Schools of Bibb County, Georgia

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Academy (Historical)          
Alexander School 325100N  0833724W Macon East    
Alexander School Number 2 324959N 0833842W Macon West    
Alexander School Number 4 325146N 0834110W Macon West    
Appling High School 325137N 0833611W Macon East    
Ballard-Hudson High School 324909N 0833929W Macon West    
Banks School 324914N 0833747W Macon West    
Barden School 324720N 0834222W Macon West    
Bellevue School 325144N 0834048W Macon West    
Bernd School 324851N 0833404W Macon East    
Bessie Chapel School (historical) 324210N 0833816W Warner Robins NW    
Bruce School 324756N 0833906W Macon West    
Burdell School 325111N 0833646W Macon East    
Burghard School 324637N 0834225W Macon West    
Burke School 324911N 0833841W Macon West    
Carver School 324939N 0833816W Macon West    
Central Fellowship Academy 324309N 0833913W Warner Robins NW    
Central Georgia Technical College - Macon Campus 324845N 0834131W Macon West    
Chapel Hill Academy 324654N 0834049W Macon West    
Clisby School 325042N 0833920W Macon West    
Cochran Field Academy 324121N 0833804W Warner Robins NW    
Cross Keys Christian Academy 325109N 0833506W Macon East
Danforth School 325127N  0833606W Macon East    
Duresville School 325140N 0833435W Macon East    
Fort Hawkins School 325056N 0833642W Macon East    
Georgia Academy for the Blind 25053N 0834007W Macon West Photo & Pupils of 1886-1888  
Gilead Christian Academy 324710N 0834105W Macon West    
Goodwin School (historical) 325002N 0834421W  Macon West    
Gresham High School 325007N 0833815W Macon West Photograph  
Hall School 325159N 0833459W Macon East    
Hamilton School 324930N 0833944W Macon West    
Heard School 324323N 0834106W Warner Robins NW    
Howard School (historical) 325323N 0834449W Macon NW
Hughes Vocational School 325009N 0833819W Macon West
Hunt School 325137N 0833629W Macon East    
Ingram School 324931N 0833837W Macon West    
Ingram-Pye Elementary School 324916N 0833909W Macon West    
Jessie Rice Elementary School 324743N 0834130W Macon West    
Lanier High School 325014N 0833920W Macon West    
Lanier Junior High School 325024N  0833931W Macon West    
Macedonia School 324443N 0834022W Warner Robins NW    
Macon Junior College 324842N 0834353W Macon West    
Matilda Hartley Elementary School 324924N 0834046W Macon West    
McCrory School (historical) 325029N 0833311W Macon East    
McEvoy Middle School 324828N 0834022W Macon West
McKibben Lane School 325329N 0834139W Macon NW    
Mercer University 324955N 0833900W Macon West    
Miller Middle School 325003N 0833931W Macon West    
Minnie Butler School 325101N 0834138W Macon West    
Mount De Sales Academy 325004N  0833824W Macon West    
Neal School 324838N 0833932W  Macon West    
Newcastle School (historical) 324631N 0833339W Macon East    
Northeast High School 325159N 0833716W Macon East    
Planters School (historical) 324357N 0833919W Warner Robins NW    
Pleasant Grove School (historical) 324723N 0834741W Lizella
Porter School 324415N 0834130W Warner Robins NW    
Powers School 324940N 0833808W Macon West    
Redding School 324819N 0834857W Lizella    
Riley School 325001N 0834125W Macon West
Rosa Taylor School 325234N 0834041W Macon NW    
Saint Joseph School 325016N  0833808W Macon West    
Saint Peter Claver School 325036N 0833904W Macon West    
Southwest High School 324828N 0834032W Macon West
Springdale School 325417N 0834312W  Macon NW    
Stephens School 325029N 0834103W Macon West    
Stratford Academy 325148N 0834516W Lizella    
Summerfield School (historical) 325431N 0834242W Macon NW    
Swift Creek School 324952N 0833214W Macon East
Tattnal Square Academy 325330N 0834317W  Macon NW    
Tinsley School 325202N 0833941W Macon West    
Union School 324933N 0834252W Macon West Photographs
Unionville School 324928N 0833958W Macon West    
W T Mor n Elementary School 324850N 0834251W Macon West
Walter F George School of Law 325029N 0833806W  Macon West    
Walter P Jones Elementary School 325156N 0833545W  Macon East    
Werr School 324728N 0833930W  Macon West    
Wesleyan College 325228N 0834256W  Macon West    
White Spring School (historical) 324831N 0835030W  Lizella    
Whittle School  325031N 0833755W Macon West    
Williams School 325044N 0833849W Macon West    
Windsor Academy 324355N 0834153W Warner Robins NW
Winship School 325006N 0833943W Macon West    

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