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Submitted by: Mary Anderson  

The following are from the Bible of William H. Mathis (some records show him as Mathews but his handwritten Bible states Mathis)




William H. Mathis 11-30-1818 Susan R. Russell wife of the above August (?) 1829. This date is written in blue instead of the black ink.

This date doesn't correspond with her obit. He was married again and on his second wife's date of birth he uses Susan's obit date of birth.

I think he got the birth dates of his wives confused. Speculation on my part.

George H. Mathis son of the above Wm. H. and S.R. Mathis 10-18-1840

R.M. (Richard Marion) Mathis 5-1-1842

Martha J. E. (Jane Elizabeth) Mathis 4-14-1844

Jas. (James) A. Mathis 5-24-1845

Wm. (William) H. Mathis 3-7-1847

John L. Mathis 3-3-1849

Franklin S. Mathis, my great grandpa and his birthdate in the Bible differs from his dc) 3-15-1851 (dc says 2-4-1852). Take your pick.

Susan R. Mathis 2-27-1855

Homer V. (Virgil) Mathis 2-12-1955

Mary E. Mathis 4-15-4857

Alice C. Mathis November, 1859

Virginia Mathis 4-1-1861

Thomas Jefferson Mathis 3-21-1863

Sarepta R. Mathis 3-22-1866



William Mathis and Susan R. Russell were married 1-14-1840, I have a copy of this marriage as recorded at the courthouse in Cass/Bartow County

William Mathis and Della (Delilah) A. (Ann) Davidson were married 1-8-1877. I have a copy of this as well.



Susan R. Mathis died 1-13-1875

William H. Mathis died 1-9-1897

The page with Births was filled up so at the bottom of this page is the following info.

Delila Ann Davidson was born March 23, 1830 [which according to Susan's obit is Susan's date of birth]

George Mashburn Mathis 5-23-1882

Gertrude Mathis 5-26-1888

Corinne Mathis 12-30-1878

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