Survey taken September and October 2004

Surveyed by Erika Bragg

To visit the Arnsdorff Road cemetery, take Hwy 21 North out of Springfield. Turn left onto Arnsdorff Road.
This is right across from Bethel Lutheran Church, which is on the right side of Hwy 21.
The cemetery is located 0.7 miles down Arnsdorff Road down an old driveway style path on the right.

The Salzburg Lutherans of Effingham were buried in this cemetery before there was a church building
or cemetery established at Bethel Lutheran Church.
There are about 20 or more graves that are unknown. They were recently marked with wooden markers that state "Known only to God".
There has recently been a fence erected around the cemetery.
Photos are available via email from Erika Bragg.
Our Father
John T. Boaen
Died Feb. 7, 1874
Aged 50 years
Gone but not forgotten

Nathaniel Shearouse
Born 1820
Died April 5, 1865
Age 45 years
Asleep in Jesus

Sarah E. Shearouse
Born Sept. 22, 1824
Died June 10, 1875
At Rest

In Memory of
Sarah Arnsdorff
Born Feb. 2nd, 1799
Died Nov. 4th, 1880
Aged 81 yrs, 9 months & 2 days
Footstone: S. A.

In Memory of
John Arnsdorff
was born June the 3rd 1792
Died November the 7th 1858
Aged 66 years, 5 months & 4 days
Footstone: J. A.

To the memory of
Lydia C. Seckinger
Born Feb. the 12, 1826
Died Nov. the 11, 1852
She is not dead but sleepeth.
Footstone: L. C. S.

To the memory of
Lydia V. Seckinger
Born Nov. the 9, 1852
Died May the 23, 1853
Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid
them not for of whom is the Kingdom of Heaven
Footstone: L. V. S.

To the memory of
William C. Seckinger
Born March the 25, 1856
Died Sept the 24, 1856
My sweet little babe is gone to rest.
Footstone: W. C. S.

To the memory of
George W. Seckinger
Born Feb the 2, 1843
Died Sept the 16, 1862
Let me die the death of the righteous.
Footstone: G. W. S.
(This 19 year old was killed in action of the Civil War. EB)

Daniel G. Seckinger
Born Oct 1, 1859
Died Jan 12, 1864
Our darling one hath gone before to greet
us on the blissful shore.
Footstone: D. G. S.

Francis L. Seckinger
Born Oct 27, 1870
Died Sept 27, 1872
Happy infant surely blest
Rest in peaceful slumber, rest.
Footstone: F. L. S.

Mariah H. Seckinger
Born June 12, 1836
Died April 8, 1876
Blessed are the pure in heart:
for they shall see God. MATT v:8
Footstone: M. H. S.

Henrietta E. Seckinger
Born March 11, 1876
Died Apr. 23, 1876
Another little angel
Before the heavenly throne.
Footstone: H. E. S.

Louisa Arnsdorff
Died Sept 20, 1884
Aged 43 yrs, 9 mo, 12 days
Our dear mother is not dead but sleepeth.
Footstone: L. A.

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