Some Deaths Occurring in

Whitfield County GA

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Dorothy Dimple Britton; died Aug 8, 1916, Dalton GA.  Born Sept 23, 1915.  Parents Harvey Britton and Julia Leroy, both born GA.  Buried West Hill



Cola P Adams, male, white, married.  Occupation telegraph operator.  Born 28 Aug 1889.  Died 6 January 1919, Whitfield Co GA.  Cause: Pneumonia.  Parents D W Adams and Julia Pritchard, both born in GA.  Buried Tilton

Nellie James Broaddrick; died April 7, 1919, Whitfield County GA, born Aug 11, 1892, Whitfield County GA.  Parents: John W Broaddrick (born Whitfield County) and Sallie Tarver (born Richmond Co GA).  Buried Dawnville.

Mrs. Haselteen Adams, female, white, widowed.  Born 6 Oct 1835, Andrew NC.  Died 1919, Dalton, Whitfield Co GA.  Parents: Jas Whitaker (born Buncomb NC) and Nancy M Breyers.  Cause Fall.  Buried: Shipped to Murphy, buried 11 Apr 1919

Lois Caroline Ault, female, white.  Died May 1, 1919, Dist 1049 Whitfield Co GA.  Born 1 May 1917, GA.  Parents: R C Ault and Margie Foster (born born GA), buried Tunnel Hill. 

Hellen Deneyrle Bagby or Bogby, female, white, single.  Died 1 June 1919 Cohutta.  Born 1 June 1918, Whitfield County.  Parents: Dack Bagby and Norie Howlell (both born Whitfield County). Buried Hopewell.  Informant Dack Bagby, Cohutta.

Leonard Howard Adams, male, white.  Born 23 June 1919, Whitfield County GA.  Died 31 July 1919, Tilton, Whitfield Co GA.  Cause diphtheria.  Parents: Cola P Adams and Lina Prichard (both born Whitfield Co GA

Bill Acree, male, white, spouse of Margarete Acree.  Died 23 June 1919, Whitfield Co GA, age 74 years 3 months.  Born Banks Co GA; cause senility and paralysis.  Parents Linton Acree and Irene Martin, both born in Banks Co GA.  Buried Dawnville.



Anna Mae Britton:  Died Jan 18, 1920, Dalton.  Born 21 Sept 1918, GA.  Parents: Harvey Britton and Julia Leroy, both born GA.  Buried Mineral Springs.

Margute Frances Ayers, female, white, single.  Died Feb 2, 1920, Dalton.  Born 17 Jan 1920.  Parents: Newell Ayers (born Cohutta) and Etta L Clemons (born Whitfield).  Buried Cohutta.

Josie Babb, female, white, married.  Died 9 Mar 1920, Mill Creek.  Born 12 March 1903, Walker County GA.  Parents: Sam Carpenter (born Walker County GA) and Mollie McKeen (born AL).  Buried Mill Creek.  Informant L P Carpenter, Tunnel Hill.

Daughter of S J Anderson, white.  Born and died April 14, 1920, Whitfield Co GA.  Parents: S J Anderson (born Whitfield) and Martha Hawkins (born Banks Co GA.  Cause: Stillborn.  Buried Dawnville.

Elizabeth Adaline Bohanon.  Died 12 June 1920, Dalton.  Born 23 July 1845, Union Co GA.  Buried Poplar Spring.  Parents: Jerry Kittles and Lettie Crow (both born unknown).

Son of James Arthay Anderson, white.  Born and died 15 June 1920, Cohutta, Whitfield, GA.  Son of James Arthay Anderson (born Whitfield) and Ethel Renfro (born Whitfield).  Cause: premature birth.  Buried Hopewell.

Lucy Bailey, Dalton, single, white.  Born November, aged 24, GA.  Died 7/15/1920, Dalton.  Buried Antioch.  Parents: Z V Bailey, (born GA) and Blanchie Boatright (born GA). Informant: H W Bailey.

Male infant of M H Adair, white.  Born 23 Aug 1920; died 24 August 1920, Whitfield Co GA.  Parents: M H Adair and Pearl Ellis

Robert McGill Adair, male, white.  Born August 23, 1920, Georgia.  Died 11 Sept 1920 Whitfield Co GA, age 19 days.  Cause: Premature.  Parents: M H Adair and Pearl Ellis, both born GA.  Buried Spring Place.

L C Baggett, white male.  Died 17 Oct 1920, Dalton.  Born 7 July 1920, Dalton.  Buried Pine Grove.  Parents: Jim D Baggett and Nanie Baggett (both born Murray Co).  Informant Jim O Baggett, Dalton.

Frances Marrion Babb, male, white, widower.  Spouse: Hillie Babb.  Died Nov 4, 1920, Mill Creek, Whitfield.  Born 10 June 1843, Georgia.  Parents: Joel Babb (born SC) and Bachel Burnes.  Buried Mill Creek.



Theodecia Anderson, female, white, married.  Spouse: Paul Anderson.  Died Jan 1, 1921, Dalton GA of Nephritis.  Born Sept 8, 1895.  Parents: B P Smith and Eugen Carr (parents born GA), Buried Bethel.

Etaope Bailey, white, female, single.  Died 15 Apr 1921, Whitfield County GA.  Born 4-7-1906 GA.  Buried Dunegan Cemetery.  Parents J H L Bailey and Edna White (both born GA).  Informant T L Bailey, Tunnel Hill.

 Jewel Auriline Allen, female, white.  Born 7 May 1921, Dalton GA.  Died 30 May 1921, Dalton GA, aged 19 days.  Parents: J G Allen (b GA) and Ida Laudermies (b NC).  Cause: Premature delivery.  Buried West Hill.

Roland Babb, male, white, single.  Died 1 June 1921, Dalton.  Born 28 June 1910, Georgia.  Parents: L C Babb (born GA) and Estelle Gillson (born GA).  Buried Dug Gap.  Informant L C Babb, Dalton.

Virginia Anderson, female, white, single.  Died 9 June 1921, Dalton GA of colitis.  Born 6 Dec 1920 GA.  Parents: Paul Anderson and Theodocia Smith (both born GA).  Buried Bethel.

E P Baker, Dalton, male, white, widowed.  Age 85, born GA.  Died 21 June 1921. Buried West Hill.  Parents: unknown. Informant: J E Hamilton.

Lizzy Allucary; died 20 July 1921, Whitfield Co GA, age 80.  Born SC.  Parents John Sandeis and X Tueber, both born England.  Buried Poplar Springs.

Lula Armstrong: female, white, widow.  Died July 27, 1921, Dalton.  Aged 26, born AL.  Parents: William Essau and unknown.  Buried Murray Co.

Eldwin Bailey: white, Dalton; born 11 Aug 1921 GA; died 11 Aug 1921, Dalton, buried Antioch; parents J H Bailey (born GA) and Gertrude Logan (born GA), informant: Howard Bailey.

Elmer Bailey, Dalton, born 11 Aug 1921 GA; died 11 Aug 1921, Dalton, buried Antioch.  Parents J H Bailey (born GA) and Gertrude Logan (born GA), informant: Howard Bailey.

D F Acree, male, white.  Died 7 Sept 1921, Whitfield Co GA, age 53.  Cause Pulmonary T.B.  Parents: Bill Acree and Marget Cash, born born Banks Co GA.  Buried Dawnville.

Robert Hammond Baker, Dalton, white, married.  Born 14 Dec 1842, Ashules NC.  Died 11 Sept 1921, buried Dalton.  Parents: Dr RObert Baker (born NC) and Susan Hammond (born Elbert Co GA). Informant M B Alexander, Atlanta GA.

Martin Arnold, male, white, married.  Farmer.   Died October 5, 1921, Dist 629, Whitfield.  Aged about 84 years (born SC).  Parents unknown.  Buried Deep Springs.

Male infant of Harvey Brittan and Julia Leroy.  All born GA.  Stillborn, born and died Oct 13, 1921.  Buried Mineral Springs.

David Baggett, white, single.  Died 26 Nov 1921, Dalton.  Born 2 Mar 1907, Georgia.  Parents: Jim Baggett and Sarah Ritch (both born GA).  Buried Pine Grove.  Informant Jim Baggett.

J F Alton, male, white.  Died 2 Dec 1921 Carbondale, Whitfield Co GA.  Born 26 Aug 1857.  Parents: George Alton and Lucinda Sailors.  Buried Swamp Creek.



John Frate Bagley, white.  Died 20 Jan 1922, Tilton.  Born unknown, age 23.  Parents: John Bagley and Mary Streetman (both born Forsyth Co GA).  Buried Williams Cemetery, Dalton.  Informant H C Bagley, Dalton.

Elizabeth Sanford Baquenare, female, widowed.  Died 5 Feb 1922, Dalton.  Born 27 Sept 1845, Macon County GA.  buried Dalton.  Parents: William Maughn and Poiter Paithuna Ramsey (both born Macon Co GA)

Isaac M Baldwin, white, married.  Born, age 82, born Hamilton Co TN.  Died 14 Feb 1922.  Buried Tunnel Hill.  Parents: father unknown, born Carolina.  Mother C Cape, born Carolina. Informant S M Baldwin.

Martha Elizabeth Anderson, female, white, single.  Died May 13, 1922, Rocky Face, aged 2 months.  Parents: Frank Anderson and Ruby Hopkins (both born GA), buried Dunegan Cemetery.

Mrs Dozzie Bailey, white married.  Died 31 May 1922, Tilton.  Born 12 Aug 1875, GA.  Buried Tilton Cemetery.  Parents: S Adams and Sarah West (both born SC).

Mrs Jno Ball, white, married.  Born GA, age 30.  Died 10 July 1922, Dalton, buried Antioch.  Parents: T D Massengill, (born GA) and Sally Stone (born GA).

Ruby Lucile Bristol; died 20 August 1922, Dalton.  Aged 2, born Georgia.  Parents: Otis Bristol and Lois Barr, both born TN.

Mrs L V Baker; Dalton, White, married.  Born 15 Nov 1859, age 63.  Died 16 Sept 1922, buried Harmony.  Parents: Jacob Cox (born TN); Lina McCasidy (born TN), informant Wm Baker.

Lot Addison, male, white, married.  Died 26 Sept 1922 Dalton, Whitfield Co GA, age about 75 years.  Born TN.  Parents: --- Addison born TN and unknown.  Cause Pellagra.  Buried Bethel

Henry Baker, colored, married.  Born 1867, age 55, born GA.  Died 8 Nov 1922, buried Rocky Face.  Parents: Sam Baker (born GA) and Phoeby Knox (born GA).  Informant J B Baker, Tunnel Hill.


Carl M Arnold, male, white, single.  Died Jan 6, 1923, Rocky Face, influenza pneumonia.  Age about 20 years.  ParentsL: W L Arnold and Amandy Boyd (both born GA).  Buried Dug Gap.

Ruby Arnold, female, white, single.  Died Jan 9, 1923, Rocky Face.  Born Jan 18, 1909, GA.  ParentsL W H Arnold and Amandy Boyd (both born GA), influenza pneumonia.  Buried Dug Gap.

Laura Armstrong, female, white, married.  Died 9 April 1923, Dalton of TB.  Age about 23, GA.  Spouse C W Armstrong.  Parents: Thad Ellis and Verra Weaver (both born GA)  Buried West Hill.

Arthur Lee Arwood, married, white.  Died June 12, 1923, Dalton.  Aged 1 year 9 months, born TN.  Parents Wesley Lee Arwood and Eula May Collins (both born GA).  Buried West Hill.

Gladys Brock, single,  Died Dec 17, 1923, Dalton, aged 4 years, born GA.  Parents: Frank Brock and Ethel Putman, both born GA.  Buried Swamp Creek



Dell Addison, female, white.  Born 18 Sept 1921; died 11 March 1924, Dalton, Whitfield County GA.  Cause: “Cronic antiritis”.  Parents Lott Addison and Liza Sassby.  Buried Bethel.

Jessie Broadrick; married.  Died April 21, 1924, Whitfield County; born May 10, 1883, GA.  Parents: Jno Broadrick and Sallie Tarver, both both GA.  Buried Dawnville.

Jno Clay Ball, white.  Born 12 Apr 1910, GA.  Died May 28, 1924, buried West Hill.  Parents: Jno Ball (born TN), Alberta Lorens (born GA), informant Jno Ball, Dalton.

Eunice Broadrick, widowed.  Died June 28, 1924, Dawnville; born July 26, 1855, TN.  Parents: Geo R Frakes and Evaline Milborn? (both born TN)  Buried: Dawnville.

Elizabeth Arnold, female, white, widow.  Died July 29, 1924, Lower 10th, Whitfield.  Born 1 July 1844, GA.  Parents: Unknown.  Buried Deep Springs.

Martha Louise Britton; died August 22, 1924, Dalton.  Born Sept 1923, parents Harvey Britton and Julia Leroy, both born GA.

Clara Austin, female, negro, married.  Spouse: L F Austin.  Died Sept 1, 1924, Dalton, aged 46.  Born Wilkes Co GA.  Parents: Bill Willis (born VA) and Hannah Carmichael (born unknown).  Buried Hopewell Cem.



Nellie Austin, female, negro, married.  Spouse Si Austin.  Died Feb 7, 1925, Dalton.  Aged about 48 years, born Whitfield.  Parents: Swanie Tibbs (born NC) and Phyllis Dwight (born Whitfield Co GA), buried Dalton.

Lizzy Abbott, female, white, spouse of R Abbott.  Born 1844, GA; died 27 Feb 1925 Whitfield County GA.  Cause: burned.  Parents Moab Smith (born NC) and Laura Smith (born GA).  Buried Ocove? Cemetery.

Infant of Theo Balding, Dalton, white, female.  Lived one hour, born GA.  Died May 3, 1925, buried West Hill.  Parents: Theo Balding (born GA) and Nellie May Harris (born GA)

Female infant of Walter Ball, born and died Aug 24, 1925, Dalton. Buried Antioch.  Parents: Walter Ball (born TN) and Bedie Carawell (born GA).  Informant Walter Ball, Dalton.

R Retta Arnold, female, white, married.  Spouse Oscar Arnold.  Died November 12, 1925, Dalton of Sepsis.  Aged about 18, born Georgia.  Parents: Jim Jones and unknown.  Buried Deep Springs.



Perry Brooks, male, white, died Feb 6, 1926, aged about 32 years, born in Georgia.  Parents: Lawson Brooks and Receda Green (both born in NC), buried Poplar Springs.

Ellen Anderson, female, white, married.  Died March 27, 1926, Whitfield Co GA.  Cardiac hypertrophy.  Born 11 Jan 1868, GA.  Parents: Marion Swinney and Martha Hackney (both born GA), buried Mt Olivet.

J M Bailey; Dalton, white male, married.  born unknown, GA, aged 51.  Died 7 Apr 1926, Dalton.  Buried Antioch Cem, informant Ola Bailey, Dalton.  parents: Virgle and Bailey (born GA) and Georgia Halcom (born GA)

Male infant of Geo Albertson.  Born and died 26 June 1926, Dalton, Whitfield Co GA.  Cause: born dead.  Parents: Geo Alberton and Estell Thompson, both born in GA.  Buried Westhill 

Infant of Walter Ball. White, male.  Born and died 9 July 1926, Dalton, buried Antioch. Informant W H Graves, Dalton.

Vera Ruth Broaddrick; died August 25, 1926; born June 9, 1921.  Parents: Fulton Broodrick (born GA) and Edna Buchanan (born NC).  Buried Dawnville.

Jesse Lee Balind, white, male.  Born Sept 24, 1926, Tunnel Hill.  Died Sept 24, 1926, Tunnel Hill.  Parents: Theodore Balind (born GA) and Nancy Bell (born GA).  Informant E B Baker, Tunnel Hill.



Walter Alexander, male, white, born 15 March, 1861 GA.  Died 14 Feb 1927, Dalton, Whitfield Co GA.  Cause unknown.  Parents: Simeon Alexander and Sarah Cook.  Buried Watts.

Bertha Mae Anderson, female, white.  Died 24 Feb 1927, Cohutta.  Born 29 Aug 1924, Georgia.  Parents: James A Anderson (born GA) and Ami Brown (born GA), cause pertusis and pneumonia.  Buried Mt Olivet.

K L Arwood, male, white, married.  Wife: Mollie Arwood.  Died May 22, 1927, Dalton.  Born GA.  Mechanic.  Parents: A L Arwood and Nannie Goad (both born GA).  Cause: pistol shot in abdomen.  Buried West Hill.

Chorsie Anderson, female, colored, married.  Died July 8, 1927, Dalton, tuberculosis pneumonia.  Age 25 years, born GA.  Parents Dock Dilard (born SC) and Lisil Peareay (born GA).  Buried Dalton Colored Cemetery.

Cerilla Anderson, female, colored, single.  Died September 21, 1927 Dalton of pneumonia.  Born June 29, 1922 Dalton.  Parents: Elija Anderson and Hariett Easly (both born Whitfield Co).  Buried Col Cemetery.

H C Anderson, male, white, married.  Spouse: Delia.  Died Oct 17, 1927, Dawnville.  Born July 22, 1869, GA.  Parents: Abhaham Anderson and Mary Bowling (both born GA).  Buried Dawnville.

Laura Cornelia Broadrick; died Nov 21, 1927, Dalton.  Born 26 Mar 1888, GA.  Parents: W B Bryant and Cordelia Ransons Creekmon.  Both borh GA.  Buried Dawnville.



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