The Cabaniss chapter of the U D C has found a newspaper clipping which carried the roster of what may be the 
earliest military organization to leave MONROE COUNTY.  Many of the names of the men who left the county in 
1836 are familiar to the present citizens.
The date line and name of the paper was not available.  The following is the text of the clipping:
We recently found among the papers of Judge E. G. Cabaniss, the muster roll of the “Monroe County Musketeers” 
who left our county in 1836 and served three months in the territory of Florida in the first Georgia Battalion
under command of Maj. Mark A. Cooper. Gen. Phil Cook, now a member of Congress from Georgia was a private 
in the company.  This is probably the first volunteer company to go from this county to engage in war. 
Captain  - John Curston			Privates, cont’d
1st Lieut. – Anderson Baldwin		John Brown
2nd Lieut. – Wm. A. Black		Sim Brooks
3rd Lieut. – Arch Martin		Jack Champion
Ensign – James S. Pinckard		Phillip Cook
1st Sgt. – Eldridge G. Cabaniss		John Christian
2nd Sgt. – Allen G. Fambrough		John J. Cooper
3rd Sgt. – J. L. Alexander		Willis Dillard
4th Sgt. – Wm W. Chapman		J. W. Enfinger
1st Cpl. – James Brown			Nelson Gordon
2nd Cpl. – Echillis K. Sparks		Isaac L. Hill *****
3rd Cpl. – Robert Foster		Milton Kelton
4th Cpl. – James Dixon			D. M. Lesuer
					M. J. McMullen
Privates:				Thomas Malone
James Brantley				Henry Mitchell
H. J. Baldwin				John McDonald
John K. Moore				Lucius Miller
A. M. Nall				Thomas McMullen
Alfred Patton				Thomas J. Mann
James T. Patterson			Seth Morgan
Hugh P. Switzer				Jack Niles
Sol Beckcom				William Nash
Eph Baggerly				Ed Oneal
Robert G. Brown				John F. Pinckard
Jehu Cates				W. A. Rogers
Edward Cook				Sam Stewart
William Clark				W. J. Shockley
H. P. Christian				Joshua Lee
Gardner Davis				Thomas B. Teat
David M. Evans				Silas H. Turner
Robertson Freedman			William H. Walker
Alex Hermann				M. A. Samuel
Robert A. Johnson			William Spicer
William S. Kelly			John P. Trice
					J. W. Walker
					William J. Wilson
The Musketeers were mustered into service by Lieutenant Colonel James Bankhead of the United States Army 
at Picolata Florida.