The Old Train Depot, Forsyth, Georgia

Built in 1898, the Old Train Depot is a charming Victorian structure and is a beloved feature landmark in Forsyth.  Major restoration was completed in 1993 which includes a "state of the art" museum.  A Genealogy Room is an added attraction.  Next door is a restored freight depot built in 1917 and within easy walking distance is Forsyth's first railway depot, a well preserved stone building built in 1846 which served as an unloading point for wounded Confederate troops during the War Between the States.  At one time as many as thirty two trains passed through Forsyth in one day - sixteen Southern and sixteen Central of Georgia.  Noteworthy is the fact that the first railroad in Georgia was the Monroe Railroad, built in 1838, running from Macon to Forsyth.  When the train reached Forsyth a unique turntable was used to reverse direction and return it to Macon.

Depot 1844         Depot 1898