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Cemetery Surveys Online

Cemetery Contributed by:
   Bairds Cemetery Mikki Johnson Martin
   County Line Church Cemetery John B. & Christine V. Smith
   Old County Line Church Cemetery John B. & Christine V. Smith
   Finch Cemetery Paulette Moon
   Unnamed Cemetery ~ Finch and Smith Paulette Moon
   John Glenn Cemetery Jeanne Arguelles
   Landrum Family Cemeteries Sandy Kelly
   Lexington Presbyterian Church (some headstones) Jeanne Arguelles
   Newton Noell Cemetery Natalie Davis
   Pope Chapel Cemetery Joe Cannafax
   Stevens Cemetery Pat Stevens IV


"Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia"
Compiled by Historic Oglethorpe County, Inc

The Book



List of Cemeteries in Oglethorpe County
at the USGS GNIS website

Click on the cemetery name for details, then click on
"Show Feature Location" to see the location on a map.
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Visiting Oglethorpe County Cemeteries

If you're planning to visit an Oglethorpe County cemetery, you may want to take advantage of two very useful tools:  the book "Cemeteries of Oglethorpe County, Georgia" and the 911 Locator Map.

The cemetery book is divided into 12 geographic sections, and each section includes a map showing the cemetery locations.  Detailed directions to each cemetery are included under the individual cemetery listings.  If possible, stop by the Oglethorpe County Library and make a copy of the map and directions from the cemetery book.

The highways and county roads are identified by number in the cemetery book; however, the street signs throughout the county generally use street names (i.e.; County Road 315 is identified as Lexington Carlton Road).  The 911 Locator Map shows all the roads by name.  Comparing this map with the maps in the cemetery book can be extremely helpful when driving through the rural sections of the county.

Be aware that many cemeteries, especially the smaller family plots, are located on private property.  Be sure to get permission from the landowner before venturing onto privately owned land.  The landowner may even be able to tell you exactly how to find the cemetery.

After your visit, be sure to let us know what you've found!  We would love to include cemetery surveys, tombstone inscriptions and photographs on the Oglethorpe County GAGenWeb site!



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