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The Thornton Family and the Thornton Plantation


This page is dedicated to ongoing research on the Robert Cyril Thornton and Harriet Clayton Head Thornton family and a possible plantation they may have had in the Stewart County area, which may have extended into the neighboring county of Randolph (possibly as large as 1600 acres, from Lumpkin and Districts 19 and 20 in Stewart County to the 9th District - and possibly the 10th District - and Cuthbert in Randolph County). Part of the property may have been near Singer Pond in Stewart County (near Trotman Road). This family owned many slaves and had connections to Mississippi where some slaves may have been bought/born and brought back to Georgia to work on the plantation just prior to or about the time of the Civil War (possibly as early as 1847). This is an effort to not only document the white Thornton family, but to also attempt to document at least some of the slaves they owned (and who may have taken their surname) to create a foundation for future research to assist their descendents in learning their family histories.

This research was started by Linda Russell who descends from Wesley and Emily Thornton of Stewart County, GA, African-Americans who were born in North Carolina and Mississippi, respectively. As with any searches you may do for family information, do not take anything you find as fact without getting your own documentation to back up claims of family relationships, dates, names, etc. The more documentation you can find, the stronger the case you can make. This information is presented as a "rough draft" only, meant to assist researchers in their quest for their roots. Do not quote this information without proper attribution back to this Stewart County site which is part of the Georgia GenWeb Project. A better solution is to refer others back to this site directly rather than quoting anything, that way they can read the information themselves as it is originally presented.

If you have any other information on this family, associated surnames, or information on a possible plantation owned by a Thornton family in the Stewart County area and would like to contribute to this research, please contact Belinda Slocumb, your Stewart County Coordinator.

Robert Cyril Thornton and Harriet Clayton Head Thornton

Wesley and Emily Thornton: possible former slaves of the Thornton family


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