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Family Bible of Jasper Hays


Submitted by Netha Dunlap


(Bible published in New York by American Bible Society in 1853)


Page 1

(In pencil)

September the second Sunday, the 8th day in 1878 (written twice)

(In a different handwriting, in pencil) Aunt Fannie Hayes Died March 14th 1936


Page 2

(In light ink, third handwriting)

Nancy Caroline Baker was bornd November the 21st 1846

Jasper F. Hays was bornd December 10 1841

 Nancy C. Hays was bornd November 21st 1846


Page 3

(In ink, same hand as page 2)

 Alice Texannah Hays was born the 16th day of May 1867

Arther Jackson Hays was born Febery the 9 1868

Ludovic Valcom Hays was born the 11th day of February 1871

Ida Octavo Hays was born the 10th of March 1873

Jeffrey Alxeander Hays was born the 7th day of March 1875

Luther Mar?? (Marcus) Hays was born the 24 day of June 1877

Mary Martha Elizabeth was born the 20th day of October 1879


Page 4

(in ink, written by 2 different hands)


Mary Baker deseast November the 22 day 1846

John Baker deseast July the 29 day 1850

Jasper F Hayes Deceded May 21st 1910

Alice Texana Hayes Decesed November the 8th 1907

Nancy Caroline Hayes Deceased Jan 13th 1919

Lodovice Valcom Hayes Deceased June 24th 1939


Page 5

(First entry in pencil - maybe the same as page 1, first entry)

Jasper F. Hays and Nancy C. Hays was mairried July the 23 1865 (in ink)

Margaret Caldonia Hays was bornd January the 7 1882

Rachel Leandrer(?) (Leanna) Hays was born the first day of April 1884

Margaret Caldonia Hays deseast Febearry the 26 1887

(Note: Jasper Floyd Hayes was the son of Allen and Martha B. Hayes, who are buried

 at Wax Community Cemetery at the Silver Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Floyd Co GA.

Jasper and Nancy Hayes are buried at Anderson Cemetery, Ringgold, Catoosa Co. GA.)

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