Gresham Grammer School - Macon

6th/7th grade class 1950-51 school year at Gresham Grammer School on Forsyth Street in Macon. It was originally Gresham High School, built in the late 1880s, but has since, unfortunately, been demolished and a vocational school built on the site. Please help with this identification if you are able. Gresham 6th Grade
1st Row, left to right: Jane Joyner, Joe Joyner (twin brother); John Brown; ??; Bernice Horton, ??, ??, ??, Donnie Whitaker, ??, Patricia Eubanks

2nd Row, left to right: Barbara Smith, Phillip Bowman, ??, Wyleen Schroeder, Peggy Turner, Barbara Armstrong, ??, ??, ??, Betty Jane Orr; ??

3rd Row, left to right: Mary English, Barbara Sanders, Reggie James, ??, Johnny Mack Wingers, Mary Ann Hawkins, Libby Estes, ??, Edwin Robinson, Johnny Atkinson

4th Row left to right: ??, ??, ??, ? Mims, Mary K. Smith, ??, Sharon Levine

Contributed by: Barbara Shore

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