Crawford County News

September 1889

Dick Castleberry at Last Falls Into the Law's Hands.
Green Castleberry a negro desperad, who has been at large for the past two years in the Warrior district, was captured Monday In Crawford county by a sheriff's posse and put In jail. thus ridding the community of a dangerous citizen. The man had been hunted down by officers several times, but each time he would manage to escape by some loophole until he became convinced that no white man could arrest him. It was his frequent boast that he had killed while men and feared no one, and more than once had appeared in large meetings without being molested. Finally last Monday, a posse from Crawford concluded to ring the man to justice.  Securing the assistance of those who were acquainted with his habits, they dogged his footsteps and captured him while asleep. By his side lay a double-barrel shotgun, a revolver and a dirk. As he slept his arm lay across the gun, and it was only by quick work that the officers succeeded in snatching them away before he awoke. Turning his eyes to the place where his weapons had been Castleberry found that he had been outwitted. This did not cause him, however to submit quietly to arrest. With the fury of a madman he fought and scratched his captors until they overpowered him. He was handcuffed and carried to Knoxville, where he was jailed to answer a number of warrants which have been sworn out against him. In Crawford he was indicted for gambling and carrying concealed weapons, At Byron several years ago he shot a negro and then nearly beat him to death. Here he is charged with an assault with intent to murder.
Bibb county has a double claim, Castleberry having been indicted for gambling and carrying concealed weapons. It is claimed that there is a reward for the man from some point in Alabama, where he shot and killed a man. He is being carefully guarded by Sheriff Harley in
Crawford's public hotel. The capture is considered among the officers who know Castleberry as being fine work. He has outwitted many of them, and is considered a dangerous character.
Source: The Weekly Telegraph, Wednesday, September 18, 1889

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