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Original survey by Navaughnia Ellis Kerr, Kathy Keer Knight & Annie Mae Carr

Photos by Sandy Lyle Rakestraw

From Cave Spring, take Hwy 411 west about 5 miles. The Cemetery will be on the left in a yard at the corner of Hwy 411

 and Jackson Chapel Loop. This road is also called Williamon Road. Some people still call this the old Williamon place.
At one time the Ellis Family owned most of the land in this section of Cave Spring.

The will of James Ellis left land set aside for a cemetery and his daughter, Susan Henley Ellis Burge, is to be in the center of it.

The Will states in Item 6 that "one quarter of an acre of land of lot number one hundred and one, for a grave-yard. Susan Burge's grave being the center, and I appoint my executor agent to attend to it."

Susan Henley Ellis Burge in buried in one of the crypts in Ellis Cemetery and her brother, James Monroe Ellis is buried in the other crypt at Ellis Cemetery. James' crypt is the one closer to Hwy 53. Both cypts are next to each other and under several trees.

Susan was the wife of Dalton Burge. Susan and Dalton had a daughter named Susan Lenobia Burge. In James Ellis's will..... In Item 9, he gives his granddaughter, Susan Lenobia Burge items.

I believe Susan, the mother, died at childbirth because she died in 1850 and her daughter was born in 1850 and her daughter was listed as being 7 months old on the 1850 census.

Dalton remarried a woman named Mary Hensen Rogers Asbury Latimer. Mary married RV Asbury, then she married Thomas L Latimer and then she married Dalton Burge. She is buried in Cave Spring Cemetery in the Asbury plot. Dalton was supposedly hung during the Civil War as a spy for the Confederacy. I don't know if this is a true story or not.

No photo

Alexander H Ellis, Born 1 Dec 1847; died 6 Dec 1926,

Son of Radford Ellis

Benjamin Franklin Ellis,

Born 19 Feb 1849; Died 6 Sept 1932

son of Radford Berry Ellis and Mary Elizabeth Lyle Ellis.

He married Rebecca Richardson

No photo

Bertie Ellis, daughter of Jack Lumpkin Ellis

Narcissa Elizabeth "Bettie" Ellis,

Born 1890; Died 1891

daughter of Alexander Hamilton Ellis

and his second with Martha Narcissa Chapman

who are both buried in Rehoboth Cemetery

No Photo

child Ellis, no dates

Child of C H and Rebecca Duke Ellis

No Photo

Infant Ellis, no dates

Infant daughter of Jack Lumpkin Ellis

No Photo

Infant Ellis, no dates

Infant of James Ellis

Florence Eugena Ellis,


no dates, age 5 years


daughter of Tom. Jeff and Susan Trippe Ellis

No Photo

James Ellis

Born 26 Sept 1794

Died 26 Dec 1861

Married Olive Varner 3 Dec 1816

James Monroe Ellis,


 Born 1823; Died 10 Dec 1855


Son of James and Olive Varner Ellis

Joella Richardson Ellis


Born 1847; died 1882


Wife of Alex Ellis

Lillian Ellis


Born Nov 29, 1873


Died Aged 4 years


Daughter of Benjamin Franklin Ellis and Rebecca Richardson Ellis

No Photo

Mandy Ellis

Born and Died 1857

Daughter of Radford Ellis

Mary Elizabeth Ellis


Born 24 Oct 1828


Died 16 Feb 1890


Wife of Radford Berry Ellis


Daughter of Pleasant Robert Lyle and Sarah Rhoades

No Photo

Olive Varner Ellis

Born 1798

died: undated

Wife of James Ellis

Daughter of Matthew and Susannah Henley Varner

No Photo

Olley Ellis

Born 1855

Died 1857

Daughter of Radford Ellis


Radford Ellis


Born 3 Feb 1821


Died 31 May 1894


Son of James and Olive Oleander "Olley" Varner Ellis


Husband of Mary Elizabeth Lyle

No Photo

Rebecca Duke Ellis


first wife of Courtney Howard Ellis

Rebecca Richardson Ellis


Born Feb 6, 1849


Died Mar 13, 1879


Wife of Benjamin Franklin Ellis


Robert Ellis,


Born 1873


Died 1876


Son of Alexander Hamilton Ellis and

Joella Richardson Ellis

Susan Henley Ellis Burge

Born 1823

Died Jan 9, 1850

Worth Ellis


Born 1875


Died 1876


Son of Alexander Hamilton Ellis and

Joella Richardson Ellis


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