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Oglethorpe County Mail List

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GAOGLETH-L is a free e-mail discussion group open to anyone with an interest in Oglethorpe County history and genealogy.  Our group includes many experienced researchers who are eager to share their knowledge and family research. 
We hope you'll join us! 

How to join the Mail List

Joining the GAOGLETH-L mail list will enable you to send out e-mails that will reach each of the 200+ members of the mail list.  You will also receive every message that is posted to the list by other Oglethorpe County researchers.  You can choose how you want to receive these messages by subscribing in either the "List Mode" or "Digest Mode."

List Mode

By subscribing in the "List Mode", you will receive each individual message as a separate email as soon as it is sent by a listmember. 

To join in the List Mode, send a message to:


with the word SUBSCRIBE (and no other text) in the body of the message.

Digest Mode

In the "Digest Mode", several messages will be combined onto one e-mail and
sent to you periodically.  You will still receive every message, but this mode
will result in fewer individual e-mails in your mailbox.

To join in the Digest Mode, send a message to:


with the word SUBSCRIBE (and no other text) in the body of the message.


* Sending a Message to the List *

Once you've joined and wish to send a message to the list, address it to:


Note that this address is different than the one used for subscribing!

How to Unsubscribe

If you wish to be removed from the mail list, send a message to either


(depending on which mode you subscribed to)

with the word UNSUBSCRIBE (and no other text) in the body of the message.

Your address will be removed from the list.



All messages sent through the mail list are archived.  You can search the mail list archives
for a surname or keyword, or browse through the archived messages in chronological order.

Other Rootsweb Mail Lists

Rootsweb sponsors mail lists for almost every County, State, Country or geographic region.  There are also mail lists devoted to specific Surnames, and many other genealogical topics such as Military Research, Ethnic Groups, Cemetery Preservation, Research How-to, etc.  Mail Lists are a great way to connect with others who share your research interests or have experience with specific topics.


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