Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery

Emanuel County, Georgia


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Photo by Tara D. Fields 10 Aug 2005


Ebenezer 2by Tara D. Fields 10 Aug 2005

Ebenezer 3 – by Tara D. Field 10 Aug 2005

Location: 2.6 miles on US 80 from Swainsboro city limit to Kemp Rd.; 2.0 miles south on Kemp Rd.

Census taken January 21, 1998 by Garland Thompson and L.L. Ketchum

History: "Ebenezer methodist Church was first established as Green Leaf Methodist Church, growing from an arbor erected in the 1790's. The original Green Leaf Church was a log structure, about 25' x 45'. It was located about three miles north of the present site of Ebenezer.

"Instrumental in organizing the church was Revolutionary War hero Reubin Thompson, who first settled in what was then Montgomery County in 1794. He, his wife, and their 16 children had earlier been active in Thompson’s Meeting House in north Georgia...

"Before completing the log house, Reubin and his family erected a brush arbor for divine worship, led by itinerant Methodist preachers. In 1800, the log structure was built. It was used until 1877, when the church was relocated at its present site, in the Kemp community.

"The present building was erected in 1877 and the size was extended [in] 1891. The pews were homemade, each family building a pew. (This accounts for varying lengths of the old pews). Oil lamps attached to the walls reflect the spirtual power of the church, though electricity is used.

"The Reubin Thompson R.S. Family Association meets annually to pay tribute to the founder and charter members ‘who did so much with so little...’

"Charter members included these family lines: Thompson, Douglas, Beasley, Hall, Holton, Flanders, Key, Smith, Kitchens, Richardson, Durden, Curl, Lumley, Drake and Youngblood."

The following sign is erected at the church cemetery entrance:

Designated as Historical Site by

South Georgia Conference Methodist Historical Society

As Site no. 10

National Site No. 165

Brush Arbor 1799 Lt. Reubin Thompson R.S. Exhorter-Pastor

Green Leaf 1800 Original site 2 miles west

Ebenezer 1877 Church relocated at Kemp renamed Ebenezer

Pastors serving during period of relocation

Rev. C.A. Moore & Rev. A.C. "Uncle Chess" Flanders

Presented by

The Reubin Thompson Memorial Foundation Inc. 1985


Col. H. Reginald Thompson

Rev. Larry & Ruby Thompson King

James A. Johnson, Foundation President


Special Note: This cemetery includes the grave of a woman whose life spanned three centuries, from 1789-1901. (See G-38).

A/1 Cora Bell Teston 1925-1962 Mother

A/2 James Smith Kitchen 1834-1863 They gave

A/3 Asa L. Thompson 1837-1863 their lives

A/4 Dempsey Moore 1831-1863 at Gettysburg

A/5 Henry Malcom Hall Nov. 13, 1920-July 19, 1985 PVT US Army World War II; VA stone

A/6 Marcus DeWitt Gunn Feb. 22, 1905-Nov. 7, 1962

A/7 Phronie Lee Gunn Oct. 28, 1904-April 5, 1975

A/8 Ida W. Gunn Hargroves Oct. 30, 1875-Dec. 15, 1969

A/9 Joseph Lee Gunn Nov. 10, 1897-Dec. 30, 1977

A/10 Jim C. Williams Aug. 4, 1898-Aug. 20, 1977

A/11 Neta B. Williams Feb. 25, 1901-June 6, 1980

A/12 Lonnie Moore Sept. 6, 1906-Dec. 28, 1928 Son of C.T. & Vianah Moore; His words were kindness, his deeds were love his spirit humble he rests above

A/13 Bird L. Thompson 1866-1925 Father

A/14 Ruth Thompson 1923-1929 Daughter

A/15 Nancy S. Thompson 1879-1934 Mother

A/16 Enoch J. Deriso April 1867-April 1936 Father; Together forever

Savannah T. Deriso Oct. 1877-May 1969 Mother; site graveled and bordered

A/17 William W. Thompson Nov. 3, 1850-Mar. 8, 1923 When we meet in heaven above we shall know each other there

A/18 Sarah Thompson March 16, 1845-Nov. 6, 1913 Jesus can make a dying bed, feel soft as downy pillows are. While on His breast I lean my head, and breathe my life out sweetly there.

A/19 Jon Melton Hall April 30, 1889-Dec. 16, 1973

A/20 Millard Hicks Hall May 11, 1855-Mar. 15, 1936

Mary C. Kitchens Hall May 5, 1860-Oct. 3, 1940

A/21 Grady Choice Hall Jan. 29, 1900-Feb. 23, 1974

A/22 Pearl Hall Standley Aug. 25, 1905-Aug. 17, 1994 In loving memory

A/23 John C. Hall Dec. 26, 1875-Mar. 19, 1947 Father

Annie T. Hall July 29, 1882-Feb. 11, 1963 Mother

A/24 Judi Corallo April 6, 1938-Oct. 29, 1980 Daughter; bordered

A/25 none none unmarked slab; graveled site

A/26 John L. Smith Sep. 29, 1887-Mar. 5, 1959 CPL US Army World War I; VA plaque; graveled site

A/27 Carl Smith Sept. 24, 1941-Dec. 15, 1996 graveled site

A/28 Charlie Thompson Mar. 17, 1910-Jan. 10, 1989

Manie Thompson Oct. 10, 1910-[blank]

A/29 Charley M. Hall Aug. 18, 1878-Feb. 26, 1939 graveled

Ella Hall Jan. 20, 1883-Sept. 17, 1981 site

A/30 none Jan. 3, 1936-Jan. 6, 1936 Infant son of E.A. & Iris Thompson

A/31 Iris Wilson Thompson Nov. 7, 1908-Sept. 13, 1937 Wife of E.A. Thompson

A/32 Edgar A. Thompson Aug. 19, 1908-Jan. 21, 1965

A/33 & A/34 none none two small headstones engraved with "T"; no other identification, however, they are the graves of the two infants of James E. & Marthaleen J. Thompson

A/35 Clarence E. Thompson July 8, 1904-June 16, 1927 We miss you so much from our home.

A/36 Jordan Eugene Thompson July 18, 1876-Nov. 26, 1951 "Thompson" headstone with

Callie Youngblood Thompson Oct. 29, 1882-April 2, 1961 names & dates on slab

A/37 Clifford Odell Brown Mar. 31, 1923-Mar. 14, 1962 graveled site

A/38 Lewis Juanez Thompson Sept. 28, 1934-Aug. 27, 1983 US Army; VA plaque; graveled site

A/39 Ella Smith Brown Thompson Aug. 7, 1929-[blank] Eternal Wife of Lewis J. Thompson; graveled site

A/40 Joseph T. Hammock May 30, 1875-July 31, 1958

Rosa H. Hammock Jan. 26, 1876-Apr. 19, 1947

A/41 Sam Paul Thompson Oct. 28, 1908-April 20, 1952 no head stone, data on slab

A/42 Lonar H. Durden Nov. 28, 1878-April 20, 1962 graveled and

Carrie M. Durden Dec. 8, 1882-Mar. 5, 1967 bordered site

A/43 Ralph McLeod Durden May 7, 1909-Jan. 22, 1927 Son of Mr. & Mrs. L.H. Durden; Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal; Lovingly remembered; graveled & bordered site

A/44 Robert Bragg Thompson March 8, 1887-June 14, 1971 family headstone with data on slabs; graveled

Mattie Eva Youngblood Thompson May 5, 1893-Mar. 16, 1989 and bordered site

A/45 James Lanier Hall June 28, 1914-August 21, 1989 family headstone with data on slabs; graveled – Photo by Tara D.Fields

Ruth Chalker Hall November 27, 1921-[blank] and bordered site

A/46 Almeda Youngblood Hall June 25, 1889-Feb. 8, 1924 Daughter of G.A. & Salley Youngblood; Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal; reverse: Wife of Ulyses Hall; Your absence is keen your memory dear though lost to sight always near - Husband and Children  – Photo by Tara D.Fields

A/47 Thelma Youngblood June 24, 1903-Sept. 18, 1963 Wife of Walter Hopkins; Fond memories point our hearts to thee.

A/48 Millard Kenneth Youngblood Mar. 16, 1929-Oct. 3, 1989 on slab: Ken; graveled & bordered site

A/49 George W. Youngblood Dec. 26, 1894-Nov. 28, 1976 headstone: Gone but not forgotten; on respective Mary Lou B. Youngblood Jan. 24, 1898-July 11, 1985 slabs: Pa, Granny; graveled & bordered site

A/50 Minnie Lee Youngblood July 26, 1891-Oct. 21, 1909 headstone: Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Youngblood; slab: You are not dead to us. But a bright star unseen, we hold that you are ever near, though death intrudes between; graveled & bordered site

A/51 Sallie Youngblood Jan. 10, 1865-May 16, 1929 headstone: names, dates; Safely anchored in the Geo. A. Youngblood June 17, 1855-Nov. 13, 1929 harbor of eternal rest.; respective slabs: Mother, Father; graveled and bordered site

A/52 Talva Lee Strange, Jr. Jan. 1, 1939-Feb. 8, 1945 A flower transplanted in heaven; graveled & bordered site

A/53 Jewell Gladys Youngblood Strange April 12, 1907-Nov. 8, 1994 Strange family headstone

Talva Lee Strange Nov. 16, 1904-Nov. 13, 1987 with individual names and

Sarah Jean Strange Martin Sept. 3, 1934-[blank] dates on slabs; graveled and

John Thomas Martin October 6, 1934-July 22, 1981 bordered site

A/54 Clifford A. Youngblood May 28, 1905-Sept. 22, 1976

Carrie Bell H. Youngblood Nov. 23, 1903-Jan. 30, 1994

A/55 Nerl Gene Coleman June 9, 1932-September 29, 1997 "Pentecostal Minister Holiness Church" emblem

Bertha T. Coleman Jan. 14, 1908-April 8, 1945 family headstone; data on individual slabs

A/56 Robert Lee Harrell July 23, 1901-Oct. 17, 1982

A/57 Medie E. Youngblood 1891-1968 graveled and

Leona E. Youngblood 1895-1942 bordered site

A/58 William Lamar Hall, Sr. May 21, 1915-Nov. 20, 1979

Fannie Murl Bennett Hall Feb. 1, 1918-Dec. 25, 1979 – Photo by Tara D.Fields

A/59 John Allen Hall June 27, 1882-Dec. 14, 1949 family headstone with names – Photo by Tara D.Fields

Agnes Youngblood Hall Mar. 9, 1886-oct. 22, 1961 and dates on individual slabs; – Photo by Tara D.Fields

Ruby Hall Durden Aug. 3, 1922-June 17, 1997 A loving mother – Photo by Tara D.Fields

A/60 Mildred Hall Feb. 9, 1913-Jan. 2, 1916 Dau. of J.A. & L.A. Hall; In Jesus arms we laid her down, a lovely jewel for his crown. – Photo by Tara D.Fields

A/61 none Jan. 13, 1911 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Hall; Twas but a flower too good for earth transplanted into heaven. – Photo by Tara D.Fields

A/62 Carlos A. Pollett 1937-1976 MM3 US Navy; VA plaque

B/1 Ida Beadie Thompson Jan. 30, 1874-Sept. 8, 1947 Wife of S.S. Thompson; She hath done what she could

B/2 S.S. Thompson Dec. 21, 1866-Feb. 19, 1924 Age 57 years; There is rest for the weary.

B/3 Glenn Lamar Derriso 1920-1931 marble slab

B/4 Ada Thompson Derriso Nov. 27, 1896-Oct. 9, 1968 marble slab

B/5 James Moses Derriso Nov. 25, 1885-Sept. 21, 1968 marble slab

B/6 Clyde Lewis Lumley Aug. 12, 1900-Jan.13, 1983

Jeffie Allen Lumley May 2, 1892-Nov. 29, 1983

B/7 Juanita L. Lumley June 5, 1918-[blank]

M. Bernard Lumley Aug. 9, 1908-Dec. 27, 1993

B/8 Nathiel (sic) Thompson May 6, 1824-May 3, 1906

B/9 Morrill Thompson June 16, 1892-Sept. 27, 1918 Gone but not forgotten

B/10 J.N. Thompson Jan. 1, 1826-Jan. 1, 1912 His toils are past, his work is done. He fought the fight--the victory won.

A.R. Thompson Apr. 24, 1830-Apr. 10, 1914 Wife of J.N. Thompson; The memory shall ever be a guiding star to heaven.

B/11 Kitsie V. Kitchens June 6, 1857-Jan. 9, 1936

Joseph R. Kitchens Apr. 16, 1854-Apr. 29, 1928

B/12 Catherine Flanders May 7, 1834-Dec. 17, 1909 Wife of J.S. Kitchen & Capt. A.C. Flanders

B/13 Sarah Leona Kitchen 1870-1961

William A. Kitchen 1861-1930

B/14 Joe D. Kitchen May 25, 1888-May 9, 1961

B/15 Walton J. Kitchen 1881-1923

William J. Kitchen 1916-1916 Son

Martha J. Kitchen 1914-1922 Dau.

B/16 Rosa Kitchen July 21, 1885-Oct. 15, 1904 Dau. of J.W. & M. A. Kitchen

Age 19 yrs

B/17 Martha S. Kitchen 1860-1947

John Wesley Kitchen 1856-1937

B/18 none Jan. 28, 1917 Infant daughter of J. Leon & Sarah L. Thompson; A little angel in the heaven band.

B/19 none born & died Sept. 25, 1960 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Thompson; cement slab and hand-lettered inscription

B/20 Anne E. Thompson Jan. 11, 1919-Jan. 16, 1919 Dau. of T.L. & W.D. Thompson

B/21 none Oct. 27, 1925 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Tommy L. & Winnie C. Thompson; slab

B/22 James Robert Thompson Sept. 25, 1852-Mar. 5, 1936

B/23 Samantha Sconyers Thompson Sept. 8, 1858-Sept. 17, 1937

B/24 Avis Evaline Barnes July 22, 1866-July 21, 1923

James Gideon Barnes Sept. 10, 1865-June 18, 1934

B/25 Sidney Calvert 1889-1979 slab and funeral home marker

B/26 Salley Ellen Calvert Mar. 4, 1890-Dec. 10, 1966 You will never be forgotten. Son George & his wife Barbara.

B/27 none none Asleep in Jesus engraved in each of four infant slabs

B/28 Avis E. Barnes July 22, 1866-July 21, 1923 Asleep in Jesus

B/29 Laura M. Thompson March 17, 1919-[blank] graveled

Johnny H. Thompson 4-10-1913 - 10-7-1984 site

B/30 Jas. Allen Kitchens June 25, 1858-Aug. 24, 1937 graveled

Neilie McLeod Kitchens Mar. 19, 1877-Nov. 4, 1929 site

B/31 Dennis Neil Thompson Dec. 13, 1877-Dec. 29, 1963 Le our Father’s will be done; graveled site

B/32 Sallie V. McLeod Nov. 14, 1879-Apr. 14, 1926 Wife of D.N. Thompson; She was the sunshine of our home.; graveled site

B/33 James Leon Thompson Feb. 1, 1891-Feb. 19, 1977 graveled

Sarah C. Thompson July 14, 1895-Sept. 26, 1963 site

B/34 Lottie L. Yeomans Aug. 2, 1886-Sept. 27, 1919 Wife of G.Y. Yeomans; Gone but not forgotten

B/35 Ezra C. Yeomans Aug. 26, 1915-Oct. 22, 1940 Brother

B/36 M. Larry Thompson Nov. 14, 1944-Nov. 23, 1973

Reba H. Thompson Jan. 5, 1915-Oct. 3, 1979

Morris W. Thompson Nov. 2, 1914-Nov. 12, 1984

B/37 Rusty D. Pounds 1993 Infant son of Randy & Teresa Pounds

B/38 Maurice T. Dickson Apr. 4, 1920-July 4, 1983 Thy will be done.

Henry G. Dickson Apr. 2, 1923-[blank] Married June 7, 1947

B/39 Julia P. Thompson died Oct. 1, 1903, Aged 26 years Wife of D.J. Thompson; Twas hard to give thee up but thy will O God be done.

B/40 Ella Thompson died July 23, 1904 Aged 36 years Wife of D.J. Thompson; unreadable verse

B/41 J.D.P. Thompson Sept. 3, 1903-Dec. 1, 1903 Son of D.J. & Julia P. Thompson; Gone so soon

B/42 T.T. Thompson Aug. 7, 1905-Mar [blank], 1906 Son of D.J. & Annie Thompson; Gone to be an angel.

B/43 Mattie Hall Fields July 21, 1897-Sept. 6, 1924 - Photo by Tara D. Fields

Henry M. Fields July 12, 1894-Mar. 2, 1959 - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/1 Bonnie Mae Thompson Dec. 27, 195-Sept. 27, 1921 Dau. of Homer and Lougenia Thompson

C/2 Eliza Beth Thompson Oct. 14, 1843-Dec. 14, 1916 Wife of R.B. Thompson

C/3 R.B. Thompson Apr. 5, 1843-Dec. 5, 1928 His word was his bond he fought a good fight he kept the faith; VA plaque: Co H 48 MD Regt Civil War

C/4 none none unmarked cement slab

C/5 none none unmarked cement slab

C/6 Martha P. Thompson Jan. 24, 1859-June. 9, 1922 Absent, not dead

C/7 none none cement slab

C/8 Lewis O. (Luke) Lumley, Jr. July 28, 1950-Feb. 3, 1988

C/9 Ruby Y. Lumley Mar. 27, 1910-Dec. 30, 1979

Lewis O. Lumley Oct. 30, 1905-June 28, 1985

C/10 none none unmarked headstone

C/11 EMP none headstone

C/12 Celeste Fields Brack Apr. 4, 1931-[blank] Wife of Perry W. Brack

Perry W. Brack May 25, 1921-Oct. 26, 1974

C/13 Smiley Bethea Fields July 1, 1926-July 5, 1926 – Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/14 Smiley B. Fields Jan. 30, 1900-Jan. 21, 1949 - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/15 Bertha Underwood Fields Tucker Jan. 27, 1901-Oct. 31, 1982 - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/16 Pearson W. Tucker Sept. 18, 1901-Oct. 30, 1985 - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/17 Emma M. Phillips Feb. 21, 1883-Sept. 26, 1920 Wife of A.C. Phillips; Woodmen Circle logo

C/18 Mary C. Phillips Jan. 11, 1907-May 8, 1908 Dau. of A.C. & E.M. Phillips; Asleep in Jesus - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/19 Ruth H. Fields May 13, 1895-Mar. 4, 1981 - Photo by Tara D. Fields

Marvin R. Fields Aug. 30, 1889-June 2, 1940 - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/20 Mary Catharine Thompson Sept. 20, 1829-Sept. 20, 1907

C/21 Allen Thompson Jan. 14, 1830-Aug. 31, 1917

C/22 Thomas Thompson Apr. 25, 1907-Sept. 30, 1908 Son of G.A. & G. Thompson; How many fond hopes we buried here

C/23 none Aug. 31, 1914 Infant son of G.A. & G. Thompson

C/24 Doris V. Thompson Sept. 4, 1917-Jan. 11, 1933

C/25 Arther (sic) A. Thompson Nov. 6, 1907-Sept. 12, 1908 Son of Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Thompson

C/26 none Nov. 27, 1906 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Thompson

C/27 none Feb. 27, 1894 Infant son of S.S. and Beadie Thompson; He carries the lambs in his bosom gone so soon.

C/28 none Feb. 27, 1894 Infant son of S.S. and Beadie Thompson; He carries the lambs in his bosom gone so soon.

C/29 Carrie T. Jordan Feb. 15, 1888-June 5, 1919 Asleep in Jesus

C/30 Eve Annette Fields Culver Jan. 21, 1928-[blank] Wife of Guy T.

C/31 none Feb. 8, 1887 Infant daughter of J.W. & N.E. Thompson

C/32 William A. Thompson Apr. 8, 1885-Mar. 7, 1887 Son of J.W. and N.E. Thompson; unreadable inscription on slab

C/33 R.J.D. July 19, 1877-Jan. 21, 1882 Son of J.W. & N.E. Thompson; unreadable inscription on slab

C/34 N.E. Thompson Sept. 17, 1858-June 28, 1897 Wife of J.W. Thompson; Here rests one who in this life was a kind mother an (sic) a true wife her spirit smiles on that bright shore saying husban (sic) an (sic) children weep no more dear wife dear mother we will meet you in that home beyond the skies.

C/35 John W. Thompson Jan. 27, 1855-Jan. 30, 1929 Masonic logo

C/36 Catherine Flanders Thompson Apr. 17, 1874-Oct. 17, 1946

C/37 none ? Infant son of ?

C/38 Ralph B. Fields Aug. 28, 1909-Jan. 13, 1934 – Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/39 Annie S. Fields Feb. 1, 1868-July 27, 1928 Lovingly – Photo by Tara D. Fields

William C. Fields Apr. 2, 1855-Sept. 5, 1917 remembered - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/40 Willie Edna Fields none on slab: In love she lived - In peace she died - Her life was craved - But God denied - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/41 none none Daughters of W.C. & ? Fields

C/42 Johnnie Fields none Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. God called thee home. He thought it best - Photo by Tara D. Fields

C/43 W.G. Morris Thompson Sept. 25, 1861-Jan. 2, 1894

Sophronia L. Thompson Dec. 6, 1866-Sept. 23, 1887

C/44 Johnnie Bernice Coleman died May 12, 1909 Daughter of Otis & Sadie Coleman; Weep not Age 2 yrs 6 mos 3 days father and mother for me, For I am waiting in glory for thee. on slab: We had a little treasure once, - She was our joy and pride. - We loved her, Ah perhaps too well, -For soon she slept and died. - All is dark within our dwelling, - Lonely are our hearts today, - For the one we loved so dearly - Has forever passed away.

C/45 Jesse Cary Thompson Aug. 20, 1893-Sept. 27, 1895 Son of J.R. & S.L. Thompson; Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore.

C/46 Geo. Edward Kitchen Mar. 11, 1896-Jan. 16, 1898 Son of Rev. Wm. & Janie Kitchen; Gone but not forgotten

C/47 J.F. none child’s grave headstone


C/48 Effie Jane Kitchens Aug. 28, 1898-Aug. 30, 1898 Daughter of D.W. & S.J. Kitchens; Gone to be an angel

C/49 Milley Malinda Moore Feb. 8, 1851-Jan. 22, 1887 She was a tender mother, and in her life, the Lord did fear; we trust our los (sic) will be her gain, and that with Christ she’s gone to reign. My own dear wife has gone to mansions above yonder sky.

C/50 Rosa G. Curl Oct. 16, 1897-July 13, 1910

C/51 none born & died June 15, 1886 Infant daughter of H. & M. Hall

C/52 Emma M. Hall July 24, 1884-May 30, 1886 Daughter of Henry & M. Hall; Weep not for her she is not dead but sleeping.

C/53 Ida Hall ? Daughter of Henry & Mary Hall; Gone but not forgotten; broken stone

C/54 Rabon Hall July 28, 1891-Mar. 15, 1894 Son of Henry & Mary Hall; We will meet again

C/55 Henry Hall Sept. 3, 1845-Sept. 16, 1913 An honest man’s the noblest work of God.

C/56 Mrs. Mollie Hall Nov. 13, 1853-May 11, 1933 There will be no parting there.

C/57 Nathan Curl Feb. 10, 1855-Oct. 21, 1912

C/58 Vondelle Riner Aug. 8, 1921-Nov. 10, 1922 Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Riner; Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.

C/59 Maurice Riner May 23, 1930-Nov. 6, 1931 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Riner; Gone but not forgotten.

C/60 Daniel Wesley Kitchens Sept. 29, 1869-Feb. 4, 1919

C/61 Sara Julia Thompson Kitchens Mar. 14, 1871-Oct. 31, 1930

C/62 E.J.K. none footstone

C/63 Wm. R. Kitchen Apr. 10, 1899-Dec. 25, 1911 Son of J.A. & N.E. Kitchen (sic); Gone to a better land

C/64 J.E. Kitchen Jan. 4, 1884-Sept. 15, 1910 Son of J.A. & N.E. Kitchen (sic)

C/65 Robbie L. Kitchens Mar. 3, 1897-Jan. 21, 1906 Son of J.A. & N.E. Kitchens (sic)

C/66 Emma Kitchen Feb. 5, 1861-Sept. 22, 1901 Wife of J.A. Kitchen (sic); In her arms sleeps John W. born Aug. 24, 1901 died Sept. 23, 1901

C/67 Morris Esther Kitchen Dec. 25, 1893-Aug. 10, 1894 Daughter of J.A. & N.E. Kitchen (sic); The fairest flower we fondly love. How soon it fades and dies.

C/68 Annie M. Durden Jan. 14, 1882-July 28, 1901 Wife of Rowie D. Durden; Twas but a flower too good for earth transplanted into heaven; raised crypt

C/69 Lillian E. Durden 1903-1934

C/70 James R. Durden 1905-1939

C/71 J.T. Curl Sept. 8, 1884-June 29, 1915 May he rest in peace.

C/72 Jennie Thompson June 13, 1885-Dec. 2, 1886 Infant daughter of F.A. and L. Thompson; on slab: Age 1 year 5 mo 19 days Oh, let our father’s will be done - she shines in endless days. - She was the sunshine of our home. - An angel to be given: - Just when we learned to love her? - God called her back to heaven.

C/73 D.R.C. none headstone

C/74 George Merdie Nasworthy Nov. 27, 1906-Aug. 10, 1941

C/75 Will Hall Mch. 22, 1869-Aug. 25, 1899 Another link is broken in our household band But a chain is forming in a better land.

C/76 Elamb. Hall Sept. 15, 1862-Aug. 15, 1898 He took the cup of life to sip - So bitter it was to drain, He meekly put it from his lips, and went to sleep again.

C/77 none born and died Jan. 21, 1894 Infant of Mr. & Mr.s W.H. Lumley; Gone to be an angel

C/78 Earl Lumley Feb. 14, 1911-May 16, 1911 Son of Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Lumley; unreadable verse

C/79 William H. Lumley Apr. 2, 1866-Sept. 15, 1936

Maggie T. Lumley May 8, 1869-Nov. 15, 1947

C/80 Calla Thompson Sept. 30, 1883-Oct. 12, 1884 Daughter of I. & M. Thompson

C/81 George W. Nasworthy 1871-1957

Della Curl Nasworthy 1876-1937

C/82 Jewel Nasworthy Nov. 10, 1910-Dec. 6, 1910 In Memory of; Only sleeping

C/83 Mary Leona Curl July 24, 1880-April 8, 1882 The little babe gone to rest, To reign with God forever ? could not ? it back again but say dear babe with God remain.

C/84 D.R. Curl Feb. 17, 1849-Jan. 22, 1915 Father; Gone but

N.A. Curl June 18, 1953- [blank] Mother; not forgotten

C/85 Ola Curl Sellars July 11, 1886-Sept. 12, 1938 Wife of W. J. Sellars

C/86 Bethanie Jones Mar. 6, 1881-June 20, 1906 Dau. of J.R. & M.B. Jones; Father, let thy will be done

C/87 Thomas D. Moore none

Manning L. Moore none

Martha Hall Moore none

Jenny M. Zace Moore none

C/88 none none Infant of J.M. & A.M. Kitchens

C/89 none none Infant of J.M. & A.M. Kitchens

C/90 Emma Kitchen Nov. 4, 1880-Mar. 22, 1895 Dau. of G.A. & N.E. Kitchen; Her spirit smiles from that bright shore and softly whispers "weep no more."

C/91 G.A. Kitchens (sic) Nov. 8, 1838-Feb. 7, 1923 Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, From which none ever wakes to weep.

C/92 Elizabeth Kitchen Sept. 7, 1839-Dec. 23, 1909 Wife of G.A. Kitchen (sic); So dearest now thy brow is cold I see thee what thou art, and know thy likeness to the good and true, thy kindred with the great of old.

C/93 D.J. Thompson Oct. 1862-Feb. 1917 Having finished life’s journey he now sweetly rests

C/94 Nancy E. Thompson died Mar. 27, 1901 Aged 26 years Wife of D.J. Thompson; She was tood good too gentle and fair to dwell in this cold world of care.

C/95 Sarah L. Thompson died June 1903 aged 13 mos. Another little angel before the heavenly throne.

C/96 John D. Thompson died April 1899 aged 5 mos. Suffer little children to come unto me.

C/97 Thos. Michael [blank] June 10, 1892-Oct. 23, 1901 We loved him; surname probably Hall

C/98 Mary E. Hall Mar. 15, 1896 Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. M.H. Hall; Safe in the arms of Jesus.

C/99 John McWebb Mar. 24, 1851-Jan. 21, 1916 Sweetly resting

C/100 Amanda McWebb Oct. 3, 1855-Jan. 21, 1916 Wife of J. McWebb; She was kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all.

C/101 Daisy Webb July 28, 1880-Oct. 26, 1908 She faltered by the wayside, and the angels took her home.

C/102 none Jan. 1894-May 1894 Infant dau. of J. & A. Webb; Gone before

C/103 Leon Webb July 7, 1890-Apr. ?, 1891 Our loved one.

C/104 Dossie Rowell Sep. 5, 1888-Mar. 6, 1889 Daughter of J.F. & A. Rowell; unreadable verse on slab

C/105 Addie May Rowell Jan. 14, 1884-Aug. 23, 1885 Daughter of J.F. & Addie Rowell; We know she is safe on the other side where all the ransomed and Angels be.

C/106 none June 5, 1913-June 6, 1913 Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.J. Durden; Of such is the kingdom of heaven

C/107 none none Infant daughter of H.J. & N.D. Durden; At rest

C/108 Jesse Robert Durden Mar. 30, 1903-Apr. 16, 1903 Son of H.J. & N.D. Durden; Gone but not forgotten

C/109 Walter Rowell June 5, 1880-Sept. 5, 1881 Son of J.F. & A. Rowell; I take these little lambs said he and lay them in my breast. Protection they shall find in me. In me be ever blest.

C/110 Jessie Ida Rowell Nov. 6, 1892-Sept. 22, 1894 Daughter of J.F. & Addie Rowell

C/111 J.W. Lumley July 20, 1837-Aug. 25, 1921 His toils are past - his race is run - He fought the fight - The victory won.


C/112 Donah E. Lumley June 30, 1845-Aug. 1, 1917 Wife of J.W. Lumley; Here lies one who in this life was a kind mother and a true wife.

C/113 K.A. Harbuck died July 20, 1901 Aged 56 years God gave - He took - He will restore - He doeth all things well.

C/114 none born & died July 1887 Infant of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Lumley; Come to Me.

C/115 S. E. Harbuck died Sept. 1889 Aged 47 years Faithful to her trust Even unto death.

D/1 H.O. "Sug" Moore Dec. 23, 1893-Dec. 1, 1961

D/2 none Aug. 5, 1852-Apr. 5, 19? In memory of husband of Sallie E. Moore; broken stone

D/3 none none unmarked cement slab

D/4 Lillian Sharpton none cement slab with funeral home stake

D/5 Minnie L. Hall Apr. 18, 1901-Mar. 19, 1904

D/6 Emma L. Hall 1867-1942 on slab: Mother

John M. Hall 1863-1949 on slab: Father

D/7 none none broken headstone

D/8 none none broken slab

D/9 Mary Webb 1815-Feb. 21, 1889 Borne by angels hand away to live with God above

D/10 Elias G. Webb Sept. 15, 1824-Aug. 15, 1895 unreadable verse

D/11 none none broken stone

D/12 Madie D. Padgett Mar. 4, 1897-Feb. 11, 1902 Daughter of J.H. & T.B. Padgett; Our darling one hath gone before, To greet us on the blissful shore.; broken stone

D/13 ? ? broken stone

D/14 none none unmarked headstone

D/15 Bennie Padgett Aug. 2, 1906-Oct. 19, 1909 Son of J.H. & T.B. Padgett; unreadable verse

D/16 J.A. Deriso Nov. 9, 1876-Jan. 8, 1896

D/17 Moses Deriso Oct. [blank], 1816-Feb. 8, 1889 unreadable verse

D/18 none none

D/19 P.T. Derriso (sic) Nov. 13, 1837-Oct. [blank], 1909 broken stone

D/20 Charlie J. Derriso 1896-1975 graveled

Thelma S. Derriso 1901-1982 site

D/21 Dawson D. De Rriso 1922-1932 graveled site

D/22 A.E. De Rriso Apr. 10, 1864-Apr. 6, 1927 graveled site

D/23 Trudie Lumley Nov. 21, 1861-July 23, 1943 graveled site

D/24 Charlie E. Derriso June 26, 1916-May 19, 1917 unreadable verse

D/25 Martha E. Flanders Jan. [blank], 1858-Feb. 10, 1878 Wife of James Flanders

D/26 W.S. Holton Sept. 30, 1807-May 12, 1884 Father’s grave; unreadable verse

D/27 M.E. Flanders Jan. 13, 1858-Feb. 10, 1878 Wife of Jas. Flanders; When Christ who is our ? shal (sic) appeare (sic) we shal (sic) also appeare (sic) with Him in glory. - Photo by Tara D. Fields

D/28 Mattie E. Holton Oct. 18, 1872-Apr. 6, 1901 Wife of W.S. Holton; unreadable verse

D/29 none none unmarked cement stone

D/30 Mattie B. Kirkland Feb. 4, 1859-Mar. 7, 1923 Wife of B.H. Kirkland; Gone to a better land.

D/31 Ida Lee Kirkland May 9, 1908-Sept. 30, 1908 Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. B.H. Kirkland

D/32 Anne Kirkland Oct. 8, 1898 (?)-Oct. 8, 1898 (?) unreadable verse

D/33 Vannie Kirkland Oct. 8, 1898-Oct. 28, 1898 In memory of

D/34 W.R. Moore Aug. 5, 1852-Apr. 5, 190? Husband of Sallie E. Moore; broken stone

D/35 Estelle B. Youngblood 1890-1966

D/36 John I.M. Youngblood 1884-1906

D/37 Martha A. Youngblood 1870-1944

John G. Youngblood 1857-1936

D/38 William Henry Youngblood 1897-1908

D/39 Joseph Ernest Youngblood 1895-1899

D/40 Sarah Lowe Aug. 23, 1840-May 6, 1909 Our dear mother; She hath faded away to shine brightly in heaven

D/41 J.E. Lowe Nov. 9, 1844-Feb. 28, 1902

D/42 J. Cary Lowe Sept. 16, 1893-Oct. 25, 1898

D/43 none none broken stone

D/44 none Sept. 12, 1896-Sept. 22, 1896 Infant son of W.P. & E.J. Thompson; Only sleeping

D/45 E. Jane Thompson Aug. 12, 1867-Sept. 20, 1896 Wife of W.P. Thompson; Here I lay my burden down - Change the cross into the crown.

D/46 Lillie M. Thompson May 5, 1893-June 21, 1910 Wife of W.G. Thompson; She’s gone to worlds above where saints and angels meet to realize our savior’s love and worshiip at his feet.

D/47 Wesley P. Thompson Feb. 2, 1849-May 13, 1925 Here is one who is sleeping in faith and love with hope that is treasured in Heaven above.

D/48 none none unmarked headstone

D/49 none none unmarked headstone

D/50 none born & died 1877 Infant daughter of A.J. and Eliza Thompson

D/51 Unknown Thompson born ? 1879 died ? Little daughter of ?; broken stone

D/52 Joseph A. Thompson July 29, 1877-Aug. 10, 1879 Son of R.N. & R.J. Thompson; unreadable verse

D/53 none born & died July 5, 1881 Infant daughter of R.N. & R.J. Thompson; unreadable verse

D/54 none born & died Dec. 28, 1887 Infant daughter of R.N. & R.J. Thompson; Could we but hear this little tongue so sweetly sing heavenly songs.

D/55 Clara A. Thompson Sept. 4, 1885-July 27, 1887 Daughter of R.N. & R.J. Thompson; Crowns on her head and palms in her hands.

D/56 Mary A.B. Thompson Apr. 23, 1879-Oct. 1, 1880 Daghter (sic) of R.N. & R.J. Thompson

D/57 Arrilla C. Thompson June 14, 1873-June 27, 1874 Daughter of R.N. & R.J. Thompson

D/58 R. Jane Thompson Mar. 26, 1850-July 10, 1922 Wife of R.N. Thompson; unreadable verse

D/59 Mary Magdalene Scott Born & Died Mch. 30, 1882 Daughter of F.B. & N.D. Scott; unreadable verse

D/60 Irving Lanis Sego 1933-1992 funeral home stake

D/61 Gladys Youngblood Sego Nov. 25, 1909-Apr. 29, 1988

D/62 Gertrude J. Youngblood Oct. 18, 1875-Jan. 6, 1946

D/63 S.M. Youngblood May 30, 1865-Sept. 16, 1941

D/64 Mary M. Youngblood Dec. 1, 1861-Nov. 8, 1901 hand-lettered cement stone

D/65 none none infant slab and headstone

D/66 none none infant slab and headstone

D/67 none none infant slab and headstone

D/68 Youngblood Infant none hand-lettered cement stone

D/69 Youngblood Infant none hand-lettered cement stone

D/70 Lloyd Allen Youngblood 1906-1969

D/71 Jewel Meleese Youngblood 1913-1983

E/1 none none unmarked cement slab

E/2 none none unmarked cement slab

E/3 Emma ? 1880-? unmarked cement slab with broken funeral home stake

E/4 none none unmarked cement slab

E/5 Vernon H. Kirkland Feb. 7, 1917-Mar. 8, 1917 Son of W.A. & Emma Kirkland

E/6 Benjamin Kirkland Mar. 1906- Feb. 1907 Son of W.A. & Emma Kirkland

E/7 Sallie M. Kirkland July 9, 1884-Oct. 1, 1906 Wife of W.A. Kirkland; At rest

E/8 Rufus Lester Kicklighter Jan. 21, 1921-Feb. [blank] 1923 Father, let him grace be given That we may meet in heaven

E/9 Jim Padgett Oct. 3, 1894-Oct. 29, 1912 Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Padgett; unreadable verse

E/10 Sudie Lee Padgett 1903-1921

E/11 Thelma Padgett 1922-1923

E/12 Trudie Bell Padgett 1876-1930

E/13 John H. Padgett 1872-1960

E/14 Eddie Hall Kemp May 18, 1853-Aug. 22, 1938

E/15 Lency Mae Kicklighter Dec. 16, 1913-May 31, 1975

E/16 George R. Kicklighter May 9, 1942 Florida PVT 156 Depot Brig.; VA stone

E/17 Hewitt Christian 1897-1971

E/18 T. Ephraim Hooks May 25, 1895-Apr. 28, 1980

E/19 Cecil Christian Hooks Feb. 25, 1890-May 26, 1959

E/20 Mattie M. Christian none

E/21 Hoyt Christian August 2, 1920 Georgia PVT 53 Amm. Train; VA stone

E/22 John M. Christian none

E/23 none none unmarked cement slab

E/24 L.C. Murphy ?, 1900-?, 1936 hand-lettered cement slab

E/25 Mary Maxwell none

E/26 Robert G. Cooper Sept. 2, 1911-Sept. 5, 1911 Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Cooper; unreadable verse

E/27 Susie Cooper Dec. 23, 1870-June 30, 1913 Wife of C.H. Cooper

E/28 Charles H. Cooper Aug. 25, 1871-Dec. 8, 1945

E/29 none none unmarked cement slab

E/30 Dora V. Hayslip June 24, 1914 Dau. of Z.H. & L. Mina Hayslip; unreadable verse

1 Yr 2 M 18 Da

E/31 none none unmarked cement slab

E/32 Robert Lee Sellers Oct. 12, 1913-Dec. 22, 1977 PVT US Army World War II; VA stone

E/33 none July 27, 1847-Mar. 8, 1907 broken stone; unreadable verse

E/34 Woodrow W. Smith Mar. 12, 1919-July 13, 1995 MSGT US Air Force World War II Korea; VA stone

E/35 Lomie Dessie Lumley Carruthers Dec. 16, 1902-Aug. 12, 1983 Mother; Peace

E/36 Johnny Ann Green June 5, 1880-Jan. 9, 1949 Wife of T.K. Lumley, Jr.; An inspiration to us all.

E/37 Charlie F. Lumley 1924-1983 funeral home stake

E/38 none none unmarked cement slab

E/39 Elizabeth Lumley Dec. 17, 1842-Aug. 3, 1922 Our father & mother - Together in heaven;

T.K. Lumley, Sr. April 18, 1845-Aug. 14, 1920 In God we trust

E/40 Thos. K. Lumley, Jr. Mar. 2, 1876-Aug. 14, 1920 Our father has gone to a mansion of rest to the glorious land by the deity blest.

E/41 Ever Purl Evens none child-size grave, graveled

E/42 Emma Stephens none

E/43 ? Stephens none

E/44 Infant son none

E/45 Alma Lee Stephens May 10, 1910-July 16, 1910 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T.T. Stephens

E/46 ? ? two unreadable stones sitting at an angle to each other

E/47 J.C. Lowe Sept. 16, 1896-Oct. 25, 1896 Son of H. and S.G. Lowe; A little bud of love to bloom with God above.

E/48 William Hall May ?, 1898-May ?, 1898 Son of ?; broken stone

E/49 none none One precious to our hearts has gone the voice we loved is stilled the place made vacant in our home can never more be filled.; broken stone

E/50 none died Nov. ? We trust our loss will be her gain And that with Christ she’s gone to reign.; broken stone

E/51 Jessie (?) Moore 1882-1970 cement slab with funeral home stake

E/52 A.D. Moore 1874-1934 Husband

E/53 Sarah Moore Dec. 1, 1844-Apr. 25, 1918 Wife of A.J. Moore; unreadable verse

F/1 Mary Aleene Tapley Feb. 10, 1910-Aug. 17, 1972 Daughter

F/2 George William Tapley July 21, 1881-Jan. 10, 1957 Father

Clara Connor Tapley Jun. 27, 1882-Mar. 12, 1969 Mother

F/3 Naomi Inez Tapley Dec. 18, 1905-May 21, 1994

F/4 Willie M. Flanders May 27, 1886-March 2, 1957 graveled, bordered

George Smith Flanders July 15, 1881-Sept. 7, 1940 site

F/5 Carrie Eugenia Kea Sept. 14, 1888-Jan. 9, 1976

F/6 Robert L. Kea June 1, 1882-July 12, 1949

F/7 Nancy E. Kea Apr. 21, 1847-Feb. 9, 1937

F/8 Ferris F. Youngblood Mar. 17, 1884-Dec. 23, 1956 graveled, bordered

Lillian F. Youngblood Jan. 29, 1890-Aug. 31, 1985 site

F/9 F.F. Youngblood, Jr. Nov. 9, 1924-Nov. 25, 1924 graveled, bordered site

F/10 none Sept. 13, 1912 Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.F. Youngblood; Darling, we miss thee; graveled, bordered site

F/11 Wilma Youngblood May 8, 1910-June 10, 1912 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.F. Youngblood; reverse of headstone: Twas but a flower too good for earth, transplanted into heaven.; graveled, bordered site

F/12 Eddie D. Kicklighter Feb. 17, 1888-July 24, 1960

F/13 none none unmarked child-size slab

F/14 Fred Flanders May 18, 1869-June 4, 1910 slab crypt

F/15 Hugh D. Smith, Sr. Feb. 14, 1917-Aug. 12, 1995 graveled, bordered site

F/16 Kathryn Flanders Smith Nov. 28, 1919-Nov. 1, 1971 graveled, bordered site

F/17 Clarence Grimes Apr. 16, 1905-Sept. 2, 1990 graveled, bordered site

F/18 Esther M. Grimes Apr. 26, 1917-Feb. 13, 1985 graveled, bordered site

F/19 none none unmarked slab

F/20 Melvin Wallace 1939-1946

Melton Wallace 1946-1948

F/21 Jacky Morris Apr. 30, 1939-Sept. 29, 1983 My son; bordered

F/22 Robert Wallace July 25, 1909-? Brother; bordered

F/23 John I. Wallace Jan. 27, 1888-Sept. 17, 1981 bordered

Vannie A. Wallace May 22, 1890-Aug. 3, 1950

F/24 Levi W. Wallace Dec. 29, 1917-Aug. 22, 1944 Florida Tec 5 Field Artillery World War II; bordered

F/25 Timothy Wayne Screws Feb. 20, 1951-Sept. 11, 1951 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Pearle Screws

F/26 Lou A. Derriso Sept. 29, 1914-Sept. 9, 1997

F/27 J.D. Derriso Aug. 2, 1917-Apr. 29, 1979

F/28 Cleo G. Derriso Dec. 18, 1915-June 18, 1957

F/29 Ruth Derriso July 30, 1892-Apr. 20, 1946

F/30 Jessie L. Derriso, Sr. Apr. 7, 1893-Mar. 4, 1977

F/31 Bobbie P. Derriso June 3, 1933-Jan. 29, 1934

F/32 none none child-size brick/cement slab

F/33 William F. Stapleton Aug. 4, 1860-Jan. 16, 1926 two cement slabs, but only one name

F/34 Neil McCarthy April 15, 1908-March 23, 1949 Georgia CPL Med. Dept. World War II; VA stone

F/35 Bessie Hall McCarthy Nov. 10, 1880-Mar. 15, 1941

F/36 Lonnie Hayslip Aug. 17, 1893-June 27, 1916 22 yrs 10 mo 18 days

F/37 Zean H. Hayslip Feb. 1862-June 23, 1923 Son of Elijah and Elizabeth Hayslip

F/38 William R. Coleman Nov. 16, 1876-Aug. 26, 1950

F/39 Sidney Coleman 1883-1936

F/40 James R. Price Sept. 26, 1867-Mar. 8, 1954 Father

F/41 Maggie Smith Price Dec. 26, 1903-Sept. 22, 1942 Mother

F/42 Barney L. McNure 1917-1976 funeral home stake

F/43 none none unmarked cement slab

F/44 Nora Mae Faircloth 1917-1966 funeral home stake

F/45 none none unmarked cement slab

F/46 Myzelle M. Faircloth Feb. 12, 1937-May 31, 1981 funeral home stake and slab

F/47 none none unmarked small head and foot stones

F/48 Annie Pauline Moore Feb. 23, 1923, Died 1924

F/49 Sarah Kirkland none

F/50 Alice May Kirkland none

F/51 Millie Reid Kirkland Jan. 9, 1921-Nov. 4, 1921 on slab: Daughter of Walter & Lena Lumley Kirkland

F/52 none none unmarked headstone

F/53 Mary Lee Thompson Nov. 27, 1865-Nov. 1, 1915

F/54 Henry O. Thompson Feb. 20,1891-Aug. 30, 1938 Together

Trevor V. Thompson July 23, 1896-July 16, 1974 forever

F/55 V. Zilda Jones Moore June 19, 1885-Feb. 24, 1923 names & dates on footstones; on family stone: I Rev. D.W. Moore Nov. 17, 1883-July 24, 1959 have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith 2 Tim. 4-7

F/56 none none unmarked infant-size slab

F/57 Infant Faircloth 1964-1964 funeral home stake

F/58 none none unmarked infant-size slab

F/59 none none unmarked slab

F/60 Mrs. Cynthia Faircloth 1895-1965 funeral home stake

F/61 Ida Mae F. Farmer July 15, 1920-[blank]

Joe Edwin Farmer Nov. 9, 1909-Jan. 4, 1986

F/62 Delia "Dee Dee" Loretta Stewart Jan. 19, 1960-Dec. 28, 1991 names & dates on slab; graveled, bordered site

F/63 Hattie H. Moore 1899-1991 funeral home stake

F/64 none none unmarked slab

F/65 none none unmarked slab

F/66 none none unmarked slab

F/67 Reba Thompson Jan. 1, 1913-Aug. 12, 1913 Just when we learned to love her most, God clled her back to heaven.

F/68 Joe F. Thompson June 20, 1877-June 13, 1918 Thy will be done

F/69 Hattie Gay Thompson Oct. 1, 1879-Aug. 12, 1909 Wife of J.F. Thompson; Married Jan. 25th 1900; unreadable verse

F/70 none July 1918-Sept. 23, 1918 Infant son of E.E.& L. Lamb

F/71 none July 1916 Infant son Mr. & Mrs. E.E. Lamb - Photo by Tara D. Fields

F/72 Moneta Lamb July 28, 1915-Dec. 23, 1916 Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. E.E. Lamb

F/73 none none Infant dau. of E.E. & L. Lamb

F/74 Leila McClohon Lamb 1887-Dec. 31, 1919 Wife of E.E. Lamb - Photo by Tara D. Fields

F/75 Elisha Edward Lamb Aug. 8, 1880-Aug. 13, 1942 At rest - Photo by Tara D. Fields

F/76 Elizabeth Howell Died Nov. 10, 1918 Age 82 Yrs.

F/77 Nancy Howell 1841-Oct. 5, 1915

F/78 John LaFayette Stewart Dec. 22, 1922-[blank] names and dates on slabs;

Sarah Elizabeth Shephard Stewart May 6, 1928-Feb. 12, 1991 graveled and bordered site

G/1 E.P. Bramlitt June 10, 1885-Mar. 13, 1907 unreadable verse

G/2 Henry T. Lumley 1870-1957 funeral home stake

G/3 none none unmarked cement slab

G/4 William Bednebaugh June 1, 1806-Feb. 5, 1897 broken stone

G/5 Presten Harrell 191?-1965 funeral home stake

G/6 George Harrell 1896-1974 funeral home stake

G/7 Mary Harrell 1898-1978 funeral home stake

G/8 Junior Harrell Feb. 8, 1933-Aug. 31, 1971 VA stone: Georgia PFC US Army Korea; names and dates also on slab

G/9 John S. Jones May 3, 1883-Sept. 1, 1951

G/10 S.S. Jones Apr. 11, 1833-Mar. 26, 1893 Kind father of love thou art come to thy rest Forever to bask mid the rays of the blest.

Charlotte H. Jones Nov. 9, 1839-Dec. 19, 1910 Wife of S.S. Jones; Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o’er thee weep.

G/11 Sallie Roena Rich Dec. 28, 1879-May 22, 1897 Wife of J.J. Rich

G/12 Etta Harrell 1898-1958 funeral home stake

G/13 Charlie Harrell 1893-1960 funeral home stake

G/14 none none unmarked cement slab

G/15 Nancy I. Jones Mar. 11, 1871-Nov. 17, ?

G/16 none none unmarked cement slab

G/17 Susan Lumley 1870-1955 funeral home stake

G/18 James G. Lumley 1900-? funeral home stake

G/19 Arzo A. Lumley 1905-1957 funeral home stake

G/20 ? ? unreadable stone

G/21 Clinton L. Harris May 14, 1885-Feb. 24, 1907 Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Harris; unreadable verse

G/22 A.F. Conner May 28, 1880-Mar. 23, 1914

G/23 none none unmarked small headstone

G/24 Roger Black Jan. 20, 1902-Jan. 14, 1906 Son of J.W. Black

G/25 Rutha Thompson Dec. 15, 1835-May 5, 1912 Wife of W.M. Thompson; Farewell my friends and children dear. I am not dead but sleeping here. I’ve paid the debt and now I’m free. Prepare for death and follow me.

G/26 William Thompson Died April 18, 1907 unreadable verse

Age 79 years 2 mos. 23 days

G/27 George N. Thompson Apr. 6, 1901 unreadable verse

28 year 1 month 4 days

G/28 none none unmarked cement slab

G/29 Martha Thompson ?

G/30 none none unmarked child-size cement slab

G/31 none none unmarked child-size cement slab

G/32 Robbie Lee Faircloth April 15, 1915-Sept. 25, 1974

Mazie Hall Faircloth April 3, 1924-[blank]

G/33 none Nov. 25, 1895 Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Hall

G/34 Levina Faircloth Aug. 17, 1844-June 13, 1921 Wife of Benjamin Faircloth; unreadable verse - Photo by Tara D. Fields

G/35 Benjamin Faircloth April 24, 1843-Nov. 23, 1915 – Photo by Tara D. Fields

G/36 Barbara Faircloth June 4, 1840-Aug. 11, 1915 – Photo by Tara D. Fields

G/37 Martha Faircloth 1789-Jan. 14, 1901 Mother thou hast from us begonn (sic) to the Age 112 yr reigons (sic) far above we to the brest this stone consecrated by our love – Photo by Tara D. Fields

G/38 Ruby Faircloth May ?-Sept. 3, 1902 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M.B. Faircloth

G/39 Milledge B. Faircloth Aug. 22, 1873-July 2, 1928 Father; The were faithful to every duty.

Mary A. Fruitticher Faircloth Aug. 9, 1872-Apr. 6, 1931 Mother; Wife of M.B. Faircloth

G/40 Ethel Faircloth Curl Aug. 9, 1896-Dec. 14, 1930 Wife of H.D. Curl

G/41 none none unmarked child-sizecement slab

G/42 none none unmarked cement slab

G/43 Willie Carlton Faircloth Nov. 3, 1899-Mar. 24, 1956 inscription on slab

G/44 Vernith L. Henry none funeral home stake

G/45 Robert Faircloth Feb. 3, 1903-Mar. 9, 1977

G/46 Lizzie Tapley none funeral home stake

G/49 J.E. Low Nov. 1844-Feb. 28, 1902

G/50 none none rusted funeral home stake

G/51 Mary C. Youngblood ? 1861-? 1901- Photo by Tara D. Fields

G/52 G.P. McNure Aug. 8, 1848-Apr. 4, 1926 Let our Father’s will be done.

G/53 Martha McNure [blank] 1847-July 8, 1917 Wife of G.P. McNure; unreadable verse

G/54 none none broken stone

G/55 Dalton Faircloth May 23, 1910-June 22, 1962

Percy B. Faircloth Nov. 7, 1893-Dec. 8, 1954

G/56 none none unmarked infant-size cement slab

G/57 ? died April 12, ? Aged 4 years child-size cement slab with funeral home stake

G/58 Jane Faircloth Aug. ?, 1875-Jul. 16, 1898 unreadable verse

G/59 L.P. Faircloth June 5, 1878-Aug. 16, 1926

G/60 ? died June ?, 1933 Aged 18 years broken slab with funeral home stake

G/61 none Nov. 8, 1913-Jan. 3, 1914 Infant son of L.P. & Trudie Faircloth

G/62 Trudie L. Lovins Faircloth Jan. 17, 1893-May 20, 1954

G/63 Katherine Woods Nasworthy Jan. 29, 1923-Aug. 9, 1968 Having finished her duty she now sweetly rests.

G/64 Lester Woods 1911-1984 funeral home stake

G/65 Mary Camie Jones Faircloth Nov. 5, 1874-July 16, 1934 – Photo by Tara D. Fields

G/66 I.W.L. Faircloth Nov. 5, 1866-Apr. 14, 1914 ‘Twas hard to give thee up - But thy will, O God be done -    Photo by Tara D. Fields

G/67 Lenora Jones Small Sept. 12, 1869-Feb. 17, 1945 Wife of William R. Small; God’s greatest gift returned to God; Our mother

G/68 W.R. Small June 31 (sic), 1856-April 1, 1916 Our darling; unreadable verse

G/69 Dr. William F. Small ? At rest; broken stone



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