC.

Condemnation Proceedings: civil Action # 8485. Satisfaction of Judgement dated 10/15/75. Affidavits signed by (named) (named) and (named) affirm that there were no burials in this cemetery for many years and the names of the deceased are unknown.Map Reference:N-85-6, M-154-2Identity of persons buried there: unknown

.c. Aunt Hattie:

Location within Plant Scherer Cemetery I:
See plat.IOriginal Location: Land Lot 106, 466 GMD, Monroe County
Acreage:0.395 acre
Number of Gravesites: 30
Description of Gravesites: All gravesites were originally unmarked and identified by depressions in the ground, but now have numbered granite markers supplied by GPC.

Condemnation Proceedings: Civil Action # 8486, Monroe County Superior Court. Judgement signed 10/17/75.Map Reference:N-85-7, M-154-2Identity of persons buried there:unknown

.e. Colbert Cemetery:

Location within Plant Scherer Cemetery I:
See plat.IOriginal Location: Monroe County
Land Lot 168, 466 GMD,
Acreage: 0.188
Number of Gravesites:69

Description of Gravesites: In the survey of the original site, thirty-four graves were marked by stones, eleven by rock piles, two by brick slabs, one by a concrete slab, two by concrete slabs and a rock, one by a brick slab and a rock, and sixteen by depression in the ground. Two of the graves were surrounded by rock walls. At the Plant Scherer Cemetery I (Redding Road) however, the rock piles, the concrete and brick slabs, and the rock walls were not relocated. Instead all of the graves are marked by numbered granite markers supplied by GPC.

Condemnation Proceedings: Civil action # 9313, Monroe County Superior Court. Judgement dated 3/8/78. A release was signed by Thomas Elvin Colbert, heir of Henry Larkin Colbert (his great-grandfather), who was buried in this cemetery. A permit application was also made to the Monroe County Commissioners to move these graves.

Map Reference:N-85-22, M-154-2
Identity of persons known to be buried there: Henry Larkin Colbert

f. GlawsonCemetery:

Location within Plant Scherer Cemetery I: See plat.
IOriginal Location: Land Lot 169, 466 GMD, Monroe County
Acreage: 0.231 acre
Number of Gravesites:10
Description of Gravesites: Originally, seven graves were marked by rocks and three were marked by concrete slabs.. One slab also had a concrete headstone. Now all of the graves are marked by numbered granite markers supplied by GPC. .

Condemnation Proceedings: Civil Action # 8510, Monroe County Superior Court. A release dated October 25, 1975, was signed by Standard G. Bowdoin, heir of S.B. Glawson,
F. F. and Willa Lea Glawson, who are buried in this
cemetery, agreeing to the removal and relocation of these graves.Map Reference:N-84-20, M-154-2.
Identity of persons known to be buried there:
S.B. Glawson
F.F. Glawson
Willa Lea Glawson
.g. Precinct Cemetery:
Location within Plant Scherer Cemetery I: See plat.
IOriginal Location: Land Lot 151, 466 GMD, Monroe County
Acreage: 0.705 acre
Number of Gravesites: 148

Description of Gravesites: Seventy-nine of the
graves were marked by rocks. At the original site they were oriented in a random fashion. As relocated, however, they are arranged in orderly rows with numbered granite markers. The rock markers were not relocated.

Condemnation Proceedings: Civil Action #8634, Monroe County Superior Court. A release dated March 4, 1976 was obtained from Sarah Jane Clark, heir of Anderson Redding,
her grandfather_ who was buried there. There was also an affidavit from'R.L. Watkins stating that no one had been buried there for 50 years. A permit for removal of the graves was granted by the Monroe County Commission on March 16, 1976.Map Reference:N-85-12, M-154-2
Identity of persons known to be buried there: Anderson Redding

.h. Smith Chapel Cemetery:

Location within Plant Scherer Cemetery I:
See plat.IOriginal Location:Land Lot 117,466 GMD, Monroe County
Acreage:0.273 acre
Number of Gravesites:55

Description of Gravesites: Thirty-nine graves originally had rock markers; the rest were unmarked and identified merely by depressions in the ground. As relocated, all of the sites are marked by numbered granite markers supplied by GPC.

Condemnation Proceedings: Civil' Action #8635, Monroe County Superior Court. A release was executed by Hattie Finney, Heir of Hattie Jackson, her mother, who was buried there. There also was an affidavit signed by Marvin Bowdoin stating that no one had been buried there for 50 years. A permit for removal of the graves was granted on March 16, 1976 by the Monroe County Commissioners.Map Reference:N-85-11, M-154-2

Identity of persons known to be buried there: Hattie Jackson

Plant Scherer Relocation Cemetery II:
Georgia Power established a second cemetery for relocated graves at the Plant Scherer site next to the Juliette Methodist Church near the intersection of Ga. Hwy 87 nd Old Forsyth- Juliette Road. Three cemeteries were relocated to this site: COLVIN CEMETERY, DRIKELL CEMETERY, SPEIR CEMETERY AND WRIGHT CEMETERY. As with the first relocation site, the gravwes in this cemetery were oriented in the same or similar configuration as the original location.
(No listing of any identified grave sites.)


(From the book - Monroe County, Georgia, A History,
Contains list of burials of all cemeteries-- Available from the Monroe County Historical Society at: http://www.thegagenweb.com/mchs

1. ADAMS, (Stroud's Crossroads area, located across ITom old Wooten place) No details given.
2. ANDERSON, BARNES, BAGLEY Cemetery (Route 42 South Echeeconee Creek between Forsyth and Musella (Monroe County)
3. ASKIN Cemetery (at forks of Zebulon and Flynt Rds. at road parrallel
Zebulon Rd.)

4. ASKIN (Stroud's Crossroad area on Abercrombie Road just north of Wood's land)

5. BATTLE Cemetery (at Smarr also Bailey, Banks and Dannielly, near intersection King and Hill Roads off 41 )

6. BAZEMORE Cemetery (Route 74 west of Rogers Church about 100 yards from road East of Spring Hill Community)

7. BEALL F AMIL Y Cemetery (On the Jack Fletcher place Rt. 41 below Forsyth)

8. BENTLEY (Stroud's Crossroads area. Located across Rt. 74 ITom present Francis Oxford place)

9. BLOUNT Cemetery (on property of Mrs. Amos Ham, Highway 41 South)

10. BOSTICK Cemetery (Cemetery at Old Brownsville - Bowdoin Road out of Juliette)



12. BROWN Cemetery (on U. S. 41 North of Forsyth, near the Lamar County line in the woods on the right side of the railroad going North)

13. CABANISS BAPTIST CHURCH Cemetery (Cabaniss, Ga., Monroe County)

14 CALLAWAY Cemetery (about 6 miles from Forsyth on right side of High way 18 going towards Dames Ferry)

15. CARLTON - BULL Cemetery (Highway 83 beside river bridge Towaliga River, Forsyth to Berner)

16. CARSON FAMILY Cemetery (Lassiter Road across from Price residence- Butts County and Monroe line)

17. CHAMBLESS Cemetery (Dames Ferry Road, 4 miles out of Forsyth,

18. CLEVELAND SCOTT Cemetery (1855 on Brent Road near Parks Road)
DILLARD Cemetery.  Juliet Road

19. GOGGANS - BRIDGES Cemetery, also ELDER (Route 83 between For syth and Monticello near Rte. 87 crossroad in cow pasture on right. A huge holly tree and fenced in grave yard near the power lines on Route 83)

20. COLLIER Cemetery, WILSON Cemetery (at Collier Station on Highway 41 North of Forsyth)


21. COOK (Stroud's Crossroads area located across road from present B. H. Zellner place on Highway 83)

22. COTTON FAMIL Y Cemetery (Great Hill Place - Wadley Plantation, Bolingbroke)

23. CROWDER Cemetery (Near Boxankle) 24. CULLODEN Cemetery (Culloden, Georgia)


Bolingbroke, Between US 41 and 1-75 near Bolingreen Nursing Home)

26. DAVIS Cemetery (Ga. 74 Bibb and Monroe Counties Line)

27. DAVIS, BALDWIN Cemetery (On the Jackson Lindsey Road one mile from the Maynard Mill Bridge)

28. DAVIS, THOMAS W. Cemetery (on Ga. 83 in woods on right side of road top of hill South of Tobesofkee Creek near Brent. Mentioned in deed as an acre of land set off on Lot 80 in the Sixth Dist. Monroe, Land of Thomas W. Davis

29. DEWBERRY Cemetery (Leave Highway 42 at Maynard's Mill Road, turn right at Steve Tingle home which is part of old Dewberry plantation.)

30. DUMAS Cemetery (Off Highway 341, off Billy Harris Road on Pierson Rd. near Culloden Road)

31. EBENEZER METHODIST CHURCH CEMETERY (Rte. 18 fork of Ebenezer Church Road and Colvin Road off Maynard's Church Road)

32. EDGE Cemetery (Route 42 at Jossey Road to Fletcher Road, Forsyth to Russellville)

33. ETHERIDGE Cemetery (Lee King Road off Dames Ferry Road on hill behind  J. A. Floyd house accessible by a pulpwood road)

34. EWING - BEALL FAMILY Cemetery (On Jack Fletcher Place, Route 41 below Forsyth)

35. FAIR VIEW METHODIST CHURCH - Eat. 1888 (off Highway 42 North,2 miles out of Forsyth

36. FREDONIA CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (on Brent Road at Intersection of Fredonia Road)

FCC-VI-FCC-VII  ..FORSYTH CITY CEMETERY. A complete record of the Forsyth City Cemetery is kept in the vault of the Forsyth City Hall and is available upon request. Records are also found in the GA. Dept of Archives and in the Washington Memorial Library, 1180 Washington Ave., Macon, Ga. A Cemetery Survey book is available from the Monroe County Historical Society at: http://www.thegagenweb.com/mchs

37. FREEMAN Cemetery (Stokes Store Road near Berner after passing Cabaniss)

38. GIBSON Cemetery (at intersection of Giles and Old Cabaniss Roads)

39. GREENWOOD Cemetery (on Floyd Road between Johnstonville & U.SAl North of  Forsyth) 40. GREER Cemetery (near Maynard Baptist Church)

. 41. HANSON Cemetery (at old Hanson Home, Maynard Church Road, off Route 18)

42. HARDIN Cemetery (Hardin Road between Route 74 and Russellville)

.43 HART - McCALLUM - CHAPMAN Cemetery (off Route 74 North of Rogers C.M.E.

Church at Tharpe Road, down Tharpe Road to old house Cemetery at side of house Tharpe Road, Route 74)

44. HAYGOOD - STROUD - THOMPSON -ZELLNER Cemetery (on Worsham Road, off Highway 83)

45. HILL, SMARR, HAM Cemetery (5 miles south of Forsyth on Montpelier Road, right side)

46. JOSEPH W. HILL Cemetery (behind Rocky Mount Church, U S. 41 North of Forsyth)

47. Hill, THOMAS W. - See THOMAS W. DAVIS Cemetery

48. WILLIAM B. HILL Cemetery (near Smarr, on Lot 20, which was home- place of William B. Hill)

49. HOLLIS Cemetery (same road as Askins Cemetery further down at forks of Zebulon And Flynts Roads parallel Zebulon Road)

50. HOLLY GROVE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH (Dames Ferry Road. Organized 1823, erected in 1825, near Rum Creek)

51. HOWARD Cemetery (Off Highway 4l, Forsyth to Bolingbroke Wadley Road about 2 miles down Wadley Road to left behind iron fence

52. HOWARD Cemetery (on Wadley Place - Bolingbroke, no other graves near)

53. HOWARD Cemetery (on Lee Williamson Road near Brent and off Brent Road towards Barnesville)

54. HUGULEY (Stroud's Crossroads area on Worsham Road leading to Burnt Mill)

55. INGRAM Cemetery (on Ingram Road near Lamar - Monroe County line)

56. JACKSON Cemetery (near Old Jackson Home, "Solitude" in Cabaniss District off Johnston


57. WILLIAM F. JOHNSTON Cemetery (on Johnstonville Road offU 5. 41 and near Johnstonville)

58. JORDAN Cemetery (Abercrombie Road and Russellville Road near old Ben Zel1ner Place about 2 miles from house)

59. JULIETTE METHODIST CHURCH Cemetery (on Ga. 87 at Juliette)

60. LIBERTY PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH (Ga. 36 at Intersection with Johnstonville Road)

61. LITTLE Cemetery (Gose & Bunn Roads, Smarr)

61B. Little-Rogers Cemetery (survey by Ben Phillips)


62. LOGWALL BAPTIST CHURCH (organized 1840, North of Forsyth at Johnstonville Road on Highway 42)

63. MABRY-MARSHALL Cemetery (on U. S. 41 North of Forsyth in Woods at South of Old Mabry House)

64. MADDOX - PETERS Cemetery (on Ga. 83 near Brent, South of Tobesofkee Creek on right side of road in the woods opposite the Patterson House on the rim of the Davis Cemetery)

65. MAYNARD Cemetery (Just off 74 on Rogers Church Road)

66. MAYNARD BAPTIST CHURCH (Forsyth and Juliette Roads)

67. McCOMMON Cemetery (off Maynard's Mill Road, near and below Rogers' Church Road)

68. McCOMMON Cemetery (Maynard Church Road)

69. McCOWEN Cemetery (take right turn from Montpelier Road, south of Forsyth)

70. McCOWEN-CALDWELL-W ALKER Cemetery, Montpelier Road South of Forsyth)

71. McDONALD (Stroud's Crossroads area back of B. H. Zellner place on old abandoned road)

72. MERRITT - MICKELBERRY (intersection of 1-75 and Johnstonville Road)

73. MORRISON Cemetery (Ingram Road near Lamar County)

74. MOYE Cemetery (Rte. 341 between Monroe County line and Barnesville)

75.  MT. VERNON Cemetery (at old Mt. Vernon Methodist Church, Russellville Road­ Highway 42, South.)

75B. MT. ZION BAPTIST CHURCH (See 92. Original transcript in error showing Rocky Mount Baptist Church)

76. OGLETREE Cemetery (on Goodwyne Road near Johnstonville)

77. OLD SALEM METHODIST CHURCH (Established May 15, 1826, Pea Ridge Road, north of Bolingbroke off 1-75 and 41)

78. OXFORD Cemetery (on Worsham Road off Highway 83)

79. OXFORD Cemetery (on Oxford Road off Highway 74)

80. PARAN BAPTIST CHURCH, BLOUNT (organized 1823, Forsyth to Indian Springs Road,

GA 42)

81. PARKS, GABRIEL Cemetery (On farm of Hugh B. Cromer at site of original Gabriel Parks Home, Brent Road and Junction Parks Road)

82. PERSONS Cemetery (Rte. 341 near Monroe-Lamar line)

83. PIERSON Cemetery (Route 341 about l1h miles North of Culloden)

84. PLEASANT GROVE METHODIST CHURCH Cemetery (on Freeman Road in Cab3tliss

District, Monroe County)


85. PONDER Cemetery (Forsyth to Monticello. Route 83 near Silas Thomas home, Old Ponder Place)

86. POTTS Cemetery (Ingram Road. Follow Ramah Church Road off Route 41 between Forsyth­Barnesville

87. PRINGLE Cemetery (on side road near Ramah Church, turn left at black top cross road North of church)


89. RAMAH PRIMITIVE CHURCH (Ramah Church Road. Only selected the oldest graves, many unmarked)

90. REHOBOTH C.M.E. CHURCH (near Johnstonville)

91. ROCK CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH Cemetery (only oldest copied) 92. MT. ZION BAPTIST CHURCH (on U S. 41 South of Boling broke) 93. ROGERS Cemetery Gust South of Forsyth, Highway 41, can't be seenftom Highway)

94. ROGERS - DAVIS Cemetery (Near Rogers Methodist Church, off Baggerly Road, 11/2 miles from Rt. 74)

95. ROGERS METHODIST CHURCH Cemetery (on Ga. 74 near Spring Hill Community)





97. SHANNON Cemetery (Cabaniss, behind Cabaniss Baptist Church, take Stokes Store Road off Ga. 42)

98. SHI CEMETERY -HOWARD CEMETERY (Shi Road off Route 41, about 1 mile down road in woods to right)

99. SHILOH BAPTIST CHURCH (on U.S. 41 at Monroe-Lamar Counties Line)

100. SMITH Cemetery (on Zellner Road off US. 41 at Collier Station, Ga.)

101. SMITH Cemetery (1/2 mile fRom Forsyth on Juliette Road, Charles Dumas property, turn right

on dirt road, cemetery 1/4 mile on right in cedar grove)

102. SMITH, GEORGE SIDNEY Cemetery (Juliette Road 1 Y2miles from Forsyth on property now owned by Charles Dumas)

103. STOKES Cemetery (on Yatesville - Forsyth Road)

104. STOKES (See Bostick Cemetery, Old Brownsville Road - Bowdoin Rd. out of Juliette)

104. (OLD) SUNSHINE CONGREGATIONAL METHODIST CHURCH (organized 1832, destroyed by storm, Mar. 12, 1923, on Old Cabaniss Road off Forsyth to Monticello Road)
Memorial Marker on site.


105. TAYLOR, JOB Cemetery (about 12 mile from junction of Rumble Road and 1-75

106. TAYLOR- FLETCHER Cemetery (off Route 41 near Great Hill Place, Wadley Plantation, Bolingbroke. About mile off highway

107. THRASH Cemetery at Smarr

108. THURMOND – FLOYD CEMETERY (Rte.83, just North of Tobesofkee Creek)

109.  THWEATT – SEARCY Cemetery (at Ruins of Dr. James Thweatt Home site, 2 mi. upstream from Searcy’s Rock Mill, 600 ft. west of public road)

110.  VARNER CEMETERY – at intersection Maynard’s Mill Rd and Rogers Church Road, near Childs Dairy

111.  WADLEY CEMETERY (Bolingbroke, GA)

112.  WALDREP CEMETERY (Rte. 42 near Boxankle Road)

113.  WATSON PLANTATION CEMETERY – (On Hwy 87 N. of junction Hwy 87 & 83.  Turn right on Old Lassetter Rd. Cemetery ¾ mile from road)

114.  WEATHERSBEE FAMILY – (Brownsville Cemetery near Juliette, bodies moved to Forsyth Cemetery in Forsyth)

115.  WEBB, JOHN  - One mile from Blount, Hwy. 42, North take Countyline Rd. ½ mile turn left at first road, Cemetery at rise of hill enclosed by fence

116.  WEBB – MORGAN – GREGORY – HAM CEMETERY – Off 42 at Stokes Store Rd. ½ mile down road take dirt road to right.

117.  WEBB CEMETERY     - ROQUEMORE – about 6 miles from Forsyth on Dames Ferry Rd, ½ mile on dirt road, graves about 100 ft. on right

118.  WILLIS CEMETERY – Off Rt. 83 Forsyth to Monticello near where high power lines cross

119.  WINN CEMETERY – Wadley Rd and Route 4 near Bolingbroke

120  WOOD – Stroud’s Crossroads area located on Abercrombie Rd between Stroud & Russellville on Wood’s Hill.

121.  WRIGHT CEMETERY – Near intersection Parks and Lee Williamson Roads

122.  WILLIAMSON CEMETERY – PATTERSON CEMETERY , near old Williamson home on Lee Williamson Rd. runs from Hwy 41, near Collier,

123.  ANDREW ZELLNER CEMETERY – 1 mile north of Smarr on Seymour Farm (TV Relay

Tower nearby)






















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