Masonic Home

Masonic Home in Macon around 1907

Contributed by Beth Bond

"After the Hike"

"Camp Wheeler Rifles"

"Signal Corp"

Postcards from Patricia Blankenship

Rose Hill Cemetery Entrance - 1840

Postcard submitted by David Dorsey

Willingham Sash & Door, Co -- May 14, 1947
People in this photo:
Left to Right

Front Row
J. M. Prichard, Paul Jones, Mary Anne Brewer, Lola Mae Edwards, Margaret Amerson, Laddie Carrier, R. P. Hatcher, L. F. Greene, Charles A. Spitz, O.P. McDaniel.

Second Row
James A. West, John T. Smith, J. L. Pettigrew, Robert L. Ogletree, Mark Fulwood, James Rozier, George G. Hall, Marion Hunnicutt, B. Y. Shelly.

Third Row
Warren Beckham, Lamar Hester, George Fulwood, M. C. Ferguson, Robert H. Britt, Ira C. Salter, Ed Johnson, Gus Spillers, Jesse Smith, John Daniel.

Fourth Row
Simeon Pearson, Folsom Prichard, Milton Nelson, John H. White, James Mickle, Henry Thomas, Luke Fulwood, O. J. Hall, R. C. Jones, Druey T. West, James Drawhorne.

Back Row
O. S. Willingham, J. A. Compton, R. W. Clark, Betty Shepard, Hilda Harrell, Walter Worsham, W. C. Griggs, George Paul, W. R. Copeland, Kelley Greene, Carson R. Anderson.

Submitted by Russell Jones

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