Classes from Union Elementary School

These pictures of Mrs. Willoughby's first grade class of 1954-55 and a third grade class were generously submitted by John Sullivan.

Mrs. Willoughby's first grade

Students from left to right are:
Front Row: Johnny ?, Tommy Harris,  John Sullivan, Ricky McIntyre 
2nd Row: Carla Asbell, Eddie Brown , ? , Dean Smith, Cynthia Revell(Neville?), ?, Pam Taylor
3rd Row: ?, Jan Jarrell, ?, Carol Seymore,  ?, Pamela Swinson(?), Analease Green, Cheryl Whiting, ?
Top Row: Charles Heath, Gary Strong( ? ), ? , Jeff Davis(?), Tyrone Johnson

 Tyrone died in an auto accident during Christmas vacation  in 1959 and is buried in Doles Methodist Cemetery in Macon.
David Allen died in October, 2006 in a single motorcycle accident. (submitted by Carla Asbell) More faces were identified by Cherri (Cheryl Whiting) Peavy.
Additional faces were identified by Carla Asbell.
class photo

Mrs .Turner's Third grade class 1956-57

Students in the class:
Front Row: Tommy Harris, A.J. Hawkins, John Sullivan, ? Chipper Vaughn, Jimmy Crook, Johnny ?, ?
2nd Row:Cheryl Toney, Judy Hanson(?), ?, Carla Asbell,?, Susan Dye ,?, ?
3rd Row: Viola Newberry, ?, Analease Green, ?,  ?. Tyrone Johnson, ?, Pamela Swinson, Bonnie Swanson, ?, Mrs.Turner
Top Row:David Allen, ?, Billy Dobson, Gary Strong(?), Charles Heath, ? , ?

Teacher's name and additional class members added by Carla Asbell.

class photo