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District Name Age m/f Race occupation m/w Born Died Cause
Trickum  Gadson 1 m black slave   GA Apr diarrhea
Trickum  Kesiah McCutcheon 66 f white   widowed NC March jaundice
Trickum  Ailay 1 f black slave   GA June unknown
Trickum  Jane Keowa 4 days f       GA Aug unknown
Trickum  Samuel G Whitsill 2 m       GA March croup
Trickum  Elsy 23 f black house slave   SC March dropsy
Trickum  Satina 6 mo f black slave   GA Feb unknown
Trickum  W A Wilson 3 mo m       GA March croup
Tunnell Hill Martha Turner 2 f       GA July brain fever
Tunnell Hill infant 2 mo f       GA Feb unknown
Tunnell Hill Walter Mabry 10 mo m       GA Sept brain fever
Tunnell Hill T T Wilkinson 3 mo m       GA Oct diarrhea
Tunnell Hill Mary J Adams 21 f     married GA Nov typhoid fever
Tunnell Hill Ellen Adams 11 mo f       MS Nov diarrhea
Tunnell Hill Catherine Smith 19 f       GA Dec fever
Dalton Isaac (servant of T T Atkins) 16 m mulato slave   unk Nov accidental
Dalton E A Creamer 3 m       GA Nov phthisia
Dalton Rachel Babb 63 f     married GA Oct typhoid fever
Dalton W B Malone 62 m   farmer   GA March intemperance
Dalton Milly (property of J Suttles) 39 f black house servant   NC Feb typhoid fever
Dalton McCarter Love 28 m   farm laborer married GA Feb stabbed by Shelby
Dalton S M Holcomb 6 mo f       GA Sept hives
Dalton Aga (servant of NC Gordon) 26 f black house servant   SC Oct child bed
Dalton Charles Libel* 51 m   locksmith married France Aug disappeared on steamboat*
Dalton Lurany Crow 56 f     married SC March intermittant fever
Dalton Caroline Crow 2 mo f       GA Sept croup
Dalton M M Sams 1 f       GA Jan enesiphales
Dalton Richard Oliver 11 mo m       GA Aug fever
Dalton C Fridell 2 m       TN Aug bowel complaint
Dalton C J Richardson 3 f       GA March unknown
Dalton R R Parker 27 f       TN Aug consumption
Dalton C Parker 1 m       GA Aug unknown
Dalton Robert E Tally 26 m   barber married VA Feb pneumonia
Dalton Louise Throgmorton 2 mo f       GA Oct croup
Dalton Ann (servant of M Quillen) 16 f black house servant   GA Nov mental disease
Dalton N L Bennett 46 m   farmer married GA March accidental, falling tree
Dalton Alfred (servant of Dr Thomas) 2 m black slave   GA Oct pneumonia
Dalton William (servant of Dr Thomas) 11 mo m black slave   GA Nov convulsions
Dalton Joe (servant of Dr Thomas) 2 m black slave   GA oct pneumonia
Dalton William Metts 74 m   farmer married SC Apr dropsy
Dalton Jonathan Lassiter 50 m   farmer married TN Aug typhoid fever
Dalton Henly Drum 9 m       GA June drowned
Dalton Sarah (servant of W Hammond) 12 f black slave   VA Sept unknown
Dalton Joe (servant of Mrs Wisner) 2 m   slave   GA Aug pneumonia
Dalton Emeline (servant of Mrs Wisner) 1 f black slave   GA feb lung disease
City of Dalton Joel Shoemaker 4 mo m       GA Dec croup
City of Dalton Elizabeth Kennon 57 f     widow  GA Sept liver complaint
City of Dalton infant 1 day m       FA Apr unknown
City of Dalton J J Jolly 21 m     married GA March stabbed by Talley
City of Dalton Elizabeth Jolly 19 f     widow  GA May consumption
City of Dalton Jno W Anderson 29 m   Clerk of Superior Court married GA Feb intermperance
City of Dalton infant of Mr and Mrs Stancil 1 day m       GA March unknown
City of Dalton Melissa (slave of Mrs Shifflett) 7 mo f black slave   GA Jan whooping cough
City of Dalton J B Johnson 2 m       GA Nov croup
City of Dalton slave property of Jos Morris 2 mo f black slave   GA Apr unknown
City of Dalton Fanny (servant of Mr Roberts) 24 f black house servant   GA Feb childbed fever
City of Dalton Willie Fuller 2 m       GA March unknown
9th District Mary Bond 33 f     married VA July consumption
9th District Greenville Pullian 72 m   farmer married NC March unknown
9th District Jobe S Swife 62 m     married PA June suicide by shooting
9th District Wm H Wiggins 5 mo m       GA Sept unknown
Tilton infant of Mr and Mrs Lacy 2 mo f       GA Feb enesiphales
Tilton Mary J Masten 1 mo f       GA Jan hives
Tilton infant 2 mo m black     GA Jan unknown
Tilton B J Highfield 4 m       GA June flu
Tilton Mary 22 f black slave   GA Aug fever
Tilton Sarah E Peppers 1 mo f       GA Feb croup
Tilton infant of Mr and Mrs Dodd 1 mo f       GA Jan unknown
Tilton Julina Sloan 8 f black slave   GA June diarrhea
Tilton Mary A Helverton 3 f       GA July flu
Tilton Susannah Wilbanks 25 f       SC Apr hemorrage
Tilton David Gazaway 1 mo m       GA Jan hives
Tilton Mary A Black 9 f       GA Nov brain fever
Tilton Jesse Price 4 m       TN Oct croup
Tilton Frances Price 8 f       TN July croup
Tilton R R Owens 13 m       GA Apr flu
Tilton James Millirons 54 m   farmer married SC Jan accidental, blew a ----
10th Dist Isaac Westmoreland 28 m   farmer married TN March consumption
10th Dist Polly Tucker 30 f     married TN Feb flu
10th Dist Mary J Harry 14 f       GA Aug fever
10th Dist Martha B Wheeler 3 mo f       GA March unknown
10th Dist Polly Holcolmb 2 f       GA Nov unknown
10th Dist Mary J McDonald 3 f       GA Oct croup
10th Dist Robert Stephenson 1 mo m       GA March unknown
10th Dist A H Cupp 23 m   farmer   GA Feb murdered by -----
10th Dist Jas P Stephenson 1 m       GA July unknown
11th Dist Elijah Harry 78 m   farmer widowed NC June dropsy
11th Dist A Parker 31 f     married TN Aug consumption
11th Dist Matilda 29 f mulatto house servant   TN July billious fever
11th Dist Elizabeth 6 f black     GA Aug billious fever
11th Dist Susan  3 mo f       GA Aug cholera infantitis
11th Dist S W Pickens 8 mo m       GA Feb unknown
11th Dist Letta Pitts 3 f       GA March pulmonary infantitis
11th Dist S E Naylor 1 f       GA Nov drowned

*note on Charles Libel: "disappeared from off the steamer "Duke" bound from Mobile to Montgomery AL on the night of 31 August 1859.  His

disappearance has never been fully accounted for but supposed he fell overboard in a fright during the falling of a portion of the chimney the night of the 31st."

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