Union Church was founded in the year 1825. The first meeting was held on November 12th, 1825 with Elder Jonathan Neal serving as the first preacher and John Blackstone as clerk. The land on which the church and cemetery now stand was donated by Mr. Jasper Taylor, a very wealthy farmer and slave owner. He had a big part in helping build the church. With the help of his slaves and the other men in the community with their slaves the material used in the building was cut and hauled by the use of oxen. Most every piece of material used was hand hued and the building was put together with wooden pegs. They used shutters made of plank for windows in the unsealed church. The records show that some slaves joined the church and attended the meetings along with the white people. The half
wall which used to separate the two can still be seen in the church. After the war many changes were made. The community which had been so thickly settled grew thin and not many church members were left but the few that were left put in glass windows and kept having their little meetings. Finally the church went completely down and the cemetery grew up but in 1925 the community had a centennial and collected enough money to cover and paint the church and clean the cemetery. In 1940 the church was reorganized but the members were still very few. They cleaned the cemetery about once every year or so and continued to meet each month. Since the Friendship Community Club was organized the church has been repainted, wired, and lights added. A new pulpit has been installed as well as rug and runners, seventy-five new song books, two pairs of stone steps, and the cemetery has been cleaned, cleared, and sprayed. The baptizing pool has been cleaned out and gravel put around it. Plans are now being made for a church sign to be painted. Preaching is now held twice a month at Union with the Elder W. H. Hancock serving as preacher. The total number of members to date is twenty nine. In the cemetery stands a statue of Mr. Jasper Taylor's son. Some of Mr. Taylor's great-grandchildren still reside in Friendship Community.

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