Some Deaths occurring in Texas

which mention Whitfield County, GA

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Source unless otherwise mentioned:



John Newton Faith; born 28 Nov 1855 Whitfield; died 24 Mar 1910 Burnet, TX; parents John Faith and Luvina Readwine.


Harris G Seins, died 26 Jan 1911, Cisco, Eastland, TX.  Born 22 April 1886, Dalton.  Parents: Henry L Seins and Elizabeth Silridge (both born Dalton).  Occupation: Salesman.


Ruby Larsen, died 12 Jan 1913, Harris County, TX.  Born 13 Sept 1892, Dalton GA.  Parents: Not listed.  Occupation: Trained nurse.


Dock Michel Hicks; born 21 June 1869 Whitfield; died 20 Dec 1921 Comanche TX; parents J J Hicks and Redwine.



Marvin W Stanton; born 13 Feb 1859 Whitfield; died 21 Apr 1923 El Paso TX; parents J W Stanton and Lucenda W Hale



       Mrs. Francis Coker; born 30 Sept 1855 Whitfield; died 10 May 1926 Sidney, Comanche, TX; parents Lewis Redwine and Saylors.


G A Miller, died 4 Jan 1929, Marshall, Harrison TX.  Born 18 Feb 1860, Dalton GA.  Parents: C G Miller (born Germany) and Setzapanot (born Germany).  Occupation: Carpenter.



William M Messimer; born 1853 Whitfield; died 31 Oct 1930 Winsboro, Wood Co TX; parents J P Messimer, Julz.     



Emma E Brooker, died 31 January 1931, Tarrant County, TX.  Widowed.  Born 4 July 1854, Dalton GA.  Parents: A Fitzgerald (born TN) and Mary A Loughey (born GA).  Spouse: W H Brooker.



Augustus Lafayette Blanton, died 28 June 1935, McGregor, McLennan, TX.  Born 4 Dec 1864 Dalton GA.  Parents: James Blanton and Edith Smith (both born GA).  Spouse: Chester High Blanton.  Occupation: Mail Messenger.



                     Lula Elizabeth Mcentire; born 2 July 1867 Whitfield; died 16 Sept 1936 McLennan Co TX; parents John Devoult Isenhower and Mary Barnett; spouse J R Mcentire.



Mamie Hunsucker Reid; born 13 Nov 1884 Cohutta GA; died 27 Nov 1937 McLennan Co TX; parents: W D Hunsucker and Sally Martin; Spouse M F Reid



Millard Filmore Reid; born 26 Sept 1877 Cohutta GA; died 1 Apr 1938 McLennan Co TX; parents: M C Reid and Anne Reid.  



 Edward Coke Cudd; born 26 June 1856 Whitfield; died 27 July 1939 Ochiltree Co TX; parents Joshua Cudd and Mary Elizabeth Baily.   

Joseph Gordon Robertson, died 10 March 1939, Ft Worth, TX.  Born Dalton GA.  Son of Joseph Gordon Robertson and Rebecca Roper (both born Dalton).  Spouse Allie May Robertson.  Occupation: Farmer.

Mrs Fannie Medora Miller, died 1 Oct 1939, Marshall, Harrison, TX.  Born 4 Jan 1864, Dalton GA.  Parents: Washington Nichols (born NC) and unknown Wood (born NC).  Occupation: Housewife.

 Charles Pierce Sebastian, died 30 March 1939, Arlington, TX.  Born 10 August 1874, Dalton GA.  Parents: Henry Sebastian and Sally Mary Sebastian (both born GA).  Occupation: Ranch Farmer.



Nancy Levenia Ellender; born 14 May 1849 Whitfield; died 10 Feb 1940 Galveston TX; parents: Prather and Span; spouse Joseph William Ellender.

Alex. Washington Frix; born 21 June 1859 Whitfield; died 9 Oct 1940 Brownwood TX; parents George Frix and Georgie Muckles.       



Mary C Miller, died 11 July 1941, Farmersville, Colin Co TX. Born 14 Jan 1867, Dalton GA.  Parents: Andy Gladden and Angilien Buff (both born in GA). Married.



Mary (Mattie Adeline) Wagner, died 23 May 1943, Dennison, Grayson Co, TX. Widow.  Born 29 June 1870, Dalton, GA.  Parents: L Nailer and unknown (both born GA).



Thomas Wesley Ferguson; born 10 Jan 1860 Whitfield; died 8 Dec 1944 Paradise, Wise Co TX; parents John Ferguson and Sarah Collins       



John Thomas White; born 4 Jan 1857 Whitfield; died 17 June 1945, Johnson Co TX; parents: James Addison White and Nancy Whitener

Taylor Robert Sneed; born 27 Sept 1884 Cohutta GA; died 6 July 1945 Galveston TX; parents Sneed.



 Fred R Anderson; born 25 Sept 1881 Cohutta GA; died 14 Oct 1946 Waco, McLennan Co TX; parents J B Anderson and Octavia Smith



John James Simmons, died 29 Jan 1948, Dallas, Dallas, TX.  Born 24 Apr 1862, Dalton, GA.  Parents: T J Simmons and Carrie King (both born in GA).  Married.  Occupation: Wholesale Grocer. 



Nettie McKinney; born 22 Sept 1867 Whitfield Co ; died 4 Oct 1949 Amarillo TX



Sarah E Cook; born 12 May 1862, Whitfield; died 22 Jan 1951 Bowie TX; parents: P K Messimer and Jane McDonald.

 Mamie Evelyn White; born 15 Sept 1884 Cohutta GA; died 8 Sept 1951 Whichita Falls, TX. Parents: W J Stonecipher and Dalial Messimer   

James T Odell; born 9 Apr 1875 Whitfield; died 16 Oct 1951 Bunn, Hays, TX; parents: William Levy Odell and Mary J Howard

Newton Hill Click; born 7 Jan 1881 Whitfield Co GA; died 7 Dec 1951 Amarillo, Potter TX; parents MV Click and Mary Josephine Bennett

Minnie Jane Rackley, died 2 July 1951, Buda, Hays Co TX.  Born 19 Sept 1871, Dalton Co GA.  Parents: George W Anderson and Jane Jolley (both born GA). 



Julian L Reid; born 6 Sept 1891 Cohutta; died 15 Apr 1953 Baytown, Harris Co TX; parents McKenlie Reid and Anne Parnell



Jeannie Catherine Hall; born 6 Aug 1868 Whitfield; died 30 Dec 1954 Johnson Co TX; parents Hamilton R Parsons and Rhoda Vick

Sarah Elizabeth Boman,  died 26 Oct 1954, Clifton, Bosque, TX.  Born 30 Sept 1851, Dalton GA.  Parents: not listed.  Occupation: Domestic.



Mrs. Willie Grant Fisher, died 16 Jan 1956, Houston, TX.  Born 10 Aug 1866, Dalton GA.  Parents: William Grant (born VA) and  Elizabeth McCarty(born GA).  Occupation: Housewife.



Katherine Davison, died 12 Jan 1957, Dallas, TX.  Born 6 Jan 1891, Dalton, GA.  Parents: Stanford Greeson and blank.  Married.



Tilitha Caroline Miller, died 8 April 1858, Merkel, Taylor, Texas.  Born 9 June 1863, Dalton GA.  Parents: Felix Bradley and Sarah Chapman.  Widowed.  Occupation: Housewife.



Lewis A Hembree, died 22 April 1959, Temple, Bell, Texas.  Born 6 April 1893, Dalton, GA.  Parents: James M Hembree and Moley Moore.  Occupation: Body Man.



Pauline Sebastian, died 7 Nov 1960, Dallas, TX.  Born 25 Nov 1869, Dalton GA.  Parents: Sam Stewart and Mary Tucker.



Mary Standifer, died 16 Mar 1964, Wichita Falls, TX.  Born 1 July 1877, Dalton GA.  Parents: B C Hunsucker and unknown Gilbert.  Widowed.



Loudonna Magdalene Payne, died 3 May 1968, Hidalgo, TX.  Born 12 Oct 1874, Dalton GA.  Parents: Jesse Payne and Sarah Isbell.  Occupation: ladies clothing design.





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