1880 census

"Schedule of Defective, Dependant, and Delinquent Classes"

Whitfield County, GA

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#s are page and line in the actual census within that district for 1880.

Upper 10th Dist and 1294 Militia Dist:


8-39, Maghalia Woodward, first attack began at age 14, epileptic


 6-24 Minnie A Taylor, since birth, has large head.



#192 Enumeration Dist:


Pauper/Indigent, etc:

10-1 William Denman, Varnel Station, at cost of county, scrofula

18-43 Elizabeth Steel, 628 Dist, Whitfield, at cost of county, rheumatism

Insane (these people are crossed out):

7-29 Comodore Capehart, dementia, since age 10

8-41, Nelly Reed, dementia since age 5

10-34, M. Polly Stephenson, mania, since age 3

44-48, James A Dowdy, dementia since age 4

4-50, John Arp, dementia since age 5


10-33, Elijah McCutcheon, since birth, unknown

8-14, Nelly Reed, since age 5

10-34, M Polley Stephenson, since age 3

James W A Dowdy, since age 4

4-50, John Arp, since age 5

7-29, Commodore Capehart, since age 10.



628 and 1278 Districts:



Elizabeth Givin, self supporting, from fever at age 4.


7-18, Dolly Brown, not self supporting, started at age 47 from cataract

25-1, Henry Booker, self supporting, started at age 80, cataract, old age

26-39 W A Camp, self supporting, started at age 46, shot


20-38, Vincent H Tuall


26-28 Philip Welch, since birth, not self supporting

26-29 Louis M Welch, since birth, not self supporting


1305 and 635 Militia Districts:







-3 Elizer Strickland, at home, not inmate, epilepsy for 10 years, started at 20 months.

-27 June E Jones, at home, not inmate, diseased manners, for 8 years, since age 33, cell, state asylum

-44 Margaret Ketchum, at home, not inmate, melancholia, for 1 year, cell

-4 James M Richardson, at home, monomarid?, for 12 years.

-13, Zadoc A O'Dell (crossed out), not inmate, epilepsy, for 20 years

-6 William Kirk, not inmate


6-3 M J Albirson, self supporting, caused by first from age 1, small head.

22-46, Joseph Quillan, partly supporting, unknown cause

24-44, Thomas Quillan, partly supporting, unknown cause

10-13, Zadoc A O'Dell. not self supporting


Dalton 1:


Deaf Mutes:



9-21, Sarah Jane Adams


33-9 William Williams, paralysis, started at age 55, attack started, kept to a cell.

47-2 Jane Clasady, started at age 20.


5-35, Henry Gibbs, not supporting, birth ---

5-36 Charley Gibbs, self supporting, birth ---

28-3 William Clark, not supporting, singe age 6, paralysis.

37-40 Gus DOwdy, self supporting, since birth

43-37, Jeff D Evans, not supporting, since age 6, epileptic, large head

44-33, James Logan, self supporting, since birth

45-21 Olive Zachry, not self supporting, since fever at age 5, small head

47-2 Jane Clasady (crossed thru), not self supporting, since age 20

47-16, Andrew Simpson, self supporting, since birth, small head

47-44, Eliza Godwin

51-29 William Baxter


Dalton 2:


Deaf Mutes:

4-3 Elishia Castlebury, Spring Place, Murray, self supporting, since birth, inmate Cane Springs, GA

4-46 Charlott Chrisman, Dalton, not self supporting, neuralgia

25-3 William Wilson, Dalton, not supporting, spasms and large, since age 1

28-3 William Clark, Dalton, not supporting, paralysis since age 6

37-17, Joseph Squires, Dalton, not supporting, since birth.



Homeless Children:


Inhabitants in Whitfield County Jail:

15-47 Laura Wilson, Dalton, offense: adultery, 120 days in jail

16-1 Jastella WIlson, Dalton, offense: adultry, 120 days in jail

Pauper, Indigents, Poor House Inhabitants:

-22 Rebeca Shootman, at cost of county, disabled from rheumatism since January 1875.

East City, Dalton, Insane:



-25 James F Robertson, lives near Dalton, not self supporting, since birth, cause: fright, large head.


Cove City, District 1298:


Deaf Mute:



15-30, Mary Pullam, not self supporting, blind by cataract 5 years.

16-18 Miney L Wiggins, partly supporting, near sighted.

20-6 William Kirk, not self supporting, 83, nearly blind for 2 years from age.

21-15, Lucy Cole, not self supporting, since age 53, not known

23-29 David Y King, not self supporting, since age 56, cataract

25-44 Hannah Love, self supporting, since age 56, neuralgia

25-46 Sarah A Jordin, partly supporting malignant, sore eyes

25-48 S A Lane, blank line


1-14 Mary McGuffie, dementia, 20 years, since age 44

6-25, Susanna Sloan, mania, for 30 years, since age 30

15-40 William Nancy, blank line




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