Some Deaths occuring in Alabama

which mention Whitfield County, GA

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John Wesley Fergus; born Whitfield Co GA; died 28 Mar 1911 Cherokee Co AL.  Parents: Henry Fergus and Beckie Fergus



 Nellie Crook Hayden; born 29 Aug 1862 Dalton; died 16 Feb 1918 Talladega AL.  Parents Lee Andrew Crook and Rebecca Gordon.  Spouse James H Hayden

E. W. Jones, married; born ca 1852, Dalton, GA; died 16 Feb 1918, DeKalb, AL.  Parents: Carter L. Jones (born NC) and Melina Hawkins (born NC).  Spouse Jane Jones.  Buried Stewart Cemetery.



                  O..ediar W Wallace; born 13 Dec 1855 Dalton; died 19 Dec 1919 Birmingham, AL.  Parents: David Westerfield and Comfort Dill.  Spouse: Warren Wallace.



Julia Ella Houuoh or Hannah; born 2 July 1881, Dalton GA; died 4 May 1920, Houston, AL.  Parents Wm Henderson (born Dalton, GA) and Mary Henderson (born GA).  Spouse R. O. Houuoh or Hannah.  Buried Doron, AL.



Daney Jackson; born 19 Apr 1899, Whitfield Co GA; died 24 Feb 1921 Cherokee AL.  Parents H T Jackson and Sarena Sharp.

Mary Lindy Richey.  Born 2 May 1851 Franklin Co GA; died 27 July 1921 DeKalb AL; buried Dalton GA.  Parents: Thos V burgess and Sophia Williams

Alpha Amanda Whorton; born 6 Mar 1869 GA; died 23 Aug 1921 Jackson AL; buried 24 Aug 1921 Dalton.  Parents: Solomon Bishop and Mary E Booker; spouse Patrick K Whorton



J C Johnson; born ca 1874, Dalton GA; died 22 Sept 1922, Fruitdale, Washington Co AL; parents: Con Johnson and blank; spouse Maggie Johnson; buried Citronelle, AL.



 Lena Cox; born 9 May 1850 Dalton; died 4 June 1923 Coffeeville, Clarke AL.  Parents: Charles Henry Wilson and Sarah Harrison.  Spouse A B Cox

  Lewis Holland; born 1865 Dalton; died 30 Oct 1923 Birmingham, Jefferson AL.  parents: Jim Holland.  Spouse: Ida Holland.



Oliver Cromwell Mitchell; born Jan 1859, Dalton, GA; died 11 Nov 1924, Tuscumbia, Colbert, AL; parents Wash. Mitchell (born Franklin Co GA) and Kittie Mitchell (born Carolina)



Deborah Jane Reese; born 12 Feb 1853 Dalton GA; died 4 Mar 1926 Valley Head, DeKalb AL.  Parents: J C Crowe and Deborah Jane Crowe.  Spouse: John J Reese.

Jane Brown; born ca 1846, Dalton GA; died 8 Mar 1929, Stevenson, Jackson, AL.  Parents: Ephraim Owens and blank.  Spouse James Brown.  Buried Polks.

Josephus Mitchell; born 10 Apr 1858, Dalton GA; died 14 May 1926, Calera, Shelby, AL; parents T. B. Mitchell (born SC) and Eliza Bezel (born SC); spouse Leola Mitchell; buried Summer Hill.

Sallie Russell Edwards; born 21 Oct 1880 Dalton; died 14 Nov 1926 Jefferson Co, AL.  Parents: H H Russell and Mary Price.  Spouse Jno Edwards.



Annie Foster, widowed.  Born 22 June , ca 1856, Dalton, GA; died 16 Jan 1927, Birmingham, AL.  Parents: James Toney and Suzannah blank.  Buried Elmwood.



James Camp, single.  born ca 1847, Dalton; died 23 Apr 1929, Glenco, Etowah, AL.  Parents: George Camp and blank.  Buried Owen.

Mrs Emma Bevings Ashcraft; born ca 1879, Dalton GA; died 27 June 1929, Gadsden, Etowah, AL; parents B. C. Bevings and Mary Wyche.  Spouse Fletcher Ashcraft.



Iola Adams Duff; born 9 Dec 1873 Whitfield County GA; died 11 Aug 1930, Fort Payne AL.  Parents Samuel R C Adams and Nancy Mitchell.



William Edward Mitchell; born 16 June 1884, Dalton, GA; died 26 Jan 1935, Anniston, Calhoun, AL; parents: John Robert Mitchell and Collie Deck (born GA); spouse Hortense Mitchell; buried Breman, GA.

Franklin Ford; born 14 Oct 1854 Dalton; died 1 Sept 1935 Birmingham Jefferson AL; parents Joseph Ford (born Gadsden AL) and Palmira Cowan (born GA).  Spouse Sarah F Ford.

Barney Helton; born 16 Nov 1882, Dalton, GA; Died 18 Nov 1935, Ft Payne, DeKalb, AL.  Parents J. E. Helton (born Gordon Co GA) and Ida Adams (born Whitfield County GA).  Buried Dalton, GA.



James N Johnson, white, born Whitfield Co GA.  Died 23 July 1937, Springville, St Clair AL.  Parents: O K Johnson (born GA) and Eliza Black (born TN).  Spouse Maggie Pike Johnson.



Adalene Waltz; born 17 Nov 1874 Dalton; died 16 Sept 1938 Birmingham, Jefferson Co AL; parents: William Sims and Elizabeth.

William Wallace Thompson; born 13 Apr 1867, Dalton GA; died 3 Nov 1938, Mobile AL.  Parents: William John Thompson (born VA) and Malita Tally (born GA).  Spouse: Eugenia England.  Buried: Magnolia Cemetery.



Sara M Walker, black.  Born Whitefield Georgia.  Age 93.  Died 17 Nov 1939, Hillsboro, Lawrence AL.  Mother Marvia Horpel.  Spouse Gabe Walker.



 Addie Robertson; born 10 Nov 1865 Dalton; died 25 Jan 1940 Calhoun Co AL.  Parents: Andrew Jackson Hunt and Mary Lovejoy.  Spouse J A Robertson; buried Aledandra, Calhoun, AL.



Jennie Mae Kenedy; born 9 Aug 1900, Tilton GA; died 15 Mar 1943, Dora, Walker AL.  Parents: Ed Duncan and Ann Elizabeth Raye.  Spouse: George Kenedy.  Buried Simiton, Jefferson, AL

Lucy Roberts, white.  Born 17 Sept 1883, Whitfield County GA.  Died 19 Sept 1943, Trinity, Laurence Co AL.  Parents: Nathan Sherrill. Spouse W O Roberts.

Marj L Berryhill; born 15 May 1855 Dalton; died 3 Nov 1943, Florence AL.  parents: Wm T Mate and Annetta Matilda.  Spouse: Robert Berryhill.  Buried Hartville, AL.



Celia Frederick: born 4 Mar 1854 Dalton; died 2 July 1946 Birmingham, Jefferson AL.  Parents: Henry Harris.  Spouse: Leo Frederick



 John Marion Parker; born 21 June 1884, Dalton; died 19 Oct 1957, Union Grove, Morgan AL.  Parents: Robert Parker and Simmie Ballew.


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