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Brief History of Beech Creek United Methodist Church

On October 3, 1856, approximately 24 years after Floyd Co., Georgia was established, Mr. William James donated 4 acres of his land to Beech Creek Methodist

 Episcopal Church, South to build a Sanctuary. The land was part of Lot No. 132, 4th District and 4th Section located on the Alabama Road, West of

Rome, Georgia. It is located on property parceled out from Cherokee Indian lands allocated by the State of Georgia in the 1832 Land Lottery.

Sometime in 1838, there was a land lottery drawing of the Cherokee Section. This was accomplished by putting the numbers of land lots on a piece of paper

and placing them in a box. Then a person (probably a Rev. War vet) would draw out of the box, and the section he drew was his.

The land where the Church now stands was drawn by Caleb McKinney in the presence of Senator Rutland. Recorded in deed book G, page 384, date of deed,

November 9, 1849. Caleb McKinney sold to Daniel Harrall lot number 132, 4th District and 4th Section. In deed book G, page 385, Daniel Harrall sold to

 Erasmus Gay, March 18, 1851 lot number 132, 4th District and 4th Section. Recorded in deed book G, page 386, date of deed March 18, 1851, lot number 132,

4th District and 4th Section. Erasmus Gay sold to William James the above lot.

Recorded in deed book K, page 293, William James gave a part of lot number 132, 4th District and 4th Section, 4 acres of land to the Beech Creek Methodist

 Episcopal Church South on October 3, 1856. The trustees at that time were: Noah Cornutt(1), Thomas Williamson, James Ewing, James Duvall, Harrison Camp,

Jessee Carr and Clayborn Brown.

(*) The Rome Tri-Weekly Courier dated Feb. 18, 1864 announced the marriage of Robert L. Welch to Cynthia A. V. Patman of Floyd Co. by Rev. Noah Cornutt.

 Also in that year, Noah Cornutt was listed as Tax Collector of Floyd Co. As Tax Collector, he placed a notice in the paper that Confederate money would no longer be accepted as tax payments.

In 1856, when Beech Creek Methodist Episcopal Church was formed, it was in the Rome Circuit and the Presiding Elder (now District Superintendent) for the

Rome Circuit was Rev. John C. Simmons and the Circuit Preacher was Rev. William H. Evans 1. There is a Rev. Samuel Durham and his wife buried in the

cemetery behind the church. The Rev. Durham died in 1864 during the Civil War. It is not known if he was ever the pastor of the Church but according to the

 1860 Census of Floyd County, he was listed as a preacher in the Flatwoods District (now Coosa) and was in the household of William James who donated

the property mentioned in the above deed.

At one time Beech Creek Church was a one-room log cabin, being used as a School and a Church combined, according to some older members of the church.

The old building sat just a little to the right and closer to the road than the present building.

There still stands at the back of the church, a rock grave. The Federal Soldiers tore the grave apart in search for treasures during the Civil War. Accurate records

of the church are very limited because it was destroyed by fire. What information that exists has been passed down by older members of the church.

In 1869, the following Trustees for Beech Creek Methodist Church were elected to serve: N. P. Johnson, Y. G. Morris, J. B. E Lewis, A. O. Langston,

W. J. Comer and W. H. Johnson. Local Deacon: J. B. E. Lewis; Exhorter: A. O. Langston; Stewards: Pinckney Johnson and J. H. Funderburk.; Class Leaders

were: J. C. Funderburk, G. W. Vaughn and Andrew Spraggins.

Beech Creek Church has had some very outstanding preachers. The great Sam Jones served his first charge here about the years 1876-78. This was at the time

 he came to the Rome Circuit. He served about three years at Beech Creek Church doing many wonderful things.

In 1962, a new Sunday School Class room and Bath Room was added to the left side of the old Sanctuary (Now known as “Fellowship Hall”).

In late 1968, a Ground Breaking Service was held to build a new parsonage. The new parsonage was completed in latter part of 1969.

The new Sanctuary as it presently stands was built in 1975.

Stained glass windows for the sanctuary were installed and dedicated in memory of various church members in 1981-1983. More stained glass windows

were installed and dedicated in 1989.

In November 1995, a contract was made to build a new Christian Life Center adjoining the Church Sanctuary. Construction of the Christian Life Center

was completed in early 1996. Later in the year, a new Church sign was constructed in front of the Church and near the Highway.

In 2005, a new walkway was built on the East side of the Christian Life Center, a handicap parking lot was constructed, new landscaping for the

front of the Church was completed and the new “Flaming Cross” United Methodist Church logo was installed on the front of the Christian Life Center.

At present, our Administrative Board and all our Church members are working to continuously improve our Church and carry out God’s plans.

Beech Creek United Methodist Church Pastors List
1876 -1878 Samuel P. Jones
1898 -1900 W. L. Singleton
1929 F. I. (or L. V.) Green & John F. Lewis – every other Sunday ( * )
1934 Hunter Bassette
1935 W. G. Irwin
1936 Charles Boland
1937 -1938 Louie Huckaby
1940 -1941 J. T. Burdette
1943 -1944 Robert T. Padgett
1944 -1945 Vernon Wynn
1945 -1946 Paul Morris
1946 -1947 H. G. Garrett
1947 -1948 J. R. Baxter
1949 -1951 John M. Minter, W. P. Lovett - Asst. Pastor
1952 -1953 Henry N. Thomas
1953 -1954 J. Vance Eastridge
1955 -1956 Frank Nash
1956 -1957 Bernard G. Petty
1957 -1958 Wallace Brown
1958 -1959 Rev. Frank Hyles
1960 -1961 Jene C. Greer
1962 -1963 Rev. Driggers
1964 -1966 Kenneth Kinghorn
1966 -1967 Ralph Broome
1967 -1968 Richard Henry
1968 Ray Johnson
1968 -1969 Allen Green
1969 -1971 Elton Lawson
1971 -1973 Lewis Pope
1974 -1975 Clark McPherson
1975 -1978 E. G. Pursley, Sr.
1978 -1980 Max Caylor
1980 -1981 Wayne F. Hopper & J. W. Everhardt, Sr.
1981 Dr. Solan Couch
1981 -1982 Charles Davis
1982 -1984 Melvin G. Brinkley
1984 -1985 Thomas Cooper Davis
1986 -1990 Wayne Hopper
1990 -1992 Kenneth Bailey
1992 -1997 Bobby Stephens
1997 -1998 Carlton Duke
1998 -1999 Buddy Moore
1999 – Jan. 2002 Dahl Johnson
Feb. 2002 – Present Paula Edney
( * ) Per Rome News Tribune – Feb. 1 & Mar. 1, 1929

Note: A Rev. Samuel Durham was listed as a Methodist Minister in the 1860 Census of Barker’s District of Floyd Co., GA. He is buried in the

Beech Creek UMC Cemetery. It is not known if he was one of the Church Ministers of the period.

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