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Oglethorpe County
Vital Records

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Birth Records

In 1875, Georgia mandated statewide registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Only a few counties complied, and the act was abandoned in 1876.  Oglethorpe County recorded 41 births from 1875-1878... see link at right.

Statewide registration of births began once again in 1919.  These birth certificates are held at the Georgia Department of Health Vital Records Division.  (Currently, birth records not available for genealogical purposes).

Death Records

Mortality Schedules

In conjunction with the 1850-1900 Federal Census, Mortality Schedules were taken within each county.  These schedules recorded the names of every person who died during the 12 months preceding the census date, along with other information such as age, birth place and cause of death.  The 1850-1880 Mortality Schedules for Oglethorpe County are online here.
(Unfortunately, the 1890 and 1900 Mortality Schedules were destroyed).

Oglethorpe County Mortality Schedules

Death Certificates

The State of Georgia began registering deaths in 1919.  The information included on Death Certificates varies depending on the year, but typically includes the full name of the decedent, date and place of birth and death, name and birthplace of both parents, and other information such as occupation, military service, and spouse's name.  

Death Certificates can be ordered from the
Georgia Department of Health
Vital Records Division

To find the death date or location for someone
who died in the 1960s or later, search the
Social Security Death Index

Marriage Records


Marriages were recorded in Oglethorpe County from the county's creation in 1793.  Most marriages took place in the bride's county of residence.   Marriage records typically include the names of bride and groom, and often the name of the person who performed the marriage.  Later records include the ages of the bride and groom.  These records generally do not include the names of the bride and groom's parents.

Marriage records can be ordered from

Oglethorpe County Clerk
P.O. Box 70
Lexington, GA 30648
(706) 743-5350


Divorce Records

Unbound Marriage Licenses and Applications

At the Georgia Archives Website

~ Marriage Lookups ~
For Look-ups, email:
Nona Thornton or Jeanne Arguelles

Oglethorpe County Marriages
By Francis T. Ingmire

Oglethorpe County Marriages
By Fred W. McRee, Jr.

These Marriage Books are available
for purchase from
Historic Oglethorpe County, Inc.


Miscellaneous Marriage Records
and Vital Records Online



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