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Orphans Cemetery

Albert G Williamson, a Dodge County entrepreneur, donated land for a burial place in Orphans community following the death of a neighbors child, George P A Barnes in 1887.  The community was named in honor of the six orphaned Williamson brothers who moved her in 1873-4 from North Carolina.  The earliest burials were children of the Thomas, Weldy and Lashley families.  Other common names in the original acre are Hardy, Manley, Steele, Stuckey and Williamson.  The statuary above their mausoleum depicts A F and Martha Buchan Williamson and their nephew Jay Gould.


RAWLINS Colonel Hanson Mr. 19 Mar 1927 Pleasant Olive Cemetery
RAWLINS Cora Bond Mrs. 5 Sept. 1938 Woodlawn Cemetery
RAWLINS David Marshall Mr. 30 Jan 1950 Pleasant Olive Cemetery
RAWLINS Hattie Oliver Mrs. 8 Aug 1953 Woodlawn Cemetery
RAWLINS Isaac Nicholas Mr. 7 Sept. 1904 Rozar Cemetery
RAWLINS James Buford Mr. 11 July 1942 Woodlawn Cemetery
RAWLINS James Calvin Mr. 13 Aug 1917 Woodlawn Cemetery
RAWLINS Luther Austin Mr. 20 May 1964 Woodlawn Cemetery
RAWLINS Martha Druscilla Mrs. 30 Mar. 1925 Bee Hive Cemetery
RAWLINS Mary Hall Mrs. 2 May 1935 Rozar Cemetery
RAWLINS Minnie   Miss 15 Aug 1899 Rozar Cemetery
RAWLINS Mollye Parkerson Mrs. 20 Aug. 1981 Woodlawn Cemetery
RAWLINS Pate C. Mr. 20 Aug. 1910 Rozar Cemetery
RAWLINS Roselle Rogers Mrs. Oct. 1912 Rogers Cemetery
RAWLINS Samuel Jones Mr. 29 Dec. 1933 Rozar Cemetery
PEACOCK Clifton D. Mr. 8 Jul. 1978 Plainfield Baptist Church
PEACOCK Columbus   Mr. 19 Dec. 1920 Ocmulgee Baptist Church
PEACOCK Elizabeth B. Mrs. 1922 Ocmulgee Baptist Church
PEACOCK George   Mr. 13 Oct. 1914 Ocmulgee Baptist Church
PEACOCK Hattie B. Mrs. 18 Sept. 1969 Plainfield Baptist Church
PEACOCK Lenora S. Mrs. 12 Nov. 1973 Plainfield Baptist Church
PEACOCK Lillian C. Mrs. 22 Feb. 1966 Ocmulgee Baptist Church
PEACOCK William Daniel Mr. 1927 Ocmulgee Baptist Church
PEACOCK Willis J., Sr. Mr. 14 Oct. 1955 Plainfield Baptist Church
PARKERSON Bartow David Mr. 4 Oct 1990 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Bertie Mae Mrs. 2 Sept. 1981 Plainfield Baptist Church
PARKERSON Burnis J. Mr. 1 Nov. 1998 Plainfield Baptist Church
PARKERSON Cordell Daniel Mr. 24 Dec 1898 Belisant-Harrell Cemetery
PARKERSON Catherine Harrell Mrs. 4 May 1901 Belisant-Harrell Cemetery
PARKERSON Charles Matthew Mr. 30 May 1994 Plainfield Baptist Church
PARKERSON David Walterman Mr. 1950 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Donald   Mr. 20 July 1920 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Franklin Thomas Mr. 26 Jan 1934 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Fairbie Lee Mrs. 29 Mar 1959 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Frances Peacock Mrs. 23 Dec. 1980 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Frances Woodall Mrs. 1 May 1985 Plainfield Baptist Church
PARKERSON Franklin Thomas Mr. 17 May 1947 Taylor Cemetery
PARKERSON Gus Monroe Mrs. 14 Dec 1958 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Harry Jackson Mr. 13 Apr. 1973 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Henning Thomas Mr. 30 Jan 1931 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Isaac Jefferson Mr. 30 Aug. 1956 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Isaac Newton Mr. 14 Feb 1951 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON James Matthew Mr. 13 Oct. 1906 Lovely Grove Baptist Church
PARKERSON James Wesley Mr. 16 Mar 1955 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON James D. Mr. 1953 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON James Oscar Mr. 1 Mar. 1945 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Jennie Keen Mrs. 21 Sept. 1968 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Joann Burch Mrs. 1953 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON John   Mr. 28 Feb. 1930 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON John B. Mr. 20 Mar 1979 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON John James Mr. 15 Oct. 1918 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Kermit Walter Mr. 9 May 1991 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Lewis Jackson Mr. 8 July 1966 Burch Cemetery
PARKERSON Mabel Octavy Miss 30 Mar. 1880 Lovely Grove Baptist Church
PARKERSON Mardell R. Mrs. 7 Aug 1981 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Mary Sanders Mrs. 23 Nov. 1987 Taylor Cemetery
PARKERSON Melvinnie C. Mrs. 11 July 1947 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Minnie Hargrove Mrs. 7 July 1968 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Sadie Ivey Mrs. 31 Mar. 2003 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Sallie   Mrs. 30 Aug. 1937 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Sally Louise Miss 19 April 1913 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Samantha E. Mrs. 1 June 1927 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Sara E. Mrs. 19 June 1956 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Sarah T. Mrs. 1960 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Susan R. Mrs. 20 June 1950 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Theo Milton Mr. 1 Dec. 1985 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Thomas Edmund Mr. 9 Jan. 1924 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON Vesta Reid Mrs. 17 Sept. 1984 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Vienna Peacock Mrs. 9 Oct. 1956 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON W. Lawton Mr. 15 June 1945 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON William Benjamin Mr. 17 July 1896 Belisant-Harrell Cemetery
PARKERSON William Cleveland Mr. 24 Mar. 1933 Poplar Springs Baptist Church
PARKERSON William Daniel Mr. 1 June 1975 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON William Walter Mr. 3 Mar. 1941 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Willis Levi, Jr. Mr. 22 Nov. 1969 Woodlawn Cemetery
PARKERSON Willis Levi, Sr. Mr. 14 Mar. 1937 Woodlawn Cemetery
PRUETT Annie Evans Mrs. 28 Nov. 1950 El Bethel Baptist Church
PRUETT Bedie Giddens Mrs. 21 Mar 1957 Giddens-Harrell Cemetery
PRUETT Doyle   Mr. 2 Sept. 1957 Giddens-Harrell Cemetery
PRUETT Guy Edward Mr. 7 June 1943 Giddens-Harrell Cemetery
PRUETT James Hughie Mr. 15 June 1974 Bay Springs Freewill Baptist
PRUETT Mary Etta Mrs. 8 Feb. 1999 Bay Springs Freewill Baptist
PRUETT Mary Jane Mercer Mrs. 17 Mar 1921 Giddens-Harrell Cemetery
PRUETT Murrell Ray Mr. 22 Mar. 1992 Giddens-Harrell Cemetery
PRUETT Nora L. Mrs. 24 Nov. 1956 Giddens-Harrell Cemetery
PRUETT Oscar E. Mr. 27 Nov 1974 El Bethel Baptist Church
PRUETT Oliver Louis Mr. 5 Aug. 1988 Giddens-Harrell Cemetery
PRUETT Raiford Lee Mr. 16 Nov. 1966 El Bethel Baptist Church
PRUETT Robert L. Mr. 17 May 1954 El Bethel Baptist Church
PRUETT Wiley Henry Mr. 4 Dec. 1955 Giddens-Harrell Cemetery
PRUITT Guy Henry Mr. 12 Dec. 1976 Woodlawn Cemetery
PRUITT Johnnie L. Mrs. 2 Aug. 1999 Woodlawn Cemetery
Barney Cemetery I
Barney Cemetery II
Belflower Cemetery
Belisant Harrell Cemetery
Benevolence United Methodist Church Cemetery
Bethel Church Cemetery
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery
Bowen Cemetery
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Greenlawn Cemetery (The Chursh of God Memorial Cemetery)
Gresston Baptist Church Cemetery
Gresston Holiness Church Cemetery
Grissom Cemetery
Hall Cemetery
Harrell Cemetery
Harrell-Rogers Cemetery
Harrell-Wooten Cemetery
Hatt-McDuffie Family Cemetery
Hobb Cemetery
Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery
Horne Cemetery
Inglewood Cemetery (also known as Bishop Cemetery)
Isham Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
J.J. Harrell Cemetery
James W. Lister Cemetery
Joel Mullis Cemetery
John A. Coleman Cemetery
Jones Family Cemetery
Jones, William B. (See William B. Jones Cemetery)
Jump Cemetery
Kimberly Cemetery
Lancaster Cemetery
Lenderman Cemetery
Lewis Barge Wilcox Cemetery (located in Pulaski County)
Lister Cemetery
Lockett Cemetery
Lovely Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery
McAllister Cemetery
McMillan Cemetery
Middle Ground Baptist Church Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery (Located in Pulaski County)
Moore Cemetery
Mount Ararat Church Cemetery
Mount Anis Church Cemetery
Mount Olive Baptist Church Cemetery
Mullin Hill Cemetery
Mullis Cemetery
Mullis-Harrell Cemetery
Nancy Harrell Cemetery (Located in Pulaski County)
New Bethel Church Cemetery
Newton Cemetery
Nixon Cemetery (also known as Central Point Baptist Church Cemetery)
Oak Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery
Ocmulgee Baptist Church Cemetery
Old Coody Cemetery
Old Daniel Baptist Churck Cemetery
Old Mount Ararat Church Cemetery
Orphans Cemetery
Parkerson Baptist Church Cemetery
Parkerson Gift Baptist Church Cemetery
Pearson Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery No. 1
Phillips Cemetery No. 2
Pierce Cemetery
Pine Level Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery
Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Plainfield Baptist Church Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Pleasant Olive Cemetery
Poplar Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
Powers Family Cemetery
Rawlins Cemetery
Rhine Cemetery
Robbins Cemetery
Rock Branch Baptist Church Cemetery
Roddy Cemetery
Rogers Cemetery
Rowland Cemetery
Rowland Chapel Church of the Nazarene (Rowland Memorial Cemetery)
Rozar Cemetery
Ryals-Harrell Cemetery
Samuel Evans Cemetery
Sand Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Sapp Cemetery
Scarborough Cemetery
Sheffield Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Smith-Oliver Cemetery
St. Mark Baptist Church Cemetery
Sugar Creek Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery
Sweet Home Baptist Church Cemetery
Sweet Home Primitive Baptist Church
Taylor Cemetery
Taylor-Burch Cemetery
Taylor Family Cemetery
Thankful Baptist Church Cemetery
Thompson-Striplan Cemetery
Vilula Baptist Church Cemetery
Walton Creek Cemetery
White Family Cemetery
Willcox Burying Ground
William B. James Cemetery (also known as Clark, Taylor or Walker Cemetery)
Woodland Cemetery
Wooten-Harrell Cemetery
Yawn Cemetery
Yearty Cemetery
Zebulon Baptist Church Cemetery
Zion Hope Baptist Church Cemetery  

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