66th Georgia Regiment Organizational Movements

Submitted by: Harold K. Daniel, Jr.

Organized at Tatnall Square, Macon on October 13, 1863.  Field consolidation with the 1st 
Confederate Infantry Regiment from September 1864 to April 9, 1865.  Consolidated with the 
1st Confederate Infantry Regiment, the 1st Georgia Sharpshooters Battalion, and the 25th, 
29th, and 30th Georgia Infantry Regiments and designated as the 1st Georgia (Confederate) 
Infantry Battalion Consolidated at Smithfield, North Carolina on April 9, 1865.

This company was composed primarily of conscripts  taken from the Camps of Instruction at 
Decatur, Ga., and Macon, Ga.  The companies appear to have been organized at various 
times in August and September, 1863, and formed into a regiment on Oct. 13, 1863.  For a 
time the regiment was at Camp Cobb, Quincy, Fla., but was made a part of Gen. Johnston 's 
Army of Tennessee soon thereafter and served with this command to the end of the war.  In 
Feb. or Mar. 1865, the regiment merged into the newly organized 1st Battalion Confederate 
Infantry, of which only fragmentary records exist.  

First Commander:  James Cooper Nisbet (Colonel)

Captain of Co. H, 21st Regt. Ga. Inf., July 2, 1861.  Wounded at Cold Harbor, Va., June 27, 
1862; Sharpsburg, Md., Sept. 17, 1862.  Reported absent without leave Apr. 3, 1863.  
Charges were preferred against him for deserting his regiment in battle, assisting a private in 
his regiment to desert, and moral conduct unbecoming an officer, Apr. 4, 1863.  Not arrested 
or court martialed, however because of being absent without leave in Georgia.  Granted 
permission by Gen. Howell Cobb to raise a regiment to serve with him in Florida in 1863.  
Resigned as Captain of Co. H, 21st Regt. Ga. Inf., in order to assume colonelcy of the 66th 
Regt. Ga. Inf., Aug. 11, 1863.  Commissioned colonel Oct. 8, 1863.  Arrested Oct. 8, 1863.  
Captured at Decatur Ga., July 22, 1864, and sent to Johnson 's Island, O., prison.  Released 
there July 25, 1865.

Field Officers:  John F. Andrews (Major)
	         Algernon S. Hamilton (Lieutenant Colonel)
                 Robert N. Hull (Major)


Wilson's - Stevens' Brigade, Walker's Division, 1st Corps, Army of Tennessee (November 1863 - July 1864) 	 

Stevens' - H. R. Jackson's Brigade, Bate's Division, 1st Corps, Army of Tennessee (July - December 1864)

H. R. Jackson's Brigade, Clayton's Division, 2nd Corps, Army of Tennessee (March - April 1865)


Chattanooga (November 23-25, 1863)
Atlanta Campaign (May-September 1864)
Resaca (May 9, 1864)
Resaca (May 14-15, 1864)
Peach Tree Creek (July 20, 1864)
Atlanta Siege (July 22, 1864)
Jonesboro (August 31-September 1, 1864)
Franklin (November 30, 1864)
Nashville (December)
Carolina Campaign (February-April 1865)
Binnaker 's Bridge (February 9, 1865)
Bentonville (March 19-21,1865)

Further Reading:  Nisbet, James C., 4 Years on the Firing Line.

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