Mt. Salem Baptist Cemetery

an African American Cemetery

Ethan Geer has taken a great deal of time and effort to secure this information and to perform the survey of this cemetery. His work is honored and greatly appreciated by the Whitfield County coordinator. We no longer have goodemail address for Ethan, please help with this. Any new listings or entries can be submitted by e-mailing Trish Elliott-Kashima.

Driving Directions

Exit 336 From I-75 Travel north on Hwy 41 for 2 miles. Turn left on to Hwy 201 Travel 4 miles. Turn right on to Dunnigan Rd. Travel 2 miles Church and cemetary will be on right.


Name Birth Death Tombstone Inscription Submitters Notes Submitter
Baker, Clarence William 12 Aug 1928 01 Jun 1967 Georgia PVT US Army  Ethan Geer
Baker, Donald Ray 23 Aug 1939 30 Sept 1980 Sadly Missed  Ethan Geer
Baker, Earnest 01 Aug 1893 29 May 1959 Georgia PVT; Co D 350 Machine Gun; BN WW1   Ethan Geer
Baker, George C. 30 Jul 1948 01 Jan 1970 Georgia Sp4; US Army Vietnam  Ethan Geer
Baker, Guilford 1902 1959     Ethan Geer
Baker, Mr. George Washington 09 Jul 1909 02 May 1996 Age 87 years metal PlaqueEthan Geer
Baker, James "Jim" Sr. 12 Sept 1891 07 Sept 1963 Foot Stone: Gone but not Forgotten  Ethan Geer
Baker, Lorenzo 23 Feb 1930 13 Feb 1996 CPL US Army Korea; Age 65 yrs.  Metal plaque  Ethan Geer
Baker, Thenia Jones 25 Oct 1893 31 Jan 1989   Foot stoneEthan Geer
Baker, Willie Mae 09 Feb 1909 13 Sept 1981    Ethan Geer
Chaney, Walter 07 Mar 1890 07 Sept 1909 Footstone W. C.  Ethan Geer
Ester, Willie 20 Mar 1901 04 Aug 1940    Foot stone: John Jones PVT US Army WWI 1891--1980, Marker shared with Jones, JohnEthan Geer
Easley, Becca 01 Feb 1888 06 Jul 1913 The Earth is the Lord's; and the Fullness there of; and that they Dwell there in Foot stoneEthan Geer
G. M. S.       Foot Stone only Ethan Geer
Jones, Boynton 27 Feb 1886 15 Dec 1925   Footstone: B.J.; Sleep on; Dear one and; Take your Rest,; I love you,; But God love you Best. Ethan Geer
Jones, Felton 23 Jan 1907 16 Mar 1982    Ethan Geer
Jones, Henry 27 Jan 1897 07 Jan 1985     Ethan Geer
Jones, Henry   02 Apr 1940   Shares Marker with Jones, Sallie, died Sep. 11, 1950; two footstones, both blank; Concrete marker between footstones reads - Mr. Henry Jones Died May 2, 1940Ethan Geer
Jones, John 29 Jan 1891 08 Feb 1980   Foot stone: John Jones PVT US Army WWI 1891--1980, Marker shared with Ester, Willie Ethan Geer
Jones, Sallie 11 Feb 1899 06 Apr 1900   Sallie Dau. of Henry; Foot stone: S. J. Ethan Geer
Jones, Sallie   11 Sept 1950   Shares Marker with Jones, Henry, died Apr. 2, 1940; two footstones, both blank; Concrete marker between footstones reads thus - Mr. Henry Jones Died May 2, 1940Ethan Geer
Suttle, Jane 15 Jun 1862 16 Dec 1898 Wife of G. M.  Footstone - J. S. She was an affectionate Wife and Loving Mother; (Reverse side) Georgie M. - See Below Ethan Geer
Suttle, Georgie M. 20 Jun 1893 09 Nov 1893 Dau. of; G. M. & Jane Suttle; Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven.   
Suttle, Perry 01 Jun 1881 14 Nov 1907 Perry; Son of; G. M. & Jane Suttle; Tis hard to breath the tender chord; When love has bound the Heart; Tis hard so hard to speak the words; We must forever part; In my Father's House are many mansions . Ethan Geer
Washington, Susan

10 Oct 1859

04 Mar 1912


Foot stone only

Ethan Geer

Cemetery notes from Ethan Geer: depressions and mountain stone markers point to other burials for which no information could be obtained. An elder in the area said that these were fine upstanding people as many of their service records do imply. The church still operates and the cemetary is well maintained as of current time. A chance meeting with members of the congregation refered to G. M. Suttle as Reverand and that he hailed from nearby Lafayette. This family may also be linked to the Suttles of W. Armuchee Valley mentioned in Alfred Sartain's History of Walker Co.

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