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Family Bible of John David Caldwell

Submitted by Netha Dunlap

(Notes by Netha Dunlap: I wrote out a copy of it in 1980. Mr. Broom (great great grandson son of John David Caldwell) of Rome GA has

the Bible which he inherited from Elijah T. F. Caldwell. I have added information in ( ) found in later research. John David was the son of

Matthew Tanner Caldwell and Mourning Satterwhite Caldwell of Bartow Co GA. John and Emily Cox Caldwell are buried in Curryville Cem.

 in Gordon Co GA) Page 1 Frances A Frost and Rebecca Y. Marcus m- 5 day April 1847 (I haven’t figured out how they fit in the family.)


John Caldwell and Emily Cox married 8 Oct. 1837 (Upson Co. GA)

J. L. Caldwell (Joseph Longstreet) Willie Bobo m. 12 Dec. 1880            Jasper Pinson Elizabeth F. (Frances) Caldwell m- 24 March 1862
Arthur "Clielud" Caldwell Borned Aug. 18, 1886 "Jacobe" Oct 1 1862
John William Caldwell 18 Sept. 1886   James Commar and "Evelyn" Pinson(Emily)
m- 14 Nov. 1888
Dicke 29 Nov. 1886   


Page 2


F. A. Frost was born 1 0ct. 1823 John Caldwell B. 19 July 1814
Mary Malissa Pinson B. 21 day Feb 1864 Emily Caldwell B. 5 May 1819
Emily Jane Pinson B. 14 March 1867 John Hampton Caldwell B. 24 of Sept. 1859 (His obit read John Hamilton)
John Revell J. Pinson B. Sept. 5 1804 Joseph Longstreet Caldwell B. 4 Oct. 1862
  Stella Jane Caldwell B. 17 Jan. 1882


Page 3

James Newton Caldwell       B. 30 June 1838

Elizabeth Frances Caldwell       B. 24 Oct 1839

Issac Guardner Caldwell       B. 18 June 1841

William Jasper Caldwell       B. 21 Dec. 1842

Malissa Angeline Caldwell       B. 6 Jan. 1845

Matthew Jackson Caldwell       B. 14 June 1847

Isaiah Mathias Caldwell       B. 29 Sept 1849

Susan Rebecca Caldwell       B. 5 May 1851

Martha "Elenvic" Caldwell       B. 25 Sept 1853

Elijah Thomas Floid Caldwell       B. 13 may 1855

David Washing Cisisno Caldwell      B. 25 April 1857 (David Washington)


Page 4


James Newton Caldwell       D. 11 May 1840

Issac Guardner Caldwell       D. 16 Dec. 1849

William Jasper Caldwell       D. 14 Oct. 1862

Died of a wound received at battle of Sharpsburg "Monliy" while nobly defending his country,

rightly buried at Winchester VA


Isaiah Mathias       D. 12 Dec. 1882

John Caldwell       D. 12 May 1883

Emily Caldwell       D. Ap" 1888 (Tombstone reads Jan. 3 1888) _______

J. (Emily Jane) Commar       D. 1 Sept. 1889

Emar" Commar baby died       D. 13 day Aug. 1889

William Jefferson Dowdy       D. 31 Aug 1889 (Is he Jake (husband of Mary Malissa Pinson) Dowdy’s father?)

Later research. Willie (Wilma C.) Bobo m. 12 Dec. 1880 Polk Co GA

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