Tennessee death certificates that mention Whitfield County GA:

(Source unless otherwise mentioned:  familysearch.org)






Floyd May, son of Dave May and Lou Mills, died 5 Aug 1914, Cohutta, Whitfield GA.  Age 19, born Cleveland TN.  Buried Hopewell TN


Mary Smith Cook, died 9 Sept 1914, Cleveland, TN.  Born 5 Sept 1861, Hot Rock NC.  Buried Cohutta, GA.  Parents: July Smith and Elsie Smith.


H T Delzell, died 30 Dec 1914, East Lake TN.  Born 7 Aug 1859, Bradley Co TN.  Buried Cohutta GA.  Parents: Robt Delzel and Jennie McQuayed.




Dilla E Parker, died 7 Aug 1916, Chattanooga Hamilton, TN.  Widowed.  Born 25 Oct 1838.  Buried Cohutta, Whitfield Co GA 8 Aug 1916.




Doone Roberson, son of John Roberson (born NC) and Lucenda Brown (b GA), died 19 Jan 1920, Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN.  Aged 55, born NC.  Buried Dalton GA.




Carrie Elkins.  Died 18 March 1923, Chattanooga, TN.  Born 13 Dec 1852, GA.  Daughter of C Smith (b GA) and Martha Loveless (born SC).  Buried Dalton GA 18 March 1923.




Thomas J Sholl, died 25 Feb 1925, Chattanooga TN.  Age 57, born GA.  Son of D E Sholl and Catherine Bird.  Buried Dalton, GA 27 Feb 1925.




Nancy Jane Wolf.   Died 3 Nov 1926, Chattanooga, TN, born Dec 1, 1852, Tennessee.   Parents: Mr Chambers (born TN) and Martha Parker (born Tennessee).  Burial Cohutta GA




Eloise Pease.  Died 7 April 1930, Chattanooga.  Born 15 Jan 1852, Aurora IL.  Buried Cohutta.  Parents Ralph Shibley and Caroline Sampson.




Wm R Lucas.  Died 11 Oct 1931, Chattanooga, TN; born 29 Sept 1904, GA.  Buried Cohutta GA.  Spouse: Rosa Lee Lucas.  Parents: Robert Lucas and Georgia Smith.




Bruce Kebble, son of Richard Kebble and Elizabeth Farmer (both born TN).  Died 21 July 1934, Chattanooga, Hamilton, TN.  Born 16 July 1879, TN.  Spouse Myrtle Addington.  Buried Dawnville, Whitfield Co GA.




William F McGaughy, died 23 Jan 1941, Chattanooga.  Born 16 June 1876, Cohutta GA.  Buried Cohutta.  Spouse Mary Tucker McGaughy.  Parents: Henry C McGaughy and Martha Brown.




Mary J Erwin, died 10 Mar 1944, Chattanooga; born 27 Sept 1870, Whitfield County GA.  Buried Cohutta, GA.  Spouse: James W Erwin.  parents: David Hubbard and Elizabeth Dempsey.




Floyd Mitchell Elliott, died 5 Oct 1946, Chattanooga, TN.  Born 30 Nov 1914, Whitfield.  Buried Cohutta GA.  Spouse: Gracie Elliott.  Parents: F R Elliott and Josie Clark.




Andrew Jackson Giles, died 29 July 1947, Cleveland TN.  Born 13 May 1864 Cohutta GA.  Spouse Elizabeth Cole.  Parents: Sam Giles and Eugenia Thatch.



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