Georgia's Board of Physician's

Applicant's Before Georgia's Board of Physicians, 1826-1881

by Robert S. Davis, Jr.

Beginning in 1826, individuals applying for licenses in medical field in Georgia had to appear before a state board of physicians. For most of the applicants, the board recorded their name, residdence, medical degree received, thesis, remarks on licensing (whether accepted, rejected, or postponed), and the year of the application. The original of this register is at the Georgia Departmemt of Archives and History in Record Group 6-10-10. A bound, indexed photostatic copy of this manuscript is also in the Georgia Department of Archives and History, Central Research Library (Oversze G610 G35r). The following is the (partial) list of the names found in the index of that volume; however you will need to consult the index in the book for the page number if you wish to look up a record.

After 1881 the Archives has only a few applications for physicians' licenses because most of the registrations for doctors, as well as for dentists ans druggists, were recorded at the county level. The county records may be located in the respective county or on microfilm at the Archives. For the index to the Minutes of the Georgia Board of Physicians, 1826-1881, consult The Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly 1965, 2 (2) 67-70.

Applicants Before Georgia's Board of Physician's
Abbott, E. A. Baker, Madison Bold, Charles M.
Adams, Robert Baldwin, Augusta C. Bond, Lewis A.
Addy, John J. Ball, William M. Boon, John R.
Aikin, Edward Banks, William H. Bozeman, J. F.
Alexander, Lemuel B. Bardaill, Edward L. Bradfield, Thomas S.
Alfriend, E. D. Barnard, Timothy G. Brandon, David S.
Alfriend, H. L. Battey, George M. Brandon, W. C.
Allen, Wiliam E. Bayne, Edward A. Branham, Edward V.
Allonipan, Wiliam Beal, Elias Branham, Henry R.
Anderson, James Beale, Jerimiah Brannon, A. M.
Andrews, A. F. Beall, Fontenoy A. Brasses, Philip H.
Anthony, J. W. Bean, Addison Brewer, N. A. F.
Antony, Milton Beckwith, Edmond R. Brinson, J. W.
Ashley, William Bell, A. R. Brinson, William A.
Atkinson, John Bell, Addison A. Briscoe, Thomas J.
Aubray, James C. Bell, J. B. Brock, James
Ayer, Benjamin Bell, T. W. A. Brock, William E.
  Berry, Eugene M. Brooks, F. L.
Babcock, William H. Billing, Samuel A. Brooks, John W.
Baber, Frederic A. Birdsong, Albart H. Brown, B. B.
Bacon, F. M. Black, James H. Brown, John R.
Bacon, G. E. Blackshear, J. E. Brown, Lafayette
Bacon, H. Blain, J. S. Browne, Alfred T.
Bacon, W. W. Blalock, W. A. C. Brumby, Richard T.
Bailey, Stephen Bliss, William W. Brunner, Norman I.
Baird, John B. Bodingfield, Bryan Bryan, Jasper
Baker, Joseph L. Bogle, James A. Bryant, J. W.
Baker, Junius Bogle, R. L. Bucklin, George A.

**more names will be added in the near future.
***taken from The Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly.

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