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Booz Family Bible Submitted by Jane B Thompson (need updated email address please)


Births and deaths of the Booz family who lived in Cedartown, "Boozeville" and Rome, GA were kept in this

 Family Bible which is in my possession.



Thomas H. Booz and Martha A. Whitehead was married 31st July 1855


Mildred Catherine Booz was born Aug 29th 1856

Thomas H. Booz was born Oct. 8th 1832.

Martha A. Whitehead was born August 23rd 1835

Mildred C. Booz was born August 29th 1856

John Henry Booz was born April 16th 1858

James Waller Booz was born Sept. 31st 1859

Nelly Booz was born 18th August 1861

Benjamin Taliaferro Booz was born March 17th 1863

William Erasmus Booz was born December 1st 1864

Thomas Hite Booz Jr. was born August 24th 1866

Lizzy Booz was born June 8th 1868

Lillian Dale Booz was born Aug 10th 1872

Lillian Booz was born August 10th 1871


Nelly Booz died on 28th May 1862

(The following poem was pasted under Nelly's death date and appears to be from a newspaper)

Nellie by Johnnie Dabb

"Hush!" they whisper-- "baby's dead!"

Slow and sad the words they said.

Well I remember full five years ago,

Came in one morn--such a beautiful day--

Sweet little stranger, a joy to our home;

Now comes the reaper and takes her away.

Joyous her voice as the birds when they sing;

Happy her laugh as the music of May;

Bright were her eyes as the flowers of spring,

Death the great anarch has called her away.

Blessings on her little head!

"Hush!" they whisper--"baby's dead!"

"Baby, darling. Oh! why did you go?
Why did you leave me?" the fond mother cried,

Breaking her heart in its anguish and woe--

"Baby, my darling! Oh, would I had died!"

Striving to comfort, the good father said:

"God is the giver; He taketh away;

Let us not think of our pet as one dead,

But as one passed from the night unto day.

Sadly they lay the slight form to rest,

White as the flowers that wreathe round her _____ head;

Softly, they fold the hands over her breast:

"Nellie has gone to Jesus," they said.


M. Catherine Booz Died Sept 5th 1942

Ben. T. Booz Died May 4, 1947

W. E. Booz Died Dec 27, 1940

T H Booz Jr Died Aug 26 1950

Elizabeth Booz Died Nov 8 1935

Alice Evans and T.H. Booz Jr. married April 21st, 1902

Alice Evans born Sept 23rd 1876

Alice E. Booz died July 25th 1941 at Church Road Virginia while on visit Harry Booz


Additional Comments: Notes: There are several different hand writings in this Bible and not all the information

is correct. Below is what I have been able  to verify.

Thomas Hite Booz, Sr. and Martha Ann Whitehead were married in Amherst, VA on 26 August 1855.

This is according to a copy of their  marriage record from the Marriage Book in the Amherst Court House.

William Erasmus Booz was born 3 December 1865 and died 27 December 1939 according to a certified copy of his Death Certificate.

Benjamin Taliaferro Booz died 3 April 1947 in Chicago, IL.

This is verified from records at Gammage Funeral Home (formerly Bisaner's Funeral Home)

 in Cedartown and from a certified copy of of his Death Certificate.

The death date on his tombstone is also incorrect.

Alice Evans and Thomas Hite Booz, Jr. were married in Sandersville, Washington Co., GA, on 23 April 1902.

This is verified from a copy  of their marriage license/certificate (Sandersville Probate Court Records in Marriage Record Book "I"

(1899-1903), page 437). There is no death certificate for Lillian Dale Booz. The 2nd birthdate entered for her is 1871.

It looks like it was 1872 and the 2 was erased and a 1 written in.

From census records, her obituary and other family records, her birth year is 1872

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