Revolutionary Soldiers and Widows in Bibb County, Georgia

This is a list of Revolutionary soldiers aand widows of Revolutionary Soldiers listed
as living in Bibb County, Georgia in 1827-28.

These names were listed in "600 Revolutionary Soldiers and Widows of Revolutionary Soldiers -
Living in Georgia in 1827-28", compiled by Martha Lou Houston.

Elizabeth Coleman p. 7
Martha Copeland p. 7
Gabriel Jones p. 13
Nancy Kesterton p. 13
Louisa Long p. 14
Robert Mitchell p. 15
Jesse McNeill p. 16
Unity Willoughby p. 22

Veterans of the Revolutionary War Receiving Land Lottery Grants by the State of Georgia

These names were listed in "Authentic List of All Land Lottery Grants Made to Veterans
of the Revolutionary War by State of Georgia" , by Alex M. Hitz.

All grants were made in 1827.
BULLOCH, Richard - drew land in Carroll & Troup p.14
CLEMENTS, Clement - drew land in Carroll & Lee p.18
CROCKET, David - drew land in Lee p.21
DOLTON, John - drew land in Troup & Cherokee p.24
HERRING, George - drew land in Lee p.36
HORN, Sherod - drew land in Lee p.38
JETER, Andrew - drew land in Lee p.40
JOHNSON (JOHNSTON), William - drew land in Lee & Muscogee p.41
JOINER, Absolom - drew land in Cherokee p.41
JONES, Gabriel - drew land in Cherokee p.41
MANNING, Benjamin - drew land in Lee p.47
McDONALD, James - drew land in Carroll p.48
McNEILL, Jesse - drew land in Cherokee p.49
MITCHELL, Robert - drew land in Cherokee p.51
MOSELEY, Joseph - drew land in Lee p.52
PETTIS, Moses - drew land in Troup p.55
PURKINS, John - drew land in Carroll p.57
SCOTT, John - drew land in Troup p.62
WADE, Samuel - drew land in Carroll p.71
WHATLEY, Michael - drew land in Muscogee p.73
WILLIAMS, Benjamin - drew land in Carroll p.74
WILLIAMSON, Zachariah,Sr. - drew land in Carroll & Lee p.75

Revolutionary Soldiers or Their Widows
Known to Have Died in Bibb County, Georgia

The source of this list is "Statistics of the State of Georgia"
by George White, Published. 1849.

BULLOCK, Richard - died at the age of 95
DALTON, John - died at the of 80
CROCKETT, DAVID - Will recorded in Bibb County, Georgia
FLEWELLEN, Abner - tombstone record
JETER.Andrew - Will recorded in Bibb County, Georgia
LONG, Louisa - burial record
NAPIER, Thomas - tombstone record
THARP, Reverend Vincent A. - tombstone record (grave marked by DAR, Major John Twiggs Chapter)

Soldiers buried in close vicinity to Bibb County, Georgia:
HARTLEY,Daniel - tombstone record (Crawford County, Georgia)
REDDING, Anderson - tombstone record (Monroe County, Georgia)

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