Crawford County, the 57th county formed in Georgia, was one of 4 counties created on December 9th, 1822 from Creek Indian lands and part of Houston County by an act of the General Assembly
(Georgia Laws 1822, p. 21).  The county was named for William H. Crawford, who was U.S. Secretary of the Treasury (as well as Georgia's first candidate for U.S. President in 1824), when the county was created.

The county has traditionally been a leader in the state's peach production.  There are 19 archaeological sites in the county that have been filed with the State Archeological Office.  Of particular significance is the Creek Indian habitation area along the Flint River.  In 1824, portions of the Crawford County were used to create Upson County. In 1826, the portion of the Old Creek Agency Reserve on the east side of the Flint River was added to Crawford County (Ga. Laws 1826, p. 60).  

Development of the County
From the Crawford County Sesquicentennial book, Roberta, Georgia, November 16-19, 1972

The most probable reason for the creation of Crawford County was that Houston County was too big. People needed to live near enough to a seat of government that they could travel to in less than a days time. Therefore, counties were made smaller. The county seat, of course, was placed as near the center of the county as possible to
make travel easier. Thus, according to the following act, Crawford County was created.  And it be further enacted, That all that tract of country hereinafter pointed out, beginning at the corner of twelfth and thirteenth districts of Monroe, thence due South to Ichuconna Creek, thence down said creek to the district line dividing the fourth and fifth districts of Houston, thence from corner of said fourth district, a direct line touching the Southeast corner of the seventh district of Houston to the Flint River, thence up said river to the mouth of Big Potatoe Creek, thence a direct line to the corner of the first and sixteenth districts of Houston on the county line, thence east on said line to the beginning, making one other county, to be called Crawford.

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