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From Judy Kuczaj:
I found this on the Warren Co., NC mailing list and I thought that someone in Bibb Co., Ga. (Macon) might be interested. Note the 3 paragraph it mentions about William H. Wyily that "Ten years ago he came to Macon."

If anyone knows anything concerning the descendents of these families, please e-mail me: Judy Kuczaj. Thank you.

Fellow Researchers: I recently acquired a tiny Bible that contains valuable family information. The following named families are not related to me in any way, but I could not pass up the purchase in the hopes of finding some descendents of these families and reunite them with this most precious piece of family heritage.

The inside cover of the Bible is inscribed "Mary L Williams, presented to her by her affectionate husband Allen R. Williams, Feb. 1846". The inside back cover reads "Georgia Robards Williams. Presented to her by her Mother." Next line, "Reverly Wellford Wrenn presented by his mother Jan. 29th, 1918 Georgia R. Wrenn". Inside the Bible are many newspaper clippings and envelopes with locks of hair. There is a calling card with the name, Mr. Allen R. Wrenn.

The following is a newspaper obit. pasted in the book: Allen R. (?) Williams was born June 16th 1815, died 1848. On the 22d June last, in Beaufort District, South Carolina, Allen R. Williams, aged 33 yrs, etc.

Another obit: Funeral of Co. William H. Wylly
His remains laid to rest in Laurel Grove Cemetery. The funeral of Col. William H. Wylly took place in Savannah on Saturday. The interment was in Laurel Grove cemetery. Co. Wylly was a member of the Oglethorpe Light Infantry at the beginning of the war, and served with that command at Fort Pulaski. Soon after the fall of Fort Sumter he raised a company known as the Irish Telfair Greys, which afterward became company A of the Twenty-fifth Georgia regiment. The regiment served at Tybee Island and in the vicinity of Savannah until ordered to the Western army. On the promotion of Co. C.C. Wilson to brigadier general, Co. W.J. Winn, the present city engineer of Savannah, became colonel. Hon. Rufus E. Lester was adjutant of the regiment. Capt. Wylly advanced through the grad e of major to lieutenant colonel. At the close of the war he settled in middle Georgia and began the practice of the law, of which he was a student when he entered the Confederate service. Ten years ago he came to Macon.

Other notes: Feb. 1846, Married, On Thursday evening, Feb. 26th, by the Rev., Mr. Williams, Mr. Allen R. Williams, of Beaufort District, South Carolina, to Miss Mary S.D., only daughter of William C. Wylley, Esq. of this city. Handwritten note: Allen R. Williams died June 22nd 1848 - age 33

Feb. 1859 - Married , On the 12th last, on the Isle of Hope, at the summer residence of Geo. W. Wylly, esq., by the Rev. William S. Baker, Frederick C. Barber, Esq., of Augusta, Ga., to Mrs. Mary S. Williams, of Savannah. Frederick C. Barber died April 21st. 1868, aged 66.

This handwritten note: Feby 26, 1885 - Thirty nine years ago today I married my first husband. The race in life is near ended. God help and protect my children when I am gone.

Funeral Notices. The friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Dr. John Carter, Dr. Flournoy Carter and family, and Mr. and Mrs. S.K. Johnson, are requested to attend the funeral of the former, from her late residence on Reynolds street, at 3 o'clock, p.m.

There are many locks of hair. One says, "Beverly's hair 2 years old (beautiful blond hair) another "Allen's hair, 4 years old when he had scarlet fever in New York" (also blond). another, "Harry's hair one year old" (blond). another, Allen R. William's hair and flowers off his grave" (brunette)

There is also a picture of a woman inscribed Grandmother on the front and ? Dasher Wylly, aged 70 years on the reverse.
There is also a newspaper account titled "The Baby Show" in which Austin Rockwell Davis (son of L.B. Davis), Daniel N. Pittman (son of Hon. D. Pittman) and Beverly Wrenn (son of B.W. Wrenn) were in a baby contest. Also, a poem written by "Aunt Mamie" titled "To My Darling Little Nephew, B.W.W., Jr. when he was five years old.

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